Trump exercised his pardon power yesterday. By so doing, Trump was being authoritarian. He wanted the world to know that all actions, good and bad, harsh and generous, come from a single person. Donald.

Pardons are sort of a “creeping” authoritarianism. Trump wanted to show himself as a “benevolent leader.”

Only one of those pardoned was presently in jail. Former Illinois Governor Blogojevich. Several years of his sentence remained.

I am not going to spell out all pardoned or had their sentences commuted, nor what they had been charged with. The media for the past 24 hours has been replete with that information. I merely want to share my thoughts re the pardons.

The pardons represent Trump rewarding friends and friends’ friends. There is an undertone. Punishment. He who can reward can also punish.


Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote, “Instead of draining the swamp, Trump has decided to pardon it.”

To pardon less than honorable individuals is the restocking of the swamp. Think about it.

I saw a cartoon of Trump this morning. Blazoned across his photo was: “Do the crime, I’ll release the time.”

I titled today’s blog Practice Pardons. A specific reason therefore. It appears to me that by making the pardons,  Trump was practicing for the “big game.” Pardoning Flynn, Manafort, Stone, and Giuliani.

Bernie Sanders picked up a bad Trump trait. Sanders announced he was not going to produce all his medical records. Leaves one thinking what might be wrong. He is 78 and had a heart attack several weeks ago. Reasons enough for full disclosure.

One problem after another. Such appears to be the case with Boeing’s 737 MAX.

The plane was grounded world wide a year ago because of 2 crashes. In the meantime, Boeing has continued manufacturing new 737’s. Holding the new ones in storage while awaiting delivery to various airlines.

It was announced yesterday debris had been found in the fuel tanks of some of the planes in storage.

China really clobbered with the coronavirus. Where the epidemic began.

It was reported over the weekend that China has placed half its population in some form of lock down. Seven hundred sixty million people.

Most living today knew Mr. Rogers.

His show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” made its debut February 18, 1968. Enjoyed a 31 year run.

Last night my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Did a different type show. Tried to stay away from things Trump. Except for 3 minor mentions was able to do so.

The reason I wanted to do a non-Trump show was because all we hear from the media is Trump, Trump, Trump. Understandable. He is all over the place every day. His actions generally newsworthy.

Creates a problem. We never get to hear about the other things going on in the world. My intent was to share some other events that might be of interest.

Busy day today. Can’t get it all in. Will have to pick and choose.

My day starts with an 11  with my annual physical.

Following which I will be making stops at Publix and the laundry.

Early tonight, Aqua Idol at 6. Followed by Syracuse/Louisville at 8. Then the Democratic Debate at 9.

Can’t get all the evening in. I have decided to skip Aqua Idol. Lynda, don’t be upset. Eliminating Aqua Idol means I do not have to leave my home in the evening. The game and debate on TV.

However, even if I opt out of Aqua Idol, does not mean you should. A great weekly event this time of year. Six o’clock at Aqua. A fundraiser for the Waterhouse Playhouse. Lynda Frechette does wonders in putting the show together each week.

Saturday a good day to take an organized walk through the Historic Key West Cemetery. Guided walks scheduled for 3 different times in the morning.

The stones are terrific! Especially the one saying “I told you I was sick.”

Tino! Another photo of Tino following his Award for Best Extra sunday evening. He is on the telephone with Oscar in hand.

How things have changed!

On this day in 1902, Key West’s Board of Education requested the resignation of Sarah Ann Roberts. Sarah had recently married. Apparently married women could not teach.

Sarah wanted to finish out the school year. The Board denied her request.

You’ve come a long way ladies!

Enjoy your day!

40 comments on “PRACTICE PARDONS

  1. This Trump thug has granted clemency to 25 criminals already! Dear leader Obama granted clemency to 1,927 federally indicted and convicted criminals.., woopsy!

    • Obamas clemency was for drug convictions, the offenses which were excessive by that days standard, and the legalization of the drug marijuaana !!!!!!!

      • Wrong. His clementines and sentence reductions were granted to a very large number of cocaine traffickers as well as a terrorist and a traitor. Enemies of the state, Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez Rivera. Obummers full clemency list is available for you to view yourself at

    • False equivalency for the sole purpose to divert the “shoot from the hip” nature of Trump’s “go it alone’ irresponsible pardoning of friends and donors without any counsel from the justice department or judicial review.

        • NOT true at all. His pardons was all done by a judicial review board and the justice department’s pardon review board. It was a formal program with the purpose of giving a second chance to what was mostly minor, non violent, drug crimes. Your harangue is poorly researched and wrongly applied. So typical of your bad judgement.

  2. How about when Billy Boy Clinton pardoned Marc Rich. The one of 65 federal indictments including tax evasion, wire fraud, and illegal trade with the Iranians during the oil embargo (while Americans were being held hostage).

    His wife donated a million bucks to the dems, 100k to Hillary’s senate campaign and $450k to the the Clinton library (while Billy was still in office). Coincidence?

    Oh, and the man who brokered the pardon?… none other than Eric Holder. Obummer’s right hand man.

    • I think your “how about” is really just whatabout-ism. The attempt to apply the “two wrongs make a right” argument failed. It changes nothing- the swamp remains the same (Zoso reference intended).


        Trump has not pardoned terrorists and enemies of the state as your hero’s have. #MAGA

        • Trumps definition of terrorist and enemy of the state is any American who has the moral conviction to oppose his authoritarian regime. SMEGMA

          • Oscar Lopez Rivera, head of the terrorist org Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Naciinal Puertorriquena (FALN) was responsible for 130 bombings across the United States. He killed 4 people at the Fraunces Tavern in NYC. He was released by Dear Leader Obama almost 20 years early. He got a 2nd chance I guess.

              • I have reviewed it and your list is just plain wrong, you are a tool fool who doesn’t even attempt to shoot straight. Besides this is about Trump and his swamp mess, truing to buy some campaign “contributions” with pardons, not some well intentioned former president, who did things by the book without any benefit for himself.

              • Hi Patrick – I see where you have managed to work in your all time favorite anti Puerto Rican harangue along with your other garbage. Same old problem with letting your opinions get the better of the truth and facts, with you, isn’t it!

                  • Patrick – But YOU don’t need to HATE all Puerto Ricans because of one nationalist. Besides he killed fewer people in his pro PR, anti American activism, that the average American soldier (not supply techs) killed Iraqi civilians during the various Iraqi wars (for no good reason, btw_.

                    • Im not Patrick but you sure are a terrorist sympathizer. You hate America so much. You should move.

                    • You are a deceitful phony Patrick. Those of us who have been reading Lou’s blog for years have had to sit through several of your unsolicited posts (hateful rants really) on the subject of this Oscar Lopez Rivera and your efforts with the NYSPD to get him convicted. Anyone who cares can easily find these past posts in Lou’s old archives, if they want. Some of those weird entries use the very same words and tone you (and only you) are now using as if you are still a one man band regarding this mostly now unknown person. And you still want to use the cliche “terrorist sympathizer” to anyone who disagrees with you as a way to answer when you have no answer to any rebuttal. Maybe it is you that should move. accusing everyone else of hating something you don’t even yourself understand or agree with.

    • I see where Obama’s Pardons were mostly part of a well coordinated and fully reviewed program called “2nd Chance” not something he just did himself and for his own benefit. Besides, what does what Obama did that have to do with Lou’s message about Trump not draining the swamp, but rather “restocking” the swamp.

      And what’s with your rather obsessive interest with what Obama did rather than the actual harm Trump is doing. Are you suggesting that it is OK that Trump is doing what he is doing just because you feel Obama did something YOU and your FOX News buddies choose to disapprove of? Seems to me your are just trying to start an argument rather than do anything useful or helpful.

      • Review obummers parsons here and you can choose which of the 1,927 criminals he pardoned deserved a second chance. Was it the cocaine traffickers? The bank fraudsters, the money launderers, the meth traffickers? Terrorist?

  3. Trump is being transparent. These pardons are being done in full view and BEFORE the election. Not like others who issued pardons after being re-elected or at the eleventh hour at the end of their presidency.

    • Nonsense, he is doing this for his wealthy friends and without ANY consultation or debate. He did not consulted the justice department, any judicial organization or the official pardon committee, as have all other pardons in the past. He did this on his own, as an obvious advertisement to possible campaign donors in a way that appears to everybody as a get out of jail for free card. Your analysis is hogwash and only a fool would think otherwise.

      • OK, so you explained a review process that may be used and his motivation as you may believe.. Even if you disagree with how these pardons were done, hehas the power to issue pardons exactly as he did. Additionally thank you for confirming my point about President Trumps transparency. You have been able to come to “your conclusion” by analyzed his actions and the facts.. I appreciate your comments as you seem to be agreeing with me.

        • No, No, No – please to not put words in my mouth, I wholeheartedly and fundamentally disagree with you that TRUMP has been transparent in this issue. I submit that he has been obvious, but not transparent, not even close. You have always had comprehension issues and this is again the case.

          Your attempt to twist this around and then declare that: “I seem to be agreeing with you” an example of you being obvious, but not transparent.

          By the way, I said nothing about if he has any power to issue pardons exactly as he as done, nor had this been any part of the discussion until your most recent post, which appears to be just another of your clever by half manipulative maneuvers.

          To make things clear, I have not confirmed your point about President Trumps transparency in this issue, that is only a figment of your poor comprehension abilities, or perhaps your attempt to twist my words to some sort of perverse personal pleasure.

          Furthermore, I do not believe you are honest or upstanding in your posts.

        • Did Obama have the power to issue pardons exactly as he did, including that for Oscar Lopez Rivera? Did Obama follow all norms and procedures. Was Obama transparent in the process at that time. Was Obama with his pardons hypocritical in any way, particularly so with respect to cleaning up the swamp as Lou described Trumps hypocrisy?

  4. Why is it that Trump defenders always seem to want to talk about what Obama did that they feel was bad, as a way to justify what Trump does, as somehow then being OK, or even good? They never bother to acknowledge that Trump’s behavior is also bad, only that Obama did it, regardless of any level of equivalency or even if it wasn’t actually true.

    • I think it is just a tactical method of just trying to change the subject away from something they don’t want to talk about onto something else that they might feel is more comfortable or some subject they feel the might win at. It is an established old debate trick, usually disqualifying in formal debate circles.

    • I believe they do this because the left never showed the level of outrage, (or any outrage at all in most cases), when it was Obama doing similar things. So it’s valid to question the outrage by the left, over Trump behavior.

      • Bad analysis, no outrage needed for so much of what the ‘freaky right’ seems to feel was wrong and worth crocodile tears for, such as Obama wearing a tan suit one day, or Michelle (a real first lady, who was never an “”Escort””) wearing a gown that exposed her shoulders, or removing a bust of Churchill from the Oval office (there was already one upstairs in the private quarters), or for being president without having been born in the United States, or having a middle name of Hussein, or countless other phony or untrue conspiracy theories.

        Your analysis is typical of the constant false equivalency based on ignorance and malice contrived by dishonest reporting and perverted political stunts so easily absorbed and then worshiped by the gullible and ignorant mas*es (see anything to do with just the birth certificate nonsense). The right wing freaks have cried “wolf” many time to many for anyone to believe most of what you are trying to pull at any given moment, anymore.

        And it’s not just that, it is also the almost institutional propaganda methods with people like yourself who delight in repeating this garbage under false pretenses such as your deceitful and dishonest post above.

      • Hey Slick, do you know why the left has never shown any level of outrage over Obama having claimed he was the “chosen one” ? – BECAUSE OBAMA NEVER SAID THAT !

  5. No need for democrats to have been outraged over other democrats for having claimed that Sandy Hook was staged and never really happened, because Democrats never claimed that Sandy Hook didn’t happen, that was the right wing press that claimed that is never happened. Correct me if I am wrong, but the right wing by and large were never really outraged that this was an outrage and hateful lie.

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