The past two months I have become increasingly fearful that war is inevitable. Apparently, I am not alone.

Yesterday’s USA Today’s front page lead was a major article by Rick Simpson: Global Rivalries Revive Fear of World War III. Sub-caption: Friction between the world’s nuclear powers has citizens terrified that the end is near.

World War III could really be the war to end all wars. Perhaps, the human race. The article reminds us of Einstein’s words to the effect that a World War III would be the real war to end all wars. And maybe the human race.

Einstein went on to observe that if there was a World War IV, it would be fought with sticks and stones.

Does Apocalypse await us?

I recall in 1965 when a nuclear war involving Russia was on our minds daily. I was at a meeting of some heavy community hitters where the possibility of a war was discussed.

The speaker was a prominent insurance executive. He started his talk with words which have stuck in my mind to this day: It is 11:30.

What he was saying was that it was a half hour before midnight. The end of the day. The end of the world? We were that close to a war with Russia.

The House has not yet voted today on the healthcare bill. The word is the Republicans have the necessary votes.

Absolutely amazing! They are going to vote on one of the most major pieces of legislation in the history of this country without ever seeing the proposed law. Just a two page summary. The proposed bill not written yet.

It is all in the details. No one has seen the details! Because no one at the moment knows what they will be!

Again, absolutely amazing!

Trump’s tax bill will probably be next. Another major screw job.

The bill has three major negatives. No deduction for state taxes, no deduction for property taxes, and no deduction for mortgage interest.

Those who supported Trump will be hurt the most. The uneducated blue collar workers who jumped the fence to support him. Especially voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Two days ago, my Facebook video show concerned opioids. The thrust, they kill! Ninety one Americans a day. An epidemic.

The drug dependency has left no State unscathed. Florida has a major problem.

Governor Scott announced he recognized the epidemic it has become for the people of Florida. He is arranging for the free up of $30 million in federal funds to help. My thought: Good! My question: Why did it take so long for him to apply? It could have been done several years ago.

One of Hemingway’s major works was The Old Man and the Sea. Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize on this day in 1953 for the work.

Jim Demint made it to the top of his world. He fell tuesday.

Demint initially was a State Senator in South Carolina. A hard line conservative. Elected to the United States Senate. Established himself as a leading voice of the far right. He was an active tea partier.

The Heritage Foundation a highly respected conservative think tank. They were searching for a new CEO. Demint their choice.

Demint and the Heritage Foundation did not blend. Demint too political, the Heritage Foundation wishing only to be a respected conservative think tank.

Demint was asked to resign this past week. The reason, “management issues.” Translated meaning he was taking the Foundation in the wrong direction.

Busy day ahead. A haircut at noon. Then picking up some goodies at the Farmers Market. Followed by lunch at the Cuban Coffee Queen. Tonight, bocce.

Enjoy your day!




One comment on “WAR??????????

  1. It seems I recall near nuclear war was on our minds during Oct. 1962. President Kennedy called Russia’s bluff.
    It has to be remembered that our country is the only country that has fired a nuclear device in anger. And, that was under order of President Truman.

    I seem to remember ACA as being 2700 pages.

    New York is also one of the states with a huge drug/opioid problem. I also seem to remember that the majority of these drugs come across the Mexican border.

    I’m waiting to see about the completed form of the tax program. I’m not going to speculate.

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