A David and Goliath situation may be developing. Waste Management wants to increase its charges for residential and commercial waste hauling. Mid stream!

Waste Management has a 4 year contract. It ends this year. Its last day 12/31/21. Waste Management has advised the City it would like to increase it charges since whatever they are doing is bringing in insufficient funds.

The contract was negotiated in good faith. By both sides. A strange request. Waste Management is big business. If there is a problem at their end, they can absorb it. Key West cannot. It would result in a significant increase for trash removal neither side anticipated.

Key West residents have taken a massive beating this year due to COVID-19. Things are tough for the people of Key West, also. However Key West is not a deep pockets community that can absorb an increase at this time.

No way should the increase be agreed to. The City Commission must stand tall and reject Waste Management’s request.

Economists have consistently told us this year that the one percent made billions of dollars. Whereas the 99 percent zip. Waste Management should dip in its own pocket to take care of what is their problem.

Needless to say, negotiations for the new contract to cover beyond 12/31/21 will be interesting. The City Commission will be earning their pay with this one. Whatever, the City Commission should remain hard ass in negotiations and let the chips fall where they may. There is always another garbage collector out there who would love to have the Key West account.

Mom’s Tea Room in the news again. Mom’s was a happy whore house for years first in Key West and then on Stock Island. Mom’s popped up in the news this morning as part of Keys’ History. Mom’s Tea Room on Stock Island burned down this day in 1953.

Mom’s Key West operation initially was at 1016 Howe Street in Key West. She was closed down and moved to Stock Island.

Mom’s was owned by Mrs. Griffin aka Alice Reid. The Madam of Madams!

Mom’s was shut down several times. All at the behest of the U.S. Navy who thought the activity in the houses was immoral and a place where venereal disease was transmitted.

Local police did not care as the Navy did. In fact, nowhere on police books in both communities was Mom’s listed. Those were the days.

Two of Mom’s girls committed suicide. Cecilia Thompson Trunk in 1941 and Rita Brown 1952.

When arrested, Reid was charged the same each time. I mention it only because it fits into a sex scandal in our nation today. Reid use to import her working girls from out of state. Generally, Georgia. A federal crime. The charge was transportation across state lines for purposes of white slavery. “White slavery” referred to today merely as “sex.”

Keys residents care about “theirs.” Which includes fish in the oceans.

Tuesday, an 11 foot female sawfish weighing between 400-500 pounds was found dead near Marvin Key. The body was immediately transported to Port Chester, Florida to determine cause.

Sawfish are a protected species under the Endangered Species Act.

Had the sawfish been found alive but hurting, it still would have been sent to some facility with experts to care for her.

Matt Gaetz getting a lot of publicity recently. All of which it can be assumed he dislikes.

A most recent example of publicity involves a billboard on route 485 near Hub City. The billboard a picture of Gaetz with the following notation below it: “Matt Gaetz wants to ‘date’ your child.”

Marion Anderson is a famous Black singer of days gone by.

In 1939, she was denied use of Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. by  the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Anderson was one up on the white Daughters. She instead performed April 9, 1939 at the Lincoln Memorial.

Rudy Giuliani fueled many false stories during the campaign. Generally one percent truth. Everything else blatant falsehoods. Most of the ‘stories” told when he was Trump’s “personal attorney” and constantly in and out of the White House.

Georgia’s Lt. Governor blames Giuliani for the recent adverse voting legislation. He says Giuliani would sit for hours “blasting” Georgia legislative members with phony information re ballot fraud.

The legislative members bought it. The result the new legislation which is an insult to all Americans, white or black.

Recall John Boehner (R-Ohio) when he was Speaker of the House of Representatives. He was part of the group successful in impeaching President Clinton.

Boehner now several years into retirement. Wrote a memoir: “On the House: A Washington Memoir.” In it he clearly states he regrets not fighting against the impeachment: “I was not on board at the time, I won’t pretend otherwise. But I regret it now. I regret that I didn’t fight against it.”

Boehner claims Representative DeLay pushed for the impeachment. DeLay was #2 in the House at the time. He claimed the impeachment would help Republicans win more seats in the next election.

I have not enjoyed Cocktails at 7 in a while. Tonight a return to the festivity.

The lady in Seattle is Cathy. Cathy was visiting Key West 2 weeks ago. We have never met. We are pandemic virtual friends.

Carol wanted me to have dinner with her, etc. I refused, explaining my time in self-quarantine was not over. Ergo, I passed. Makes me wonder if the opportunity will ever arise again.

Enjoy your day!




  1. The reason why we are stuck with Mount Trashmore today is that Key Wester’s did not want to pay a few dollars more to have the stuff hauled up to the mainland.

  2. Anytime the Democrats try to do something to help the common man the GOP labels it “liberal insanity, or a total socialist takeover by the radical left”.

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