One of the first things a visitor to Key West learns is of the Key West Cemetery. Especially the writing on some of the stones.

The most famous is “I Told You I Was Sick.”

Amusing. Can’t help but laugh.

There are other noteworthy sayings. Like “I Always Dreamed Of Owning A Small Piece of Key West.”

Message from Garcia: Visit the Cemetery. Take a leisurely walk through. The messages tell the Key West story.

Some jobs have their scary moments. Take the engineers operating a train engine over a new bridge and tracks for the first time. The purpose of the trip to determine if the the tracks and bridge are safe.

Such occurred this day in 1912. Florida East Coast Railroad engine #201 arrived in Key West at 2:45 am. It was the first engine and crew to cross the Bahia Honda bridge. The purpose of the trip was to test new tracks in the Lower Keys.

Can you imagine if the tracks or bridge failed? The engineers and crew must have made the trip with their hearts in their throats.

The Supreme Court continues to be embarrassed by the leak. Now it is the formal report of the investigation of the leak.

I wrote yesterday how it sucked, its weaknesses. One weakness mentioned was the Justices were not interviewed. That one hit the wall. Immediate adverse clamoring that the Justices were given a pass.

The Court’s response was swift. Yesterday, it was revealed the Justices were informally questioned. No statement taken from any of them nor affidavits attesting to the veracity of what they were saying.

Which contributes further to the stink arising out of the leak.

Re the leak, Joan Biskespic, CNN Senior Supreme Court Analyst, wrote on 1/20: “Overall, it is paradoxical that an institution that cloaks itself in secrecy and casts itself above other Washington institutions would be exposed on such a sieve.”

The Supreme Court is supposedly most knowledgeable and honest. No Bible needed with them. Till recently. Its human weaknesses now being exposed.

There is a way to have conducted an inquiry as to the source of the leak. One the Justices had to know about. One most attorneys are.

Whenever something of magnitude arises requiring investigation and so there will be neither conflict nor question as to method or result is to hire a major law firm with experience in such investigations. There are respected firms nationally that specialize in such work.

It’s not too late. The Court should retain one to do the job. even to the extent of deposing the Justices.

America has lost faith in one of its most cherished and respected institutions.

Support for Ukraine is showing a crack in the dyke this week. First time.

Ukraine says it needs heavy tanks. Leopard 2 tanks. There are 2,000 sitting in NATO European countries. Ukraine says the war is at a point where the tanks are needed in order to have continued success. No tanks and Ukraine may be buried.

Euro NATO with one exception is willing to do what it can. Those that have Leopard tanks are willing to share. The one exception is Germany. Germany has been talking a big game throughout the war about the necessity to support Ukraine. Problem is Germany. Germany has not put its money and equipment where its mouth is. They have done less than many.

Germany has the largest number of Leopard tanks in Europe. They say they are willing to share if the U.S. says it is ok and will do similar sharing.

The U.S. has not openly taken a position. Note however the U.S. has given more in money and equipment than any other nation. Biden’s problem is he does not want to give Putin a reason to say NATO has stepped over the line. Which means Putin will attack other European nations and perhaps even the U.S. We’re talking nuclear war if such occurs.

The U.S. does not have Leopard tanks. It does have a comparable, however. In huge numbers. Nine thousand to be exact. The MI Abraham tank.

Assume for the moment, Germany and the U.S. ship the tanks requested to Ukraine. Such it is claimed will make it possible for Ukraine to win their nation back. I don’t know. Beyond my mental capacities. One thing I believe however is that the war will only be won when Ukraine is able to physically attack Russia itself. Bomb Russian cities. Make the Russian people suffer. As the Allies did in World War II with Germany.

Heavy are the burdens resting on Biden’s shoulders. May God show him the correct path.

Busy day ahead.

Syracuse and Georgia Tech at noon. Who knows who will win? I have given up with predictions.

Sloan thereafter.

Tonight, dinner at La Te Da with Jean and Joe Thornton.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK

  1. Oh Lou, what time are you guys going to be at La Te Da, love that place. Maybe we’ll stop by, we’re in town (well close), love to see you again.

  2. Republicans are the first to jump on everybody else for cover ups and behind the scenes skullduggery. But no one is better at it then they are. Thing is, they don’t have a clue they are doing something wrong. After all, it’s their government, right? This SCOTUS crap is just one more example of that. Then again, that’s how some of them got to be justices in the first place.

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