The name Eiffel triggers immediately the Eiffel Tower. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was the civil engineer who built the Eiffel Tower.

Less known, probably because of the naming difference, is that Eiffel also built the Statue of Liberty.

An unusual big day for New York City tomorrow. A northeaster coming in. One foot of snow expected. Two days of chaos will follow till things are somewhat back to normal.

I went to college in New York City. There were a few major snowstorms 1953-1957.

Snow is snow. Beautiful. However a pain in the ass to get rid of. I always found it interesting how and where New York City disposed of the snow removed from its streets.

The snow was shoveled, bulldozed, etc. into huge dump trucks. The dump trucks then proceed to the nearest sewer. The cover was taken off. The snow dumped next to it. And a crew would shovel the snow into the sewer.

For some reason, the sewers never backed up. I could not understand why not.

No question. Trump’s attempts at having the election results thrown out were nothing less than an attempt at a bloodless coup. Supported by right wing media and Republican officials.

Over the weekend, Trump twitted: “I WON THE ELECTION in a landslide.” Trump later in the day said, “This is a great and disgraceful miscarriage of justice. The people of the U.S. were cheated and out country disgraced.”

It was reported yesterday that when Trump finally acknowledges Biden’s victory, it will be “I did not win.” Not, “I lost.” To utter “lost” would choke him.

Biden’s election is now official. The Electoral College voted yesterday.

Many believe Trump is going to keep they stole the election going for a very long time. Not because he is setting himself up for a rerun in 2024. Rather it is the money Trump has been accumulating since his defeat.

Trump set up some sort of a PAC to receive monies to help him fight the election result. Not one penny however is going to the cause. Trump is fooling his supporters.

Fifty percent of monies raised will go to Trump to use as he sits fit. Most importantly, for his personal use. Forty percent is going to the Republican Party.

Over $4 million has been raised so far. By poor Donald’s I need help to correct the election fraud. Mostly by people contributing $35.

Putin finally recognized Biden’s victory.  Putin sent a note to Biden yesterday congratulating him.

Note Putin is one of the last world leaders to recognize Biden’s election.

Turns out the Texas case before the Supreme Court friday was not the last election fraud case still kicking. There was one in Wisconsin where Trump’s people attempted to have 221,000 votes thrown out. Trump lost in a 4-3 decision.

That seems to be the last of the Trump election lawsuits. Sixty in all brought in roughly 30 days. Trump only won 1. What a beating!

Georgia’s January 6 Senate run-off elections began yesterday. Early in person voting.

Voters have asked for 1.2 million absentee ballots. Two hundred thousand have already been returned.

Georgia’s Secretary of State expects a huge turnout: “It looks like we’re going to have a high interest election.”

He went on to advise January 6 was it! No matter what happens or is claimed, Georgia law permits no run off to a run off.

The nation passed the 300,00 mark for coronavirus deaths over the weekend. How many could have been averted had Trump acted early on and his actions were not to deny the virus?

Local Washington, D.C. political leaders said the white supremacist Proud Boys were the  instigators in Washington’s turmoil saturday.

Barr resigned over the weekend. Resigned to avoid being fired by Trump. Trump was upset because Barr recently said there was not enough voter fraud to overthrow Biden’s victory.

Barr’s reputation has been totally totally besmirched the past 2 years by his support of Trump. Barr has no one to blame but himself. He forgot how to say no. He failed to speak truth to power.

I wonder whether Trump will appoint someone else to the position with only 6 weeks remaining till Biden takes over.

There exists on the federal level a Defense Policy Board. Supposedly an independent advisory group. My recollection is 11 members.

In November, Trump fired all of them. Including former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright.

Trump named several to the Board overt the weekend. One is Newt Gingrich.

The swamp has another member.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis continues to show how stupid he is. Strong language. Fits the man, however.

He is being described as “rogue” this morning. The claim is he already screwed up the allocation of the vaccine being received by Florida.

The State makes the rules as to allocation. However, DeSantis appears to have gone beyond the bounds of what might be the best way to go.

I have to laugh. Typical DeSantis.

Big night in Washington this evening. Secretary of State Pompeo having a Christmas Party. Nine hundred guests.

Who foots the bills for these parties? Who is paying for Pompeo’s? Got to be the tax payers. Trump would not pay money for a party out of his own packet. Pompeo does not have enough money to do so.

A definite for Pompeo’s party tonight. No face masks and social distancing.

Tuesday again! My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Please join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


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