George Santos has been many things. Some true, some false.

His most recent background item appears to have been his time as a drag queen.

Bess Levin is an excellent investigative reporter. She comes up with some beauties. She reveals one which Santos has failed to list. Perhaps because this one is true.

Levin spells it out in her 1/18 article in Vanity Fair titled “Report: George Santos, Supporter of Anti-LGBTQ + Laws, Participated In Drag Shows And Went By The Name ‘Katara’ In Brazil.”

Levin wrote, the “serial liar” has more. What she further shared adds to the veracity of her article. The article contains a photo of Santos in drag. Not bad looking!

Levin adds: “Meanwhile, he’s aligned himself with deeply bigoted members of the far right.” She describes Santos’ switch from drag queen to opposing gay rights as “flagrant hypocrisy.”

Debt ceiling problems begin kicking in today. Slowly at this point. Nothing but talk will occur. Impacts will slowly rise into June. The government knows how to borrow from Peter to pay Paul to pay debts till then.

I spell out again some of the areas in danger: Social Security, Medicare, salaries of government employees, Veteran benefits, and a crashing stock market.

Whacko statement of the day: “Not all students who menstruate are female.” So sayeth Minnesota Democrat Rep. Sandra Feist. She wants napkins/tampons available in school male bathrooms as well as female ones. She introduced a bill to that effect: The Menstrual Equity Bill.

Reaction to her bill was all one way. Buried Feist’s position with fact and ridicule.

The oldest person in the world died yesterday. A French nun. Sister Andre. She was 118.

Records kept in the U.S. estimate that 1 in 5,000 people are above the age of 100. Eighty five percent are women – a phenomenon not well understood. The new “oldest person in the world” today is American Maria Branyas Morers who is 115.

Two movies filmed in Key West in the late 1950’s.

One is the Rose Tattoo. Written by Key West’s own Tennessee Williams. Filmed on Duncan Street in a house 2 doors from Williams’ home. Lisa also lives on Duncan 1 1/2 blocks away.

Filming began this day in 1956. Anna Mangani and Burt Lancaster starred. Mangani won the Academy Award for Best Female Performance for the film. Lancaster was a guest in Williams’ home during much of the filming.

Another movie filmed in Key West is Operation Petticoat. Filming began this day in 1959. The movie starred Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. A World War II submarine comedy.

The movie continues to be run on TV on a frequent basis. It’s that good!

Another Steve Thompson story re Key West of another day.

Steve had a taco shop in the 200 block of Duval across from Sloppy Joe’s. Stan was an owner of Sloppy’s at one time.

Stan was the owner of Sloppy Joe’s in 1973. When he took an option to sell to Walter Perry.

I enjoyed visiting with Stan at the bar. We were both open late and he wasn’t far.

He said he only hired female bartenders. I guess they attracted more big spenders.

I asked him what happened to the other pool table. He said he had a fight there last week was nearly fatal. He said we never have trouble but when we do you can be sure it’s someone playing pool.

Stan said Walter exercised the option on the very last day. He thought the deal was off, he thought they couldn’t pay.

So that was the end of Sloppy’s for Stan, but every tourist still goes there if they can.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I think if George Santos was a Democrat, he would be long gone by now. Not just because all Republicans would be everywhere complaining about him and not just because he would have had the personal decency to resign, but because he never would have been elected in the first place.

    As a Republican, there is none of that – he’ll be around a long time and with the support of his Republican comrades.

    America, we are in deep trouble.

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