Tom Keller is a snow bird who owns a home in Key West. We are Chart Room friends.

He e-mailed me an article this morning from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. The opinion/commentary had to do with raises in the minimum wage and robots. Written by former CEO of CKE Restaurants Andy Puzder.

The robot portion is interesting in itself. However, it is the job numbers set forth which motivate my comment here.

The numbers refer to entry level jobs.

A significant number of young people (20-24) are without work. Blacks lead. Forty percent in Chicago and 30 percent in New York and Los Angeles.

White men, 10 percent in all areas reported.

Nationally, black men 24.1 percent and whites 16-19 percent.

My question concerns 10 years from now. What will the numbers be? I suspect higher. How can they not be with the increasing wave of robots that will be replacing human employees.

Spent more time than normal yesterday fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. New Trump news kept breaking. I was required to reset, rearrange and add topics for the show.

Trump had a big day. The gassing in Syria and the missile launching in North Korea. Tied in with Tillerson’s comments.

I added the preceding to my Trump comments which already included Trump seeking out bad guys as friends as opposed to countries that have been our friends for generations, Trump’s NAFTA reversal based on oil industry pressures, the Pentagon announcing the number of troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq henceforth secret, and young Kushner over his head and overloaded.

A lot of Trump.

Someone recently wrote a very negative comment about this blog. A free country. So be it. One of his items hit a soft spot. Harry Truman. The writer suggested I write too much about Truman.

I do. And I should. Truman is as much a part of Key West as Hemingway.

Truman loved Key West and Key West loves him to this day. He is remembered all over the island. From The Little White House to Truman Annex to the Harry Truman look a like who walks around certain public events to public discussions based on his life, etc.

Truman spent 175 days vacationing in Key West spread over 11 trips.

Which brings me to a today Truman observation. Truman and wife Bess left Key West this day in 1969. The end of a two week visit.

His last.

Bum Farto, where are you? Farto the Key West Fire Chief convicted of drug dealing.

He was due in court this day in 1976 for sentencing. Never showed up. Never seen since.

The suspicion is he was the victim of a Jimmy Hoffa ending.

The U.S. had a run of police shooting blacks. The U.S. Attorney’s Office under Obama got involved. Investigated the major cities having a frequency of such problems. After two years of investigation and discussion among the feds, mayors and police chiefs, solutions in writing are being arrived at. Called Consent Decrees. Federal officials will oversee actions by local police till the problem has worked itself out.

Till yesterday. Trump stuck his nose in.

Trump is pro-police. Does that make him anti-black? I don’t know. In any event, Attorney General Sessions’  people appeared in Federal Court in Baltimore yesterday asking the Court for a 90 day delay in signing the Consent Decree. The reason to be sure the Consent Decree did not work against Trump’s goal of promoting officers and morale while fighting violent crime.

I would assume shooting unarmed blacks a violent crime.

Sessions a bigot from day one. He as well as Trump not qualified for the positions they hold.

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “SHOCKING NUMBERS

  1. So this makes Sessions a bigot, or, just seems to confirm your thoughts that the man is a bigot.
    Seems like what he has asked is just reasonable to me.

    There has also been a marked increase in blacks shooting police officers. It seems to appear that must be OK though.

    At least you/we don’t have to worry about Steve Bannion any longer.

    I’m trying to look into the Post article about VP Pence. On its face it seems nonsensical.

  2. It must be difficult to be so old and so misrible Lou. I hope to be much happier if I get to your advanced age..

  3. “Sessions a bigot from day one. He as well as Trump not qualified for the positions they hold” Sessions may be “qualified” but he isn’t suited for it. There are far better choices that actually believe in the system of justice. Trump, by all the self- incriminating evidence presented, makes you spot on correct again!

    • Trump never expected to get elected, he had his post campaign reality show all lined up. I am not so sure he is so personally happy with the result.

      • Leanardo,

        Unfortunately Trump did not abandon his plans with the reality show concept, he carried it with him to the WH and it is getting very low ratings!

  4. When it comes to TV shows I thought The West Wing was one of the best sit-coms ever. But, the previous Presidents administration was far funnier and gets my vote for funniest reality show. If you couldn’t laugh at what they did, you’d have to cry.

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