Attorney General Jeff Sessions is unquestionably a bigot. I have so stated many times.

JEZEBEL ran an article on Sessions and his racism yesterday. The article referred to Sessions as “an elf with the distinct honor of being Rumpelstiltskin’s most racist descendant.” The article further describes Sessions as a good ol’ boy who likes to make jokes about people of color.

Love it! Right on!

The article was inspired by Sessions’ recent reference to Hawaii as an “island in the Pacific.” He failed to refer to it as a State. He further took a shot at the federal judge who decided against Trump’s immigration/deportation position.

Late afternoon yesterday at Louie’s Backyard. The Deck Bar. Packed. Knew no one. All tourists waiting for a table to dine.

No room at the bar. Got a drink and took a table seat on the Atlantic. Sat at the railing facing the Atlantic. Water peaceful. It was contemplating my navel time.

Donna called. She and Terri at La Te Da for the Tea Dance. Come on over!

The Tea Dance a gay thing. I never attend. Told Donna no and why. She said don’t worry, Terri and I will protect you.

By the time I got to La Te Da, the Tea Dance was over. Donna and Terri sitting at the inside bar. Very few people. We drank and chatted. The wonderful Tonto bartending.

I mentioned yesterday how big Key West’s heart is. Always doing for others.

The Willie Wonka Chocolate Festival was yesterday. At the Southern Most House. A giant candy store!

A fundraiser for the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys. Fifteenth annual one.

I went once several years ago with grandchildren Robert and Ally. An interesting mess. Kids with chocolate smeared all over them. Faces, hands, clothes, etc.

A marriage! A big one! Rick Dery of Aqua’s Dueling Bartenders. Married Tandin Bugup. Tandin Asian. The couple dressed in kimonos, as were some of the guests.

Ceremony took place at Aqua’s Sidebar.

Pictures of the reception run in KONK E-Blast today. The lovely Josey a guest. Looked terrific! Tom Luna in one of the pics.

A couple of interesting Key West items.

The Mariel Boatlift began April 24, 1980 and ended October 31, 1980. Mariel is a Cuban harbor community.

Castro’s Cuba was suffering a bad economy. Sudden and dramatic. Castro decided to let his people go. To the United States. In hopes of relieving the pressure on him in Cuba. He would have fewer people to worry about.

The United States agreed to accept those departing. Not being aware of the number and quality of those leaving.

Quality important. Castro was sneaky. He emptied his jails of the most violent criminals and the mental hospitals of most of their inmates. Including normal people, one hundred twenty five thousand ended up in the U.S.

Southern Florida was buried in Cuban immigrants. Especially Key West and Miami.

Write something on the internet, press a button and it is off immediately to someone. At the far reaches of the earth. Like China and Japan. Received quicker than quick.

Not when Lincoln died. Took ten days for the news to reach Key West.

A political observation.

Bernie Sanders has ranked high on my list of political good guys for years. His primary race one for the books.

His conduct this past week trying to rouse Democrats to work hard to regain Washington a negative. In bad taste. Extreme bad taste.

Perez and Sanders appearing together at Democratic meetings. Perez is the newly elected Chairman of the Democratic Party. Sanders’ man lost.

The party is split. That is why Perez and Sanders appearing together. One problem, however. Sanders has made himself the star. His exuberance and words overpowering Perez.

Sanders has to know it. He is an old political pro. He does not seem to care about Perez. He appears to care only for himself and the positions he wants the party to take.

Perez has been booed on occasion.

Sanders wrong. Not the class act he was during the primary and general election. His political position has gone to his head. He should back off before he breaks a blood vessel.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Louis, do you think that Hackley (diary 1855) was racist? I think that commenter Fred is a racist toward nice, elderly new york italian white men who enjoy living in key west. haha

  2. A “gay thing.” You worried your shorts, fat ass and Crocs will draw unwanted attention from the gay dudes at La Te Da?

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