Religion has been known to do more harm than good. From the Crucifixion of Christ to the Spanish Inquisition to the Crusades to the Salem Witch Hunt to religious conservative groups in modern day politics.

The Catholic Church a present day example.

Saving souls does not mean suppressing the vote in Georgia.

Major Catholic funders and power brokers are among those spearheading voter suppression efforts. Conservative Catholic philanthropists and pro-life leaders are key players behind efforts to limit voter access in a number of states.

Their efforts could obstruct the right to vote for economically marginal populations and racial minorities for years to come.

A number of Catholic organizations and donors pumped millions into the 2020 Presidential election and Georgia’s January Senate run offs.

The Catholic organizations and donors remind me of the inquisitors who sat in judgment of Joan of Arc. Hard headed and blind doing what they believe is God’s work.

In the wake of the 2020 Presidential election and Georgia’s January run offs for 2 Senate seats, a number of Catholic lead organizations and donors pumped millions of dollars into voter suppression efforts. Under the banner of “election integrity.”

Not all Catholic organizations and political donors are guilty. There are many who view voter suppression initiatives as a betrayal of Catholic values and a perpetuation of the false claims by Trump that the election was stolen.

The list of the anti-Christ types include organizations and persons whose names are not well known. The Susan B. Anthony List is one. A pro-life advocacy organization that together with other related entities committed to spending $52 million spearheading Trump’s pro-life activities in the 2020 election.

Individual donors sit on major public boards and those religiously based. Providing opportunities where from their own pockets or those of a board millions can legitimately be funneled into the coffers of those working to suppress voter participation laws.

Ernest Hemingway in the news big time in recent days. The PBS Ernest Hemingway 3 day 6 hour series Conversations with Hemingway one.

Notation by many that on this day in 1928, Hemingway and his wife Pauline arrived in Key West for the first time on the Peninsular & Occidental steamship from Havana. A 1 or 2 day visit turned into 10 years.

Eudie Pak wrote The Many Wives of Ernest Hemingway which was published in Biography 3/20/19. Pak did an update which was published in Biography 4/6/21. An interesting article.

As is well known, Hemingway in a career spanning almost 40 years enjoyed the company of 4 wives. Whether married or not, he was rarely without a woman by his side.

Hemingway’s 4 wives were Hadley Richardson, Pauline “Fife” Pfeiffer, Martha Gellhorn, and Mary Welsh.

Certain of the wives formed a bond. Wife #4 Mary Welsh described the “wife group” as “Hemingway University.”

Trump has finally spoken re Matt Gaetz. His comment was limited to he never discussed a pre-emptive pardon with Gaetz.

Trump believes he is the Almighty. Right or wrong, can do anything he wants.

He is doing it again. The repetitive credit card charges. Trump believes they are proper. He intends to begin using the same method once more to raise funds.

Not the best of mornings. I fell. Been a while since I have fallen. Stubbed my toe going up the stairs. I was almost to the top. I was carrying in one hand a large plastic glass containing a chocolate protein drink.

The drink is all over the carpet and on the wall. Ten feet high on the wall.

The wall doesn’t look bad. A Picasso.

Of course, I got hurt. My right knee bleeding. My head and neck ache. My forehead hit the wall and must have bent my head and neck back.

Tell you why this happened. A friend recently sent me a book on how to avoid falling. I began reading it. The subject matter not exciting in itself. I should have finished. I will now.

Too late to have helped me this morning, of course.

Enjoy your day!



  1. sorry about your fall. i fall a lot too. scary.thanks for citing the catholic church as you did. they ruined my life. hemingway info was nice. thanks

  2. Louis!! Stairs are the greatest chance for falls. You MUST concentrate only on the steps, nothing else, No carrying things, hand firmly on railing. When negotiating steps, it should be the only thing on your mind. Especially at your age, and at your now limited mobility and strength, due to over a year of inactivity.

    Another thought would be to consider moving to a zero -entry location, with NO steps getting in front door or any steps inside. It’s Florida, caters to the elderly and infirm, probably more than any other state.

  3. Moving up to Ft Lauderdale or similar location would put you in close contact with hospitals and medical clinics. Plenty of condos with no steps, elevators-only, no maintenance living.

    It’s not like you write about Key West or partake in the lifestyle anymore anyway. You can continue to write (rail) about Trump, DeSantis, or any Republican, from more populated, Florida location

    • Lou is one of the most interesting and descriptive chroniclers of Key West, it’s places and it’s life, that I have ever seen.

      Although Lou, and everybody else, does not get out and about as much as before Covid. It is not any surprise he doesn’t talk about that part of his Key West experiences, right now. However, Lou sure still talks about Key West, including in his post today.

      What’s your real agenda with knocking Lou about things that are just NOT true.

  4. Regarding yesterday’s discussion about guns. Biden has now signed executive orders to ban homemade gun kits and pistol stabilizers, two items that the average gun owner would never have or want. This will have absolutely no effect on gun ownership, to include purchases, background checks, permits, carrying in public, murder by firearm, hunting, target shooting, etc, etc. it’s effect will not even be noticeable or measurable.

    In Biden’s defense, his feeble effort just serves to point out how limited a President is in managing gun control. If it was easy some other President would have done it years ago.Congress has to do it, and they aren’t likely to.

    • You seem to be a real a**hole about this stuff “No One”

      You obviously revel in this mayhem and human crisis.

      That’s both sad and sick.

    • In 2010, a profoundly partisan and deeply divided Supreme court upheld a DC case that has become how this country interprets the 2nd amendment as to the right to own and bear arms.

      Much of this country and the rest of the world is still embaraszed about how this has turned out, mostly due to special interest (and now recognized as corrupt) lobbyists of that time.

      Eventually we will have had enough and these laws will be reinterpreted and adjusted in a way that correct this idiocy.

      Good guys with pens will stop the bad guys with guns.

      • You do realize that that vast majority of violent gun crime is committed by young black males. So maybe we should focus on laws that affect that portion of gun crime. And make a REAL impact. Oh, wait, that would be racist. Plus, most of them use illegally obtained weapons. So laws don’t really have any affect on that type of crime.

        I got it, let’s make new laws for the people who are not criminals and have legal possession of guns. That should do the trick.

        Or, wait, I gotta another great idea. Let’s make murder against the law. That should stop it.

        • Your racist sarcasm is not helping

          and most of the guns in Chicago used by blacks in their neighborhoods causing all of these murders, were legally obtained, at least initially.

          Besides, efforts to reduce this problem in Chicago, where the vast number of crime is within the black community, was tried, by the city, but it was rebuffed by gun nuts.

          Guns flow freely from north west Indiana into adjoining Chicago. Freely, because North West Indiana refuses to shutdown or regulate their unrestricted gun ‘shows’ where background checks and other restrictions are VERY lax. Some say that over 99% of ALL guns used in Chicago murders that can be traced, are traced there.

          The NRA got any effort from Chicago or Illinois to help curtail or this. Or, wait, you probably know all this. If only gun nuts were more responsible and helped with this issue, we wouldn’t have the problem.

          • Thank you for the information about Indiana. I didn’t realize there was so much gun crime with legally obtained weapons, in Indiana.
            Please provide your factual data about Indiana being a hotbed of gun crime, with those previously, legally obtained guns.

            Those poor innocent victims in Chicago. If only they weren’t so close to Indiana.

  5. Nobody is coming for your guns. Not even Trump really believes that one, although he loves to use it as red meat to throw to his cult followers and get them foaming at the mouth.

    • Well, most right wing bloggers pretend to believe it and use it religiously to scare their own readers and as a political weapon on other people’s blogs, like here on Lou’s blog. It is their top “hot button” to rile up the base and stir up trouble.

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