Yes, people will die. The healthcare bill approved by the House of Representatives yesterday is a moral outrage.

Those who voted for it should be required to walk around with MURDERER sewed onto their jackets/shirts. The Scarlet Letter’s Hester Prynne carried Adulterer for a much less serious offense.

Rather than write ad finitum re the many shortcomings of the bill, I set forth briefly some of the items that cause me concern. Grave concern.

  1. The bill provides a huge tax discount for the top 2 percent. to the detriment of those below them on the economic scale.
  2. At least 24 million who presently have coverage will lose it.
  3. Premiums will sky rocket at some point for most with pre-existing conditions. They will not be able to afford coverage.
  4. Fiscal conservatism does not mean people are permitted to die without care.
  5. The vote was taken without benefit of the report by the Congressional Budget Office.
  6. The bill is 1,800 pages. The members received it at 8 pm thursday. They voted around noon friday. They claim they read it. Bullshit!
  7. The Republican Party of today is not the Republican Party of Eisenhower. Nor Nixon. Conservatism has always been the by-line of Republicans. People valued above money, however. Today, the Party’s concerns have been politicized. The lives of citizens have become subservient to money.
  8. My outrage simply stated.
  9. Enjoy your day!

8 comments on “PEOPLE WILL DIE

  1. My outrage is that ACA was ever passed. Remember we have to pass this bill then we can read it. Remember the lies from our President.

    Did you read this bill ? I would rather doubt it.

    24 billion without care ? I highly doubt that, there aren’t that many in the world. There may be that many in the universe, but, not our little world.

    There still happen to be 14 million without health care under ACA. At least now people have say in their choice and can choose not to have care if they so wish.

    From what I see/hear cost will come down and quality of care will go up. I’m going to wait and see. I’m not about hysteria and speculation.

  2. America owes a large debt of gratitude to the Dems, without the foundation for National Health Care the Repubs would have gone on ignoring the need. It has never been a trait of the conservative party to give a damn about those who aren’t affluent or powerful. Hats off to President Obama and Clinton for getting this on the table.

  3. “From what I see/hear cost will come down and quality of care will go up. I’m going to wait and see. I’m not about hysteria and speculation.”

    Explain how costs come down and care quality goes up, exactly? What the Republicans did is let insurers cut policies coverage and add back caps and limits so care goes down and they can charge whatever suits them, especially if you are or get sick. Not a recipe for what you predict at all. I have dealt with health carriers pre-ACA and they are cold-hearted capitalists who couldn’t give a cent if you live or die or your child. Simply the truth. They just want your check to cash but when you cost them, they will dump you in the gutter. Now they can again, I’m sure they are patting their Republicans on the back.

    The Republicans simply don’t care about others, especially folks who can’t pay them big bucks to gain power. Some idiot Republican even said a pre-existing condition was a moral failing. WTF! And then they pretend to be so loving like Jesus Christ. BS!

    Now the insurance companies once again have all the power and we will all be screwed further, get crappy care and pay more.

    I hear the Republicans even want to tax employer-provided healthcare to get money to pay for their tax cut for the 1%. WTF again! I though they were a no tax party, so they would balance the perks of the rich on every hard-working stiff out there who just luckily got his employer to help on healthcare? Just mean, plan evil.

    And here is their final kick on our back, Congress exempted themselves and their families from their evil AHCA law. They have NO shame!

  4. Once again, I don’t don’t believe you’re saying to be true. ACA is a tax and a costly failure. Hopefully this will be ‘more better’. Congress exempted themselves from ACA also, what else would anyone have expected.

    Seems like I remember it was the Republicans that stopped slavery, were for civil rights and started the EPA.

    • Time will tell but as people stop having insurance, especially older, sicker people. We will know the truth.

  5. Not to worry. By the time you reach ‘old fogieiness’ healthcare will be so advanced and cheap you’ll be fine.

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