The unexpected is always to be expected. Life changes in a split second.

Kasie Hunt is one of the finest TV news journalists I have had the privilege to watch over the years. A mere 36, success found her early. Properly so. Talented, knowledgeable, articulate and lovely. Success hers first at MSNBC. She recently moved over to CNN.

Kasie began having headaches in March. Underwent all kinds of tests. It became obvious something was there. It slowly kept growing. Finally, surgery last week.

A small benign brain tumor was removed.

Kasie described the whole situation as “pretty surreal.”

She is recovering at home. Another six to eight weeks anticipated.

She cannot lift anything heavier than 10 pounds. The thing she misses most is picking up and hugging her 30 pound son Mars.

Mars is a sharp young man. He knows his mother is sick. Points to her head and says “boo boo.”

The place to be this afternoon in Key West is Books & Books at The Studios of Key West. A competition involving high school students. The students will read passages by a Key West author with one difference from a usual book reading. They will improvise during the reading.

Each will in some manner act out the words being read.

The event is sponsored by Key West snowbirds Fred and Joanne Klein of New York City.

I had planned on attending. Appears doubtful at the moment.

It has been ages since I have taken a fall. Last night an “almost.” For whatever reason, the last step got to me. I caught myself going down. The only damage was a twisted left ankle. More sore this morning.

Parking is difficult at The Studios on the corner of Simonton and Eaton. Even with a cane, walking will be too much.

Fred and Joanne are watching on Zoom from New York. I will try to do the same from here.

Fantasy Fest is on the horizon. Soon to arrive. Sort of like “shrimp boats are a ‘comin, their sails are in sight.”

Fantasy Fest runs from 10/22-10/31. Abbreviated this year due to COVID. All public events like the Parade have been cancelled. The only things that will be open and rocking are the bars. Parties every night.

Though there will be no parade, visitors will arrive to party. There are very few communities that permit adult parties.

I believe it wrong that the City did not take steps to close everything down. COVID infecteds will arrive. More than arrived will leave. A significant number of locals will also be infected.

Not worth it!

The Sanders/Manchin battle continues. Sanders had an Opinion piece published in a prominent local West Virginia newspaper. He chastised Manchin big time for failing to support Biden’s agenda re social infrastructure. Manchin came right back saying in effect…..West Virginia is my state. Stay out!

Kyristen Sinema is having her problems in Arizona. Not made public till this week.

Sinema has been opposing Biden on his social agenda also. She and Manchin seem to be vying for King and Queen of their high school ball.The news has been reporting Pharma and financial institutions have been throwing money into Sinema’s coffers like their is no tomorrow. As the money comes in, she continues to oppose Biden’s program.

Arizona Democrats are not blind. They see what is occurring and have become “brutally” opposed to Sinema.

It’s all in the numbers.

Sinema presently has a 25 percent approval among Arizona Democrats. Mark Kelly her Democratic compatriot 85 percent.

Amazing! Two Democrats from the same state. One going down the tubes politically. The other revered.

Biden’s popularity among Arizona Democrats important also. He has an 85 percent Democratic rating.

Sinema is lucky she does not have to run again till 2024. Already Arizona’s Democratic Party is considering possible primary opponents.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) blasted Supreme Court Justice Aloi re his recent Notre Dame speech where he complained of recent attacks on the Supreme Court.

Whtehouse commented re the speech, “You have fouled your nest, not us.” Whitehouse’s words were specifically directed at Aloi’s comment that the Supreme Court was undeserving of recent scorn.

Whitehouse’s retaliatory comment was to the effect the Court deserved the scorn. The Court had created the situation.

Whitehouse also said Republicans have always depicted Democrats of judicial activism. The shoe is now on the other foot. Republicans are the party of judicial activism.

Whitehouse viewed Aloi as being “touchy.” Whitestone said there is a reason. Aloi’s fingerprints are all over this “pattern of judicial activism.”

Whitehouse concluded, “The Court that Dark Money Built has squandered the benefit of doubt.”

I watched Syracuse/Clemson last night. Syracuse lost 17-14.

Syracuse’s record 3-4. Three recent games have been close. Syracuse lost all 3. The winner in each game was decided in the last few minutes. Which means Syracuse could have won the 3.

What I am about to say is terrible. However, I blame Coach Dino Babers for the 3 loses. My conclusions based on bad calls the coach made in the final minutes of each game.

Babers has been coach at Syracuse 5 or 6 years. He has had only 1 good season. The team went 10-3 in 2018. Last year, Syracuse’ record was 1-10.

I doubt Babers will be around next year. Only one thing can save him. To win all of Syracuse’s remaining games.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Democrats are weird like that. They’ll get behind the good ones and not the bad ones, definitely not the weird ones.

    Not like Republicans who seem to always get behind the bad ones, no matter what. One for all, regardless.

    Thing is, if Republicans were like Democrats we would have a far better government, but Republicans never in power.

    Not so sure that would be so bad, we’d get things done. The problem however would be having to live with those few republicans constantly wining.

    But them, that what they do anyhow!

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