Ten days ago I started featuring former Key West snowbird Tino Gonzalez daily with an “extra” acting photo and brief commentary. Jokingly, I mentioned on 2 occasions that some day Tino would win an Oscar for his “extra” performances.

Lo and behold, he has! I was not aware such were even available for extras.

The Awards for extras a first time event. Held Sunday night in Chicago. Tino won an Oscar for Best Background Actor in the Best Group Scene Category.

Two photos posted today. One of Tino on stage accepting the Oscar. The Oscar in Tino’s left hand.

The other, Tino with a group of others in a scene from the show for which the award was presented. It is from the TV series Shameless which stars the well known Hollywood actor William Macy. Macy is in the forefront of the photo in a pink jacket with his backside appearing. Tino is the first in line on the left of those facing the camera.

Go Tino! Today an Oscar for an extra part. Tomorrow for a talking part!

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Willie Nelson performed last night in Key West at the Amphitheater.

I did not attend. Feel badly. When the tickets first became available a couple of months ago, I was on the Internet within seconds of their going on sale. Best seats $55. None were available. Less than one minute and all gone. Scalpers.

New prices like $400-$600. Love Willie Nelson, but not that much. So I missed out.

Did go out last night, however.

First, Dueling Bartenders. Rick Dery and Heather performing. Great singing! Cost me the price of a drink.

Mary was there. We had dinner together afterwards at Antonia’s. Nicolle bartending. Been cheating a bit on her diet. Gained a pound. She’s back on.

Watched the second part of the Washington miniseries at home later in the evening.

I was a history major in college. Love history! Washington not moving me. I am learning some things I did not know. However the show itself moves too slowly. Actually, boring. Sad because I am sure a ton of money went into making it.

President Franklin Roosevelt was in Key West this day in 1939. Arrived 3 pm. Driven down by car on what was then called the Over-Seas Highway from Miami.

While in Key West, he inspected the inactive Naval Station facilities. Following which he boarded the USS Houston which sailed for the Caribbean to take part in war games.

A photo appeared with the Citizen article. Roosevelt was seated in the back seat of a convertible. Attired in suit and tie. Hat in hand. Top down on the convertible at the time the photo was taken.

I could not help but think what a horrible trip it had to me on the ride from Miami. Whether top up or down. Even with windows open. Hot heat! No air conditioning back in those days.

The Key West Citizen is running 2 diaries at the same time. Written in the 1800’s.

I have been commenting on May Johnson’s. A 19 year old Key West school teacher in 1896. Her activities more interesting than William R. Hackley’s. Hackley was a government attorney residing in Key West in 1855.

This is Hackley’s day, however. For the first time, his diary entry contains a more interesting comment than any in May’s.

Hackley wrote that on this day in 1855, he “bathed about noon the first time for some days.”

Whew! Had to smell good. How could anyone go days without bathing. Key West days in 1855 had to be as warm and humid as now.

We live and learn. We are all aware of the atrocities the Nazis committed. Turns out I was unaware of one.

On this day in 1943, the Nazis arrested 2 White Rose resistance leaders. White Rose was a youth group opposed to Hitler’s regime. Mostly university medical students. They secretly printed an anti-Nazi newspaper.

They were tried before Hitler’s “People’s Court” and sentenced to death.

I was under the impression that civilians caught under such circumstances were shot, hung, or nailed to crosses. There was one other means of execution. One saved for “political traitors.”


As one of the White Rose members was about to be beheaded, he shouted “Long live freedom!”

Child sexual abuse has been significant in the last 50-80 years. Especially with young males. Pedophilia has been rampant in the Catholic Church.

Turns out the Catholic Church’s wrongdoing is insignificant when compared to that which has gone on within the Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Hundreds of sexual abuse cases pending before them. Too much too bear.

A 5 year study of the Boy Scout problem indicated 12,254 victims. Sexually brutalized by 7,800 leaders. All taking place in the past 72 years.

An attorney representing some of the abused boys said, “The scope of the carnage is stunning.”


If not the Catholic Church or Boy Scouts, where are our young lads safe?

Donald keeps telling us the economy is good. And that he made it so.

When one speaks of the economy, it has to be viewed from a world wide perspective. What happens in China affects us in the U.S., for example.

The British headquartered HSBC bank announced it plans to cut 35,000 jobs  over the next 3 years in a deep overhaul. HSBC claims it is having trouble coping with a slew of global uncertainties from Brexit to trade wars to the new coronavirus.

HSBC is a major bank world wide. The fact the need to cut has arisen is an indication that the economy is not good. HSBC appears to be reacting before the problem hits big time.

Trump deludes himself when he tells himself and the people of the U.S. the economy is the best ever. He fails to understand the stock market is not the sole indicator of a solid economy. Especially when more than 80 percent of the monies invested in the market are those of the top 10 percent.

An unusual day today as far as the federal judicial system is concerned. The Federal Judges Association is conducting an emergency meeting. A rarity. Might even be the first time.

The primary issue is the deepening crisis that has enveloped the Justice Department and Attorney General William Barr. Two problems. The first, the Barr/Trump/Roger Stone sentencing. The second, Trump’s comments re Manafort.

In addition to the federal judges, another group is protesting. Its concern directed to the Stone sentencing, also. More than 2,000 former Justice Department officials have called on Barr to resign. They believe Barr’s handling of the Stone case “openly and repeatedly flouted” the principle of equal justice.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show. Nine my time.

Join me. This has been a busy week. I will have much to rant and rave about. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Baden Powell started the Boy Scouts, beginning with his book, “Scouting For Boys”, a prophetic title if there ever was one.

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