The Anti-Defamation League issued a report yesterday. Claims anti-Semitism on the rise in the United States. Statistics provided in support.

In the first quarter of 2017, there have been 541 incidents. An increase of 86 percent over the same period last year.

Viewing 2016 alone, a larger number of incidents occurred over 2015. The leading states were New York, California, and New Jersey. Florida alone saw a 50 percent increase in number of incidents.

The cause? The article suggests Trump. The article accuses Trump of using anti-Semitic memes during the campaign.

2016 saw an overall increase of 34 percent over 2015. One third of the increase occurred in the last two months of 2016.

Spoken words of hatred beget hatred. Mouthing hatred encourages hatred.

Is Trump anti-Semitic? I don’t think so. He is a man with a Jewish daughter, son in law and grandchildren. I sense Trump to be a man who uses any tool to get ahead. Not actually believing what he says. Not thinking or concerned with the impact of his words.

Still makes Trump responsible for his spoken words. He creates problems whenever he opens his mouth.

By the way, anti-Semitism is down in Europe.

Spent yesterday afternoon researching tonight’s podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Exciting and revealing. Fast moving. Nine my time.

Topics will include anti-Semitism, Netanyahu’s wife in the process of being indicted re using state funds for private spending, bomb attack on Monsanto plant in Italy, middle class continuing to collapse in 20 major U.S. cities, reflection on recent power outages in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

Also, a Venezuela update, Trump’s neocon conversion, 900 high school students searched and groped by police, former Trump county chair and Judge arrested for child sex trafficking, United and American Airlines incidents, and more.

Arrived at Aqua early yesterday for Dueling Bartenders. An hour early. Read newspapers till show time.

Tom Luna and Rick Dery singing. Tom a Notary. Married Rick and his spouse this past week. Congratulated a happy Rick re his marriage.

Liz showed up! I had not seen her since her hospitalization. Still  with cane. Looks much better. Face relaxed. The eternal hip pain gone.

We decided to have dinner at Antonia’s. Closed. I forgot it was Taste of Key West. Mangoes was open. As unhappy as I was with my last visit, it was the closest open restaurant.

I must admit, the meal was terrific. I thoroughly enjoyed a shrimp pasta. I will return. Lesson learned, I should not condemn a restaurant based on one poor meal.

Technology amazing! Moving super fast in recent years.

We are testing driverless vehicles. First probably will be marketed by the end of this year or next year. Now comes flying cars. Not driverless. A big move forward, however. Expected to be market ready in three years.

Arkansas should be credited! Tried to squeeze 10 executions into one week. Got most in. Two last night. What a claim to fame!

Actually, disgraceful!

Enjoy your day!




9 comments on “ANTI-SEMITISM ON RISE IN U.S.

  1. Show your work. Which company will be selling consumer-level fully autonomous vehicles by the end of the year? I’m almost certain the answer to this is none of them, yet in all your research, perhaps you found something else. Also, blog is a little short today. Shouldn’t you post at the end something to the effect of, “Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman. He spent 175 days of his presidency here.” You’re a big Truman fan–why don’t you post anything about the regular, open to the public, policy discussions hosted by the Truman Little White House? I’d guess because you’ve never attended a single one of them because your whole Truman thing is just another way you’re kinda full of shit.

  2. As are you, Johnson. Where is your blog where you share your life and open yourself to comment from complete strangers. Please, show your work.

    • My blog comprises a cross-platform social media presence–YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc…–which is absolutely available to anyone who wants to see it and/or comment. There are pictures, videos, written pieces, podcasts, etc. Also, not a stranger. Interacted with the guy regularly for six years when I lived in Key West.

    • Nom,Not all that long ago, people were freaked out over the Chinese invading Taiwan because so much of our elincrotecs were built there. At this point, I wonder if that is true?PRK is THE wildcard.

  3. Once I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any method you’ll be able to take away me from that service? Thanks!

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