An outstanding American professional basketball player is Kyrie Irving. Plays guard for the Brooklyn Nets.

Irving was drafted in 2011. He was a first round pick. He was the #1 pick overall.

Irving has refused to be vaccinated.

Based on his refusal, the Nets have banned him from all games.

A significant hit for Irving. He earns $380,000 each game he plays. He will not be paid for home games. However, he will be paid for road games though he will not play in them. Some technicality involved that creates the situation.

Highly admirable Irving is willing to lose big time money for something he believes in. Is he all there in doing so? Recognize Irving believes the world is flat.

A significant number of U.S. citizens are overweight. Obesity affects American pets. The reason therefore is they are over fed and under exercised.

Same problem as with many pet owners.

A recent study reported an unusual quirk re pet obesity. The study found overweight pets had thin owners. Overweight owners had thin pets.

A silent Trump coup moves on. The ground work being laid for Republicans to win in 2022 and 2024. Republicans are fighting the battle in the trenches. Not at the ballot box. Their plan to win elections at the lowest level by having people in place who will do Trump’s bidding when the time comes again to challenge every ballot.

Sort of the way Hitler did it in the Germany in the late 1930’s.

Michigan recently announced some low life elected official has demanded an “investigation” of the 2020 Presidential election. Note not termed an “audit.”

Two reasons an ‘audit” would look foolish. Biden won Michigan by 154,000 votes,  The other, feather have already been two audits. Biden won both. No fraud discovered.

What an “investigation” involves I am not quite sure. At this point I have to believe Trump and his henchmen will be standing around, looking at each other, and asking what do we do now?

The silent creeping coup attempt can only be defeated one way. Democrats have to get down and dirty with Republicans. Fight as Republicans do. Go for the jugular at all times. Make the opposition slowly bleed to death.

Democrats must stop being “statesmen.” They must become gutter fighters for a time.

The first place the Democrats must stand and wage a quick bloody war is with the 1/6 Committee subpoena issue. Go for it! Push the Justice Department to move swiftly. Get the courts to to do likewise. There are ways to get to a “fast docket.” Democrats must refuse to be bogged down by Republicans who play by procedural rules to slow down every investigation, etc.

This is a war. They must recognize it as such.

In addition to the 1/6 investigation, other agencies of government must get involved in other happenings. They must move before Republicans do. Democrats must learn to anticipate.

The Federal Criminal Code is full of all type crimes. Accuse everyone who commits a wrong and prosecute them.

The American people must see the Democrats playing not as hard as the Republicans. Rather as vicious and dirty. Within the confines of he law, of course.

Again the 1/6 investigation must be recognized the first place Democrats become “new fighters.” The Democrats must go after Trump and his followers with the force and speed of Hitler’s blitzkrieg when he invaded Poland.

Fun time last night. I did my Tuesday Talk show. Hit hard on timely issues. Much as in today’s blog.

Enjoy your day!



  1. OK so Kyrie Irving is a very good basketball player. That doesn’t mean he’s a good human.

    …and true, he is allowed to believe what he wants, but that doesn’t mean he’s allowed to harm the rest of us because he believes what ever it is he believes.

    Jim Jones’ believers believed they were better off dead, OK go for it, but don’t kill the rest of us trying to prove YOUR beliefs.

    • On the contrary. Irving is an exceptional human being. I know it may pain you, but simply google his charitable donations. He’s a very good person. We should all hope to be as kindhearted as he is.

      • I myself don’t know him at all, and can’t say if he’s good or not.

        But there is something really wrong with him if he believes the world is flat and that not vaccinating against Covid is smart or the good thing to do.

        Sounds to me there’s a screw loose somewhere!

  2. I agree with you lou, 100% – Democrats need to step up and get tough. No more Mr. Nice Guy when dealing with Republicans.

    Republicans no longer work for the people of this country, only for themselves and for the companies that will fund their efforts. They have repeatedly shown that they will do whatever it takes to win for their interest and do not care about honesty or truth and are no longer interested in cooperating or compromising for the good of the country.

    Democrats MUST go it alone and forget about trying to work with these snakes. Every time they try they get bitten. Let’s move on and govern the country without them, they are no longer interested in doing so anyhow.

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