Former President Clinton has been in a California hospital most of this week. Still remains. Should be out in a few days.

He was “bad sick.” Suffering from a urinary track infection that spreads into the bloodstream. Described in most instances as sepsis. Sepsis represents the bodies’ extreme reaction to an infection.

Sepsis is life threatening. Causes a chain reaction throughout the body. Forty to sixty year old elderly die from it.

Medical reports indicate Clinton is “on the mend…..and in good spirits.” The reports do not detail what he went through. I know. I had the problem 2 times.

My 2 problems occurred in my 40’s.

The first time I was at work. Suddenly, I was freezing from the waist down Followed by tiredness. My urge to urinate existed, with one problem. Nothing came out.

Called my urologist and was off to the hospital. Doctor said don’t worry. We’ll drain you and you will feel better once you piss. He thought I had some sort of blockage.

The two nurses putting the tube in my penis I knew. They thought it was funny. I did too actually. Even they were assuring me when the tube was in, the urine would gush out.

Tube was in. Nothing came out, except for a small cotton like ball.

Even I knew I was in trouble at that point.

My doctor returned with test results. Said don’t worry. You have sepsis. Here is what’s going to happen. You are going to get even sicker today. You will get sicker for next 4 days. Worse each day. Then on the fourth day the turn around will occur. You will start feeling better and walk out of the hospital on the seventh day.


The cause of my problem was I was not emptying out my bladder when urinating. Not intentionally. For whatever reason, my bladder was retaining some urine. Urine I guess is like wine. While sitting in the bladder, it ferments. Then somehow gets out into the rest of the body. If I recall correctly, even into the blood stream.

I ended up in bed with all kinds of tubes in both arms. Heavy antibiotics the primary drip.

The doctor was correct. I was sicker with each passing day. Felt like my body was sinking into the mattress. Actually thought I was going to die.

Then came day 4. I began feeling better. I left the hospital on day 7. Returned to work the next day feeling fine.

A year or two later, the same basic problem occurred. Fermentation not the problem this time.

My PSA came back well over a 4.0. Actually, 11.4. Doctor’s immediate reaction was I probably had cancer of the prostrate.

A biopsy of the prostrate was done. Horrible! I won’t describe the process. However to get at the prostrate, the doctor had to go through the colon wall. The openings resulting permitted shit from my colon to get into the rest of my body.

Sepsis again. Everything the same. The 7 day treatment.

I did not have cancer. The biopsy can have negative readings. Mine was a negative one, thank God! My reading today is 1. something.

I feel sorry for Clinton. Glad he is on the mend. Glad the doctors caught everything immediately.

The South rides again.

I wrote earlier this week that Texas is the America of Tomorrow. Assuming Texas cannot be stopped now with all the crazy laws they are passing.

The last 2 days, the new Texas abortion law has been in the news. A Fifth Circuit 3 judge panel decided yesterday in a 2-1 vote that the law as passed and signed would continue in force and effect till decided on by the Supreme Court.

A highly unusual move where a Constitutional question is involved. Lower courts generally rule in support of the law. Not here. Texas has not been following years old procedure in anything it recently has been doing.

The Constitutional issue involves Roe v. Wade. Still the law of the land.

A new problem arose yesterday.

Texas has new “guidelines” for how teachers should vett books in a school’s library. Both sides of an historical issue are to be taught. Truth/falsity immaterial. Opposing viewpoints must be examined.

The issue in this instance the Holocaust.

A superintendent in north Texas advised her teachers if any book discussed the Holocaust, books should also be on the shelves explaining the counter thoughts. The issue one of race. Truth again not the issue. Share both sides and do not question the propriety of the false side.

Must be the wind Texans inhale!

No question as to the truth of the food shortage coming. One reason being the vessels sitting out on the water that do not have enough help to unload them. The foodstuffs being carried are limited or not available. Things will only get worse between now and Christmas.

Due to my self imposed quarantine, I have a “shopper.” Going on 3 years. Each week there are 1 or 2 items not available. This week 3.

I eat DelMonte peas in the small can. No DelMonte peas Had to settle for a similar size small can with a brand name I never heard of. I have no recollection of ever seeing it on the shelf either.

Yogurt a similar problem.

Plastic spoons, forks and knives. Forget it! Third week unavailable. Plastic microwavable plates. The same thing.

The cause the pandemic. Not enough workers to unload the vessels.

The purported scarcity of workers an issue for another day.

There was no blog yesterday. Sorry. Two doctor visits in the morning. I was exhausted when I got home. Amazing!

Enjoy your day!


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