Yesterday another day of rest. Laid around all day reading and watching TV.

Tonight, I will definitely be out. We are celebrating Ally’s birthday with dinner at 6 at El Sibonay.

Tomorrow afternoon a doctor visit. Important one. I will get the results of further tests.

I have been at this medical problem for a month. Lost 15 pounds in the process. A benefit? I’m not sure.

In many sections of Mexico, prostitution/sex work is not illegal. It has been however in Mexico City. No more. Mexico City has decriminalized sex work. The City believes it will help to reduce sex trafficking. Sex trafficking in Mexico City itself has resulted in thousands of Mexican women and children being drawn into the sex trade.

The new law simply says people have a right to engage in sex work. Supportive laws now required. A legal framework to protect sex workers. The framework can be done.

About 12 yeas ago, Germany legalized prostitution throughout all of Germany. The cry in support of the legislation was prostitutes had a right to be protected, have hospitalization and pension plans.

Never happened! The real reason behind Germany’s move was to be able to tax prostitution. Payment for sex was legal. therefore the income from it taxable.

Taxation was permitted at every governmental level.

Still legal in Germany. However the scheme has not worked as many thought it would. Being legal, young ladies from all over Europe moved to Germany to work their trade. Soon supply exceeded demand. The price for legal favors dramatically fell. The ladies did not benefit. Nor did governmental entities. Tax revenues were much lower than anticipated.

I wish the sex workers in Mexico City well. I question whether the pot at the end of the rainbow will be theirs.

Tariffs and sanctions are part of the military might of a country today. Trump is using them big time. The U.S. is purportedly the strongest nation in the world. Trump is exercising that might by pushing everyone around.

Some Brit said yesterday re Trump: “Trump is a 20th century Fascist.” He is. Think Hitler and Mussolini.

Eventually all despots meet a justifiable end.

Trump has announced he is increasing tariffs on Mexican goods coming into the U.S. by 5 percent as of June 10. He did this because he was upset that Mexico was not doing more to keep migrants out of the U.S. He further threatened to raise the tariff to 25 percent in the next few months if Mexico failed to do what he expected.

Representatives of Mexico will meet with U.S. official on Wednesday in Washington hopefully work the matter out. Mexico  thinks the problem will be resolved. If so, it will mean that Mexico has capitulated to Trump’s improper demands. They fear his power.

Mexico’s anticipated position is understandable. The U.S. is Mexico’s largest trading partner. Interestingly, the U.S.’s largest trading partner is Mexico.

The market took a dive Friday because of the new tariff to be imposed. Understandably. Trump fails to understand the effect the tariff will have on the U.S. economy.

He and his henchmen still think a tariff punishes the country imposed upon. Not so. It hurts the country imposing it.

Trump claims he studied at Wharton. If so, he did not learn much.

The Wall St. Journal commented on the possibility of a recession. Clues that such might be were looked at.

The auto industry has laid off 38,000 workers in the last 6 months. One reason is that auto sales are projected to go down. It is projected that auto sales of new vehicles will be down 3 percent in 2019.

Further decline is expected in subsequent years also. Studies suggest humans will need fewer personal cars in future years.

History repeats itself in one form or another.

On this day in 1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy charged that communists were in the CIA. Similar to what Trump says today when he indicates corruption exists in the FBI. Perhaps even to a treasonable level.

Trump leaves today for Great Britain. A State visit. He should not go. The Brits have made it clear they do not want him. Diplomatic headaches await.

In the 2016 election, Meghan Merkle said Trump was “misogynistic” and his “politics divisive.” Trump recently referred to her as “nasty”, but thought they could get along.

Prince Charles believes climate change is a problem. Trump does not. In anticipation of meeting with Prince Charles to discuss the matter Trump said, “I can say we have among the cleanest climate in the world right now. Our air and water are doing very well.”

Obama was the last U.S. President to make a State visit to Great Britain. His favorability with the Brits at the time was 72 percent. Trump’s at the present time 21 percent.

A measles update.

The problem is increasing not only in the U.S., but also world wide. The CDC tells us the war against measles is being lost. The U.S. has 901 reported cases since January.

The Philippines really  out of control. Thirty three thousand to date. Over 400 have died.

So much for this Sunday.

Enjoy your day!

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