An appropriate inappropriate title. Tea Watered might be better.

On this day in 1773, the Boston Tea Party took place. Time, midnight. Place, Boston Harbor.

Massachusetts colonists were upset with taxes Britain was imposing on them. They did something about it.

The Sons of Liberty were a group of colonials breeding revolution. Not there yet. Rapidly approaching, however. On this night, 60 of them disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and boarded 3 vessels in Boston Harbor.

They dumped 342 chests of tea into the ocean.

The raiding party was led by Samuel Adams.

Significant retaliatory measures were imposed by Britain on the colonists. Considered a punishment by Britain, the measures merely accelerated the revolutionary spirit of the colonists.

Lexington and Concord were still 2 years away. However, the fire was smoldering.

Pete Buttigieg impressed me big time during the Democratic primary. Only 38, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

He was impressive. Articulate. His thoughts clear.

Yesterday Biden nominated him to be Secretary of Transportation.

An excellent appointment!

Transportation chief will be an important position under Biden. Biden wants to get infrastructure going. I believe he will. Roads and bridges will be repaired. Schools, also.

All this involves much activity. Jobs galore will be born! First at the manufacturing end in producing the materials required for such an ambitious undertaking. Then the contracting and labor jobs.

The work will be federal. Means top wages. A boon for the American economy.

Buttigieg will handle his new position well.

Trump seems to inflict pain and suffering on persons involved with everything he touches. He is on a literal killing spree with those in federal prisons awaiting death.

In this year alone, the federal government has executed more Americans than all the states combined. Mostly minorities. Trump’s action has been described as an “execution spree.” It began after his election defeat.

There has been a declining trend in death penalty executions. This year the states have executed the lowest number since 1983.

Why has Trump begun to move so rapidly with executions? Getting even? The inmates are not responsible for his lost. He himself is.

Presently, Trump is rushing to execute 10 prisoners by year end. Represents a “thirst for blood.” Trump eventually turns on everyone. He will on the MAGA groups, also. Mark my words. It is the nature of the man

MAGA is upset with Mitch McConnell. They advised yesterday that “people are angry” with him because he “caved into the mob and China” by finally recognizing Biden was President-elect.

He has acquired the title of RINO Republican and is claimed to be a secret Chinese agent.

Elaine Chao is McConnell’s wife. She is Chinese, having been born in Taiwan. She presently is Secretary of Transportation.

Her father is a shipping magnate.

I suspect the alleged charge of his capitulation to the Chinese has to do with his wife’s ancestry. There is no basis for such a charge.

Come January 20 and Trump will have problems with Twitter. He’ll probably get a panic attack as a result.

Twitter prohibits the spreading of conspiracy theories, with an exception. It does not apply to world leaders. By Twitter’s interpretation, Trump will no longer be a world leader after January 20.

If Trump is consistent, he will then turn on Twitter.

I advised yesterday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was having a big Christmas party. Invitations sent to 900. Mostly high level State staff and their families.

Only 70 responded and said they would be attending. Less than 70 showed up.

How insulting can it be? He deserves it. He has been a pompous ass and a Trump stalwart. His own State people don’t even like him.

It is thought very few attended because of coronavirus. At the party there would have been no mask wearing and social distancing.

There is an old saying to the effect you should watch out what you wish for, you just might get it.

The issue martial law. If high level military had been willing, Trump would have imposed it on the Black Lives Matter protest several months ago in Washington.

Amanda Case is a Republican seeking to be Virginia’s next Governor. She announced yesterday Trump should declare martial law.

Where do these nuts come from?

She commends Trump for refusing to concede that Biden won the election. She believes there was voting fraud and claims by supporting Biden, Virginia Democrats “legalized cheating.”

Apparently, Case got her martial law idea from Michael Flynn. Recall that within a week of his pardon, he was recommending Trump declare martial law.

Coronavirus continues to be on the up rise in Key West. As also in Monroe County and the State of Florida. The vaccine is on its way. No one knows how much, if any, the lower Keys will receive.

A quick look at the numbers. Monroe County has had 3,839 confirmed cases. Key West, 2,108 of that number. Note Key West continues to have the most and more than half of all the cases in the County. The next Keys city number wise is Key Largo with 507. A far cry from 2,108.

The Georgia Senatorial run off is attracting a lot of money on both sides. It was reported yesterday that Wall Street has already donated millions to the two Republican candidates.

Sometimes bad is the result of having done something good. Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus in Ludowici, Georgia an example.

A Christmas party was held on 12/10 and the Claus’ were invited. They mingled with the 50 children at the party. Neither masks nor social distancing required.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus both tested positive after the party. They had been tested before and the test result came up negative.

Fifty children and their parents have been exposed.

Enjoy you day!



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