Modern medicine is amazing! Especially when you reach my age and what could not be done yesterday can today.

The most recent a 20 week old fetus diagnosed with spinal bifida, a brave mother, and a Pittsburgh hospital.

Spinal bifida in this instance showed the fetus at 20 weeks with a spinal problem. The spinal cord and backbone would not close before birth nor would it after birth. Assuming the fetus survived, the child would not be able to walk. Movement below the knees impossible.

The significance of this operation is that the fetus was operated on while in the mother’s womb. A first. The operation a success. The baby when delivered was kicking. She could also lift her feet and flex her toes.

With one exception. The toes on her left foot won’t bend. No big deal under the circumstances.

I went out last night. For 2 hours. Family time.

We were still celebrating Ally’s graduation and birthday. Dinner at El Sibonay. Then home to sing Happy Birthday! for the 88th time and enjoy cake.

An important day for me today. See Dr. Norris. Final test results are in. I suspect/hope they will be favorable. At my age, concern always there.

Trump in Great Britain. A State visit. His mouth is already getting him into trouble. It appears he does not mind who he insults.

The tariff war with China goes on. Perhaps for a long time.

The Chinese are really pissed. Can’t blame them. Their unhappiness and now hard line position is reflected by the recent comments of 2 Chinese officials.

One said, “If they (U.S.) want a fight, we will fight to the end.”

The other, “The trade war has not made America great again.”

Not content, the word is Trump now wants to sanction Australia. No reason given. The word is his staff had to sit on him to hold off, to consider further the move.

The U.S. is running out of friends. One by one Trump is alienating them. He seems to prefer the company of despots rather than the tried and true.

An interesting fact. Australia was the only country from the start to avoid the steel and aluminum tariffs. Our friends. Won’t be if Trump hits Australia with tariffs.

Trump is like a little kid who discovered some new toys. In this case, tariffs and sanctions. He uses them whenever so moved. A childhood ditty comes to mind. Little Jack Horner. He sat in the corner eating his pumpkin pie. Put in his thumb and pulled out a plum. Said, “Oh what a good boy am I!”

Venezuela’s economy continues to be down. The Financial Times reported inflation nearing 130,000 percent.

Hard to imagine.

Enjoy your day!


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