Eighty five years old and never heard the word parasitical before.

Came across it yesterday. Looked it up.

Parasitical applies to persons having the nature or habits of a parasite or leach. Its practical application in today’s society defines the term as a wealthy class parasitic living off the labor of the masses.

Parasitical persons are all over the place. Control politics, finances, etc. Just about everything. Politicians dance to their tune.

We are told every day in the media that coronavirus has been good for the wealthy. They have become wealthier as a result. At the same time as the poor have become poorer.

Coronavirus should be Trump’s number one consideration. It is not.

He has other problems of more concern to him.

One, his hair.

Trump has been complaining that water coming out of a shower head does not have sufficient force. The slower power makes it difficult for him to do his hair properly.

Several years ago, the Department of Energy had new rules adopted re force of water emitting from shower heads and faucets. Cut back on the amount of water coining through in order to reduce water use.

Trump said, “My hair – I don’t know about you, but it has to be perfect.”

The Department of Energy has come out with new regulations to increase water flow and therefore water force as regards shower heads.

The President is pleased.

Yesterday was a big one for coronavirus deaths in the U.S. The most in one day ever. Nearly 1,500.

Florida’s numbers are still off the wall. One reason is the refusal of certain public officials to understand the dangers that accompany the virus and what can be done to limit its number of infections.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis is one of the blind.

Another is Marion County Sheriff Billy Wood. Marion County encompasses the Ocala area.

Sheriff Wood’s department has a staff of 900.

He issued an order that face masks were not to be worn. No discretion on the officer’s part. The order a mandatory one.

The order was issued the day before the Sheriff’s county set a new record for most deaths in a single Florida county.

I do not understand. Ignorance? Stupidity! Sucking up to the Governor? What?

The Key West Citizen’s daily column Citizens’ Voice comes up with some gems. Comments are sent in by readers to express their opinions on various matters.

Two in this morning’s edition especially interesting.

First from a reader who appears as bright as Governor DeSantis and Sheriff Wood: “I have said since Day 1 of this pandemic knockdown mess that it is nothing more than a government experiment to see what it takes to control the people. Governments can create viruses in labs and pretend it is from something and say ‘we are doing this in your best interest’ as a form of control and bend the population. Those that don’t follow protocol will die and those that do will die and those that do will be further controlled.”

The other from a perceptive and humorous reader: “Strip clubs should be the last to reopen on Duval. Whoever heard of a socially distanced lap dance?”

Enough for today. A doctor visit awaits.

Enjoy your day!


23 comments on “PARASITICAL

  1. Lou… maybe you can address my legal question in an upcoming blog. Who better than Lou to comment. Here’s my question:

    If someone dies of COVID-19 and it can be shown that it was the willful negligence of Sheriff Billy Wood; then can he be arrested and prosecuted for that death? (A criminal prosecution.)

    In the same area… if a pastor of a local church opens the church and allows everyone in with no masks and grouped close together and someone dies as a result of that exposure, can the family sue the church and/or the pastor for that death? (A civil prosecution.)

    And finally, since my wife’s grandson (her’s because I’m not old enough) is being forced back in school today, if he brings COVID-19 back and gives it to her, can I sue the school, the school board/district, Gov Desantis and President Trump for any harm caused. (I know I can’t sue Trump when he is in office, but that is likely to end soon.)

    I’m not asking all this to make a point (even though it might.) Instead, I would really like to know what the liabilities are. Some understanding of the legal stuff might give us some insight into decisions being made. It’s my suspision that some decisions being made vis-a-vis schools, bars, churches, the Chart Room, etc. are liability driven.

    Kokomo Man

    • Shouldn’t they be?

      A similar question might be, are they being politically driven?

      …and which would be the more reprehensible?

  2. Two or three days ago, Trump claimed that the Carona Virus was just about gone and that we were just seeing only a few new cases here in America.

    Yesterday was reported the largest single day of Carona Deaths yet and that reporting on new cases by the CDC is now considered worthlessly lacking.

    And all Republicans want to talk about is Kamala is a mean and nasty woman!

    • I don’t care much about his hair. I do think it is however, very worrisome that he cares so much about his hair and not that much by a pandemic he still feels is aa overblown hoax.

  3. It’s a free country. If somebody chooses to enter a place where people are maskless, be it a church or a bar or a school, then the results are on them.

    • I’m mostly thinking about an establishment that opens despite the government (state, county, or local) telling them not to. Or… a school where the people (teachers, staff, children) are coerced into going by someone… I.E. Superintendant of schools.

      Yes, it’s a free country, but there is a sherrif that will arrest you if you wear a mask in the building. (I can’t believe I even wrote that. It is almost unbelievable, but it’s true.) So, can someone sue him, or put him in jail for willful neglance if someone dies because of him. (Talk about bad policing.)

      Kokomo Man

      • Yeah, Kokoman smart idea, let’s kill some teachers by way of sick children, who cares about them or the dead children?

        Let’s kill some nurses and som doctors too, maybe ambulance drivers.

        Let’s put everybody at risk because you have som misguided and WRONG idea about freedom?

        Can you tell us why you think mandating masks during an emergency is so bad? Who is harmed by doing so and who is harmed if you don’t?

        You can’t fix stupid and ignorant irresponsible people are stupid. Shoe fit?

        • A serious topic should bring serious comments, not knee-jerk accusations of stupidity. Kokomo Man is raising valid questions, particularly about legal liability. Hear him out.

          • No he is not. He is spewing crazy irresponsible and ignorant things HE maybe wants to be true, but reality proves are not the way things are or need to be .

            ..and to try and hide hide behind parsing legal liability is cheating and should not be accepted as serious.

            The ‘real’ serious issue is people are dying during a serious pandemic and we need to get serious about doing something about it. What is NOT serious is people trying to justify flaunting an opposition to get serious for their own not really serious or responsible reasons.

            • I think you got my point exactly.

              People are indeed dying. So my real and serious question is who, if anyone, can be held legally responsible.

              It’s really a quite simple question for which I don’t have an answer. I hope that Lou who spent his working life in the legal profession might have some input.

              Perhaps I was hoping too much that some of the intelligent folks here might shed some insight to my question.

              Kokomo Man

              • I am a lawyer and there is no good answer to your question, yet! In the same way there was no answer to a similar question like that about who do we sue, during the attacks on World Trade Center buildings, in NYC. But like that event, what kind of person would want to know that sort of thing while this buildings were falling and people dying? It’s something that is figured out way later, after the fact. First thing first is to secure the area and protect everyone from further damage and loss, at any cost. THEN clean up the mess.

              • I think all governments, local or national, have the right and duty to enact temporary safety measures during a crisis, to protect the people and property in the area effected. Sometimes those efforts might go overboard a little, but that is usually excused and forgiven if things turn out OK. When they don’t turn out OK, heads tend to roll.

                As far as who to sue, I think lawyers will tell you, that depends on who was harmed and / or who was negligent.

    • Folks, we are in a pandemic that is harming and killing people. More people already then that died in the atomic blasts in WW II, more people that died on D-Day, 4 times the people that died in all of the Viet Nam war. And you want to complain about the imposition of wearing a mask in public places?

      The idiocy of not understanding the problem is appalling and selfish, and when those to words are used together it means stupid.

      Get over your misplaced indignation and wear a mask in public places. This is not a free country for anything YOU want to complain about. If you want to argue about that fine, but first try walking into a grocery store with out clothes on and find out how free that is.

      And Public places should not be free zones anywhere, because getting the virus because someone in an area won’t wear a mask in NOT just on me, it’s on everyone including First Responders, doctors, undertakers and your favorite hooker, none of who deserve to get sick for your misguided sense of freedom. History will call you jerks. The rest of us know you for what you really are, selfish, irresponsible azzholes. Wear a Mask and lobby your leadership to do more to help to minimize the risk for everybody so we can get over this problem.

    • This is supposed to be a free country, we should have free access to Tic-Tok as we see fit. Since when does a president get to unilaterally declare what we the people can do or not do with our internet, without at least first declaring (and justifying) a national emergency.

      And you are worried about legal liability should someone die by covid in public places. I think the answer would be, “that’s up to Trump, not Lou.”

  4. Trump asked of America– “what do you have to lose”?
    Now we know, everything. With any luck in 81 days we have America back.

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