The hurricane season is upon us. Ten days away.

The hurricane calendar is of man’s making. Unfortunately, hurricanes pay no attention to it. Which means the first hurricane(s) can come earlier.

There are already 2 storms lurking. One basically a non-entity. In the Gulf. Only a 20 percent chance it will tun into a storm. The other could be of concern.

Still a storm. Moving west over the Atlantic 600 miles east of Bermuda. Considered to have an 80 percent chance of turning into a hurricane. Since it is still far out, it is difficult to determine where if at all it will hit on the American seaboard.

Hurricanes are fickle. Like many people. They cannot make up their minds. The Gulf 20 percenter could turn into an 80 percent hurricane and the 80 percenter work itself down to nothing.

The experts predict a heavier than normal hurricane season. The projection is 13-20 named storms.

My suggestion to the hurricanes: Stay away from Key West! We still remember Irma.

A well known epidemiologist Shanna H. Swan brought to light two interesting problems as she sees them. Her recent book Count Down co-authored with Stacey Colino.

Swan writes it is possible that man’s sperm count can be down to zero by 2045. Obviously, a procreation problem.

Swans advises sperm counts have been dropping significantly with no indication the rate is slowing down.

Shocking: The sperm count has dropped by one half in the last 40 years. In 1973, the average ejaculate was 99 million sperm per milliliter. By 2011, it was down to 47 million sperm per milliliter.

Swan suggests there may be another problem. The shape of the sperm. The shape may be changing. It could have an effect on pregnancies occurring.

Recognize that sperm have to be well shaped to swim upstream for conception to occur.

All interesting. Definitely must be studied further by the experts.

Many Americans are a bit crazy. Probably even me. I make this statement as an introduction to Biden’s having signed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act yesterday. Popularly referred to as the Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill.

I was unaware Asians were not liked in the U.S. I thought Trump created the problem when he blamed China for coronavirus. Not so. The problem goes back more than a century.

Those of Asian extraction are now talking like the Blacks. They walk and drive in fear they will be shot, for example.

I came across a statement by Rutherford B. Hayes proving the point. Hayes was the 19th President of the U.S., 1877-1881. He said, “I am satisfied the present Chinese labor invasion (it is not in any proper sense immigration – women and children do not come) is pernicious and should be discouraged. Our experience in dealing with the weaker races – the Negroes and Indians, for example – is not encouraging. We shall oppress the  Chinamen, and their presence will make hoodlums and vagabonds of their oppressors. I therefore would consider with favor suitable measures to discourage the Chinese from coming to our shores.”

Another Israeli/Palestinian cease fire.

How long will this one last?

The war between the two has been going on for decades. Always the same violence. Governments world wide urge de-escalation. A cease fire agreement is reached.

The scenario never changes.

Experts warn the war cannot go on periodically. There must be a final resolution. Netanyahu at the moment is a match that could ignite a Middle East war.

The Marciopa County audit has developed a life of its own. What was supposedly a 2-3 audit is now expected to be completed by the end of June.

The audit group apparently is not securing and holding safe the voting machines. Some 400 are involved. The machines are being pulled apart to examine the inner workings to see if any physical part of them could automatically alter a ballot.

The machines cost missions of dollars.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (Democrat) sent a letter to the Marciopa County Board of Supervisors that the machines turned over may not be safe for use in future elections. Hobbs wrote, I have “grave concerns regarding the security and the integrity of the machines.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. I bought an older house up North and the original deed restrictions came with it. They stated that, basically, only certain whites could live there. It went on to list just about every race and nationality that there is, including Asians, who were to be excluded.

  2. A successful despot, will always identify ‘something’ as an enemy. Politically it is essential for success.

    The public wants simple choices. As in who’s good and who’s bad – please no nuance!

    • They don’t have to touch you ballot to outnumber you/us. All’s they have to do is limit you from voting, or create more ballots for themselve in any way they can.

      • I will find a way to vote no matter how hard they make it, but what good will it do me if some nut can pull out my ballot later and mess with it which is what they are doing in Arizona.

  3. I have never regretted staying for all of the hurricanes going back 40 plus years. I will never evacuate.

    • I remember reading that from several people during Irma, on this very blog. I know of two from then who are now dead. A third survived with broken bones and his house destroyed, who is also now dead, from Covid. He was a “never masker.”

      I’m not worried about Republicans taking over again anytime soon, they seen to hellbent on killing themselves off with stubborn foolishness.

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