Before all else, be advised I felt good yesterday. All day! First time in weeks.

Ally’s eighth grade graduation yesterday. My granddaughter! Grown. Matured. On the threshold of womanhood.

Montessori’s kindergarten class graduated also. It was 8 years ago, I watched Ally graduate from kindergarten. Those who graduated yesterday were small. Really small! As Ally was back then. I am lucky I was able to see her both then and now.

I did not stay for lunch. A 1 1/2 hour wait. Did not move me. We were standing outside in the sun.

My doctor appointment turned out to be this coming monday, not yesterday. Fortunately, the Doctor’s office called to advise me of the monday appointment before I went over.

A manicure at 3 with Tammy. Always a pleasant experience.

She told me how busy she was this past week. School graduations! The young ladies learn early.

Then to Publix.

Publix was the test. I had been out and about more than normal earlier in the day. Pushing a cart and walking through Publix knocked me out the past few weeks. Yesterday, no way! I was impressed. Not tired at all.

Did not want to push things. Stayed in again last night.

Humid! That is what the weather is. Yesterday 91 and heavy. Leave a building and the humidity hits you in the face. Thick. You can taste it.

Key West is experiencing August and September weather. Early this year.

The past 2 thursdays Farmers Market at Bayview Park no longer was. Just like that. Gone!

Finally found out why.

Farmers Market had been open 6 years. Operated by someone who has several other Farmers Markets. Without notice, he announced to his vendors on May 14 that the Market was closed.

His reason a dwindling customer base. Business fell 80 percent from its opening season. Fewer customers meant fewer vendors. The operator’s rent and insurance became too much. He claimed the site went from a great market to a non-performing one.

The operator is a Jasin Hershin. Not a Key West resident. He is reported to have said “if there is any blame, it’s on the Key West citizens who did not support it.”

Sounds frustrated.

I have been doing the Market on a semi frequent basis. I only purchase tomatoes and bread. The tomatoes taste fresh and that’s why I would buy them. The bread I would buy in large quantity and freeze. Enough for a month.

I never saw more or less of people. It appeared to always be the same size crowd. Always a steady business.

The Market was a social place also. Always ran into friends and enjoyed the small chat we engaged in. The whole thing felt very homey.

Nothing is forever, I guess.

Today is the beginning of hurricane season. Seems like we just went through one.

This morning’s Key West Citizen ran front page an aerial photo of Big Pine following Irma. Irma hit September 10, 2017. Big Pine ravished. Irma hit with a category 4. The photo showed several streets of Big Pine devastated. Similar to the pictures being run on TV this past week of tornado damage.

Not all the damage has been corrected. The problem is money. Whether from the government, an insurance company, a bank or the homeowners themselves. Too many left with no assistance.

Someone complained in this morning’s Citizens Voice about the seaweed on Key West beaches. Thought the City should have cleaned up the seaweed rather than resanding the beaches.

The story. First, I don’t blame the individual who complained. The seaweed stinks. Reeks. Also, there is significantly more seaweed this year. It is arriving earlier. Since March, it has been a problem.

Normally, the seaweed is bulldozed off or cut up and mixed with the sand. Mixing it with the sand has always been the best way to go. Helps in preventing beach erosion.

The seaweed problem is all over Florida and into the Caribbean. The Caribbean islands hit especially hard. Key West seaweed works its way up t our beaches from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Climate change, nutrients washing off the land, and changing ocean currents considered responsible.

In some places,. the seaweed washed up on the beach is 4-5 feet high. The seaweed is popularly referred to as Stinky Seaweed. The reason obvious. Its technical name Sargassum Seaweed.

The cost of removal is higher than normal. Communities along the Florida Coast and Caribbean Island resorts are concerned their summer tourist trade will suffer as people become aware of the problem.

Big sharks occasionally frequent our waters. Unusual because sharks prefer cooler water.

On this day in 1912, a Captain Charles Thomson was operating a fishing schooner near the Seven Mile Bridge. He harpooned a “whale shark.” Following an 8 hour struggle, he was able to beach the shark on a sand bar. The shark died 5 days later. Thomson then towed it to Miami to have it prepared for hanging on a wall.

The shark was huge! Thirty eight feet long, weighed 26,594 pounds.

I wrote about a month ago concerning former Trump aide Steve Bannon and his attempts to remove Pope Francis and replace him with a conservative right Cardinal. Failing, he said he would build a whole new Vatican next to the present one and install a new Pope. Two Vaticans operating at the same time!

Recall Bannon’s goal in life is to take down existing governments. No question about it.

In the meantime, Bannon wanted to open a school to train persons so as they would be educated with a right thinking agenda. He rented a 13th century medieval monastery. It was rented through the Italian Cultural Heritage Ministry.

Rent $110,000 a year.

The Ministry has announced it is revoking the lease granted to Bannon due to fraud in the bidding process. A letter was required to guarantee the lease. Bannon’s group provided a letter bearing the signature of an employee of the Danish Jyske bank.

The bank said the employee had not worked for the bank in years and that the letter was fraudulent.

Bannon was one of Trump’s early supporters and a White House aide at the beginning of Trump’s tenure. He and Stephen Miller were extremely close. Miller is a bad guy I have denounced on occasion.

He and Miller birds of a feather.

Enjoy your day!

11 comments on “LOVELY ALLY

  1. The Trumpsters want to divide the World by taking us back to the Dark Ages as opposed to uniting it, this at a time when all of Humanity needs to work together to solve it’s worsening major problems.

    • It might be nice to think that Trump and/or his supporters actually had a conviction or purpose about taking us back to the Dark Ages, but I’m afraid they are really just stupid and aimless, not really having any real plan, just embracing selfishness, narcissism and spite.

  2. Again, a couple Trump-hater posts from people trying to describe what Trump supporters think or feel. Meaningless.

    • Meaningless? I think the meaning is quite poignant……. the majority has a very difficult time understanding how any sane person of patriotic inclination can support such a disgusting, undermining and shallow individual. It really is about standards and how so many can forfeit them.

    • Meaningless? I think the meaning is quite poignant……. the majority , YES the majority did not support Trump, have a difficult time understanding how any sane person of patriotic inclination can support such a disgusting, undermining and shallow individual. It really is about standards and how so many can forfeit them. It is really impossible to reconcile how many Americans have taking a nap from common sense and decency in not only supporting Trump in the beginning but continuing to do so as he declines further into a diminished mental state.

  3. Well, both those posts sure seem to me to be a far and accurate accounting and analyzation of Trump supporters to me, based on what I read in places like USA Today, or on talk radio shows like Rush Limbaugh and see regularly on Fox news. You only need to listen to what they are saying to draw these same conclusions, they always seem to be very vocal and open with their feelings. Now, if you want to distort what everybody can hear for themselves, that’s your prerogative, asuuming you are not just trolling to try and pick a fight, but I don’t see how you can be believed by anyone with even a half an ounce of common sense if you do so. Besides it makes you look like such a fool when you try, or don’t you get that part?

  4. Ok, let me give it a shot.

    Liberals who support abortion are in favor of killing life. They must be blood thirsty.

    How’s that?

    • Stupid and pointless, also incorrect. On the abortion subject, liberals are almost always pro choice and against government control, something right wingers like to claim they are in favor of, unless it involves women.

      Stop Trolling

      • Making comments the YOU don’t agree with is not trolling.

        And you are correct, liberals are almost always pro choice and against government control.

        What you fail to grasp is that conservatives are almost always pro life and against government control of the life of the most innocent humans. Conservatives see it as speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves yet. Strange that liberals can’t grasp that.

        • No, being anti abortion is NOT being pro-life, quite the contrary and right wingers (stop calling your self conservatives, you are NOT conservatives) are FAR from being pro life – the examples being way too vast to list.

          And stop with the snowflake BS about your comments not trolling. “Blood Thirsty” is a completely provocative term meant only to pick a fight.

          • Nicely done Kathy! We need more -in their face- honesty about what the “Right” is truly about. It is quite clear, in many cases regarding the sentiments on the “Right”, being “pro-life” ends abruptly at birth.

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