I hate Comcast. I have had two days of nothing but aggravation. Finally resolved.

Yesterday afternoon, the cleaning lady came by. You have wires hanging. The pole outside my house 300 feet to the next pole had wires down. Ends still somehow vaguely attached to each pole, the middle part of the downed cable lying for some 250 feet on the ground.

Four phone calls to Comcast. Finally figured how to get a body to talk to. Just say no to everything the machine asks. Eventually, you are told to hold for a technician.

Techs drove me crazy. I tell the cable downed outside caused me to lose my telephone, TV, and computer. No power. The cable issue is consistently ignored.

I even called the Sheriff’s Department later in the afternoon. My concern was not for me getting hooked up again. It was that some kid might get hurt playing with the cable. Sheriff’s Department said they would take care of it right away. Don’t know what they did.

Nine this morning, I was back at the Comcast office. Took pics of the downed cable first. No one wanted to look at the pics. They refused to look at them. Got the usual run around.

Two Comcast trucks showed up at 10 this morning. Fixed the cable. I now have TV, internet and telephone. I was correct. It was the downed cable. Took no genius on my part to come to that conclusion.

One of the comments this morning called me dumb. I assume because I was having trouble with the three items set forth. I am dumb when it comes to machinery. A generational thing. Not ashamed of it. I was smart in life where and when I had to be.

One further point. The repair crew told me the downed cable was dangerous. Not because of current of any kind. However if someone pulled on it and it came down, the cable would strike the person with the force of a 400 pound weight.

Tomorrow back to normal.

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “COMCAST DAY 2

  1. We had Comcast at two of our offices in NJ and found their tech support to be as pathetic as ever. When fiber came in, I switch those offices over from Comcast to fiber faster that you know what out of a goose. The fiber provider gave better service throughout, the connectivity was faster than Comcast could ever provide and came in at about the same price.

    Plus we had no connectivity issues when we switched.

  2. We had Comcast out to our condo in Ft Myers. Our internet would go in and out. I must say the tech was very good however after about 45 miniutes he concluded it was old wiring. We need the wiring replaced. Problem is the owners have to be there for comcast to run the cable. I can’t have my current tenant be there. So we are making a trip down later in August to Ft. Myers for one day for the cable. Then it is on to Key West!..when life gives you lemons…

    • Look forward to seeing you in August.

      Key West Comcast years ago said they would no longer run cable under a house or driveway. Had to be done at owner’s expense. Hope you are not making the trip to hear the info I just shared with you.

  3. I think it is going to be my responsibility. Just not sure if the condo association will be involved. Thanks for the heads up. We will be in KW 8/24 thru 8/28 ands will be in

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