I wrote about the St. Croix turtle the other day. The one that was pregnant, very sick and airlifted from St. Croix to the Marathon Turtle Hospital. Mother is still alive, though continues to be in rough shape. Eggs continue to be induced. Then incubated on St. Croix beach sand. Within 24 hours of hatching, flown back to St. Croix to enter into the ocean. Home for life. However long that may be.

People in St. Croix and Marathon are busting their asses to save the approximate 100 eggs the mother turtle carries.

A humanitarian effort.

To what effect, however?

Maturity for a turtle is roughly ten years. Some a bit less. A few up to twenty years. Depends on the species.

Statistically only one in one thousand survives to adulthood. The eggs/baby turtles are eaten by ghost crabs while still in the sand. Birds, raccoons and dogs also while still beached. Once the baby turtle makes it to the water, all sorts of fish are waiting to gobble the turtle and its brothers and sisters. Turtles also die from garbage and tar balls which they mistake for food.

Why then all the work, fuss and expense if only one of the offspring in Marathon will be lucky to live to adulthood? Man’s basic nature to do good. Additionally, the attempt seems to have taken on a life of its own. Everyone gets involved. Everyone wants to help. The futility is lost. Save the turtle and her offspring is the cry!

I enjoy Sundays!

The morning talk shows were particularly interesting. Both Romney and Ryan are floundering. Unfortunately. The country needs a good debate on the issues. I doubt it will come in this campaign.

Romney blew me out when he stated that certain parts of Obamacare were good and he would keep them. After saying for months the first thing he was going to do if elected was repeal Obamacare. In its entirety!

I am starting a diet today. Needed diet food. Filled up at Publix. I also purchased a beard trimmer at the Publix drug facility. Tried it when I got home. Took me a while to figure out the best way to use it. Some trial and error. I clipped a bit too much off in one spot. It will grow back.

The final result looks ok. Much better than before. Less wild.

As I was pushing my grocery cart to the car, I heard the eternal cry! Poppa! There in a parked car was the family. Robert and Ally were yelling to garner my attention.

Spent a lot of time in the afternoon working on the trip pictures. We are close. I know. I have stated such many times recently. However, it is true. Specifically when, I cannot tell you. I keep working at it day after day. At some point, the project will be completed.

Enjoyed a lazy night. Stayed in. Ate some goodies I will not be enjoying for a while. Then to an early bed and TV.

I am proud to say I have already walked this morning. In the dark. Carried one of my recent Isaac purchased flashlights. Dark is dark outside. I did not want to get hit by a neighbor driving off to work. Nor did I wish some inhabitant of the mangroves to jump out at me.

Enjoy your day!


2 comments on “TURTLE SURVIVAL

  1. Hey kid….U mentioned some instability of your feet while on vacation….if U are going to do much walking in the dark one of those headlamps might be a safer investment…sure some store carries it of online Cabelas ,bass proshops or sierra trading post..

  2. The good folks at the Turtle hospital are taking care of a good numbers of those critters at any one time,, keeps them pretty busy ..

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