Will we ever have true gun safety? Gun safety significantly better than today. Not merely something peddled as “gun safety.” A real move forward in correcting a problem contributing to the death of Americans every day.

Gun safety has a tendency to move backward when it should be moving forward. Iowa the latest example.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill into law permitting residents to buy and carry guns without permitting required.

Specifically, the law eliminated the requirement for law abiding Iowans to obtain a permit to purchase a hand gun from private non licensed sources. Additionally to carry a weapon, Iowans will no longer need to have a permit.

Big day in Sloppy Joe’s history!

On this day in 1935, Joe Russell moved his bar from one location to another. His original bar was on Greene Street, a few doors off Duval. Where Capt. Tony’s is located today.

Joe had a rental dispute with the landlord. He opted to move instead of paying the increase in rent.

The new location remains to this day the site of the world famous Sloppy Joe’s. Located on Duval at its intersection with Greene Street.

Joe’s friends, including Ernest Hemingway, helped him move. They participated in carrying everything from the old location to the new one.

There are so many Hemingway stories. Each pleasant in and of itself.

Hemingway said following the publication of A Farewell to Arms, “I rewrote the ending to Farewell to Arms, the last page of it, thirty nine times before I was satisfied.”

No wonder A Farewell to Arms and his other publications were so well received. Perfection in expression!

I am not happy with Joe Manchin. My disapproval for his methods is growing. He has become a squeaky wheel, power mover, and obstructionist. An opportunist as well. He immediately recognized the value of his one vote in a divided Senate and is using it to advance his causes, whatever they may be.

He is grabbing “the reins of history.” A phrase he once use in a statement regarding himself and West Virginia: “I want each and every West Virginian to have bragging rights. I want to stop playing defense and start playing offense. So, together, let us grab the reins of history.”

Matt Gaetz reminds me of the old Christian song that begins “Onward Christian soldiers.” Every day a new “fact” in his story.

I have wondered why Gaetz did not approach his “friend” Donald Trump for a pardon. Turns out he did. It was refused.

Wow! If Donald wouldn’t do something for him, who would?

Enjoy your day!

40 comments on “GUN SAFETY A JOKE IN IOWA

  1. I don’t know why Iowa had to pasx that gun law (or unlaw). Nowadays you can go almost anywhere in the country and buy a gun without a permit. What’s the big deal?

  2. Well, we know the NRA mantra. “The answer to gun violence is more guns”. Also “only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun”.

  3. Gun Safety, is a joke way beyond Iowa. If gun safety was truly a goal by gun owners, they would make if VERY difficult to own a gun without more reasonable regulations and safety precautions. Something along the lines of Motor Vehicles, or a Pilot’s license. Jeez, even electricians are better regulated.

      • Irrelevant question, which only a gun NUT would bring to that rhetoric statement.

        But it does bring to light how dated and out of touch the Bill of Rights.

        By the way – does the Bill of Rights, or the constitution protect the right to bear arms for the purpose of hunting?

          • Twist and Shout?

            The constitution OR the Bill of Rights chooses to have nothing to do with hunting, by guns or anything else, that’s why states, etc., can require regulations (like licenses) as it relates to hunting. Why then can’t any guns be regulated (or prohibited) as they relate to hunting.

            If gun owners want to stand behind an (one) interpretation of the second amendment, why won’t gun nuts help move the needle outside of that narrow interpretation.

            May I suggest it is because they want total freedom of GUNS and that the 2nd amendment is only a false cover story? After all, when they chose to uprise and overthrow the government, they didn’t bother to bring guns, proving the 2nd amendment is just an excuse.

        • You just proved my other point about anti-gun people wanting to ban all guns. Bill of Rights, out of touch, dated? So you now admit that you want to get rid of all guns in the hands of individuals.

          The Bill of Rights guaranteed INDIVIDUAL rights. The founders thought that gun ownership was so important, that they ranked it as 2nd on the list.

          Just keep electing Dems, the gun ownership in this country will continue to grow and grow.

          • I did NOT prove your point, you just want to twist things to sound that way. I want more reasonable regulations, at least those regarding automobiles and pilots. YOU are the one who insist on absolutes and is putting words in other peoples mouths.

            …and By the way, The founders though that a well armed militia was important and it was THAT which they ranked as 2nd on the list of additions to the constitution, missing the boat on the subject of airline pilots and nuclear regulations, altogether.

  4. More gun regulations does not equate to better gun safety. Guns, by themselves, have enough safety devices to render them inoperable to anyone not familiar with them. What you are talking about is limiting gun ownership by imposing more regulations on purchases and licensing. That’s fine with me. The difficulty lies in crafting legislation that does not violate the Constitution and is acceptable to the public. That is a tall order. The last truly effective gun legislation was enacted in 1936.

    • More BS from a guy ALWAYS hell bent on doing nothing. A guy who always says he loves the Constitution, except when it doesn’t bend his way.

    • But, more gun laws, the right gun laws, WILL (or can) equate to better gun safety. It is YOUR statement on that, which is incorrect.

      ..and NO, I am NOT talking about limiting gun ownership, I am talking about better regulation, similar to regulations on other dangerous items, like operating an automobile or an airplane.

      Why do you ALWAYS have to twist or lie about things other people say?+

  5. It’s too late to do anything, the toothpaste is out of the tube. There are way more guns in this Country than people.

      • I can also hope that something can be done in my lifetime, to stop the madness that keeps the wrong place being at all times for the benefit of a few corrupt people who are making a lot of money by fooling a lot of people that this is the way it has to be.

  6. Lou, there was never a requirement for permit to purchase from a non-gundealer in Iowa. What the new law does is make it a serious offense with prison time, if a non-dealer knowingly sells to someone who is not allowed to own a gun. Due to this new law, I would be very reluctant to sell a firearm to anyone I didn’t personally know very well.

  7. Interesting how the argument goes with those wanting more gun laws. When it’s pointed out that a particular law wouldn’t have affected the latest ma$$acre, the anti-gun people shout that “gotta start somewhere”.

    Then when the pro-gun side points out that they are trying to banish all guns, the anti-gun side says, “we never said that”.

    It keeps going like that, back and forth. Until finally, anti-gun supporters admit that removing all guns from society is the only sure fix

    I wonder why this disagreement never moves the needle.

  8. That is the typical gun nut “boogie-man” (and untrue) scare response, EVERY time they refuse to help move the needle.

    NEVER BUDGE is more likely any disagreement having to do with guns of ANY type, never moves the needle.

    Well, that and gun nuts who always twist the argument with false statements.

    • I will use your words on an unrelated subject,
      This is the typical pro-abortion nut “boogie-man” (and untrue) scare response, EVERY time they refuse to help move the needle.
      NEVER BUDGE is more likely any disagreement having to do with abortion of ANY type, never moves the needle.

      Tit for tat. “move the needle”. why would anyone anchored in such a hot topic, help the other side move the needle on either of these issues?

      • Don’t change the subject, even though unregulated guns are being used by boogie-men to shoot and kill pro abortion providers. An activity having nothing to do with second amendment interpretations.

      • Please give us an example of those who are in any disagreement having to do with abortion of ANY type?

        Wouldn’t that be the anti abortionists, who are NOT budging.

        Seems to me you got your tit for tat all wrong, in an effort to twist things around.

          • But you have it wrong.

            The hypocrisy is where you gun nuts, never bend, refusing to give up ANYTHING. Any similarity with abortion would not be with those in favor of abortion (pro-abortion as you wish call it), rather those in opposition to abortion, who will not budge at all.

            You have comprehension issues and twist the truth 180° to try and make a point that fits your perverted logic, say nothing about changing the subject.

  9. Really?

    If the constitution, or the bill of rights, does NOT specifically protect the rights of Americans from owning a gun for the purpose of target practice. Could regulating any person or gun used as such to the same standards as say automobiles or pilot licenses? Are you willing to help move the needle on that, or not?

      • No, not hard to understand but apparently easy to misrepresent, you condescending prick.

        Please list the 2nd amendment verbatim.

        • Sure: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

          • A well stocked library, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and read books, shall not be infringed.

            See what I did there. Militia has nothing to do with the individual right to own a gun, nor does a library have anything to do with individual right to own a book.

        • Oh, so losing the argument means, you turn to name calling. Nice.

          Consult any high school English teacher for a better understanding of the 2nd Amendment. Which has also been clarified through the Supreme Court with the Heller decision.

          Hopefully the Supreme Court isn’t too condescending for you.

    • Yes, someone like Trump is going to take away your guns.

      All dictators (authoritarian rulers) outlaw guns. Someone like Trump, will take away ALL OF YOUR GUNS, not regulate just responsibly.

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