While coronavirus has been overwhelming us, dengue fever has quietly been on the rise in the Florida Keys. Dengue as dangerous as coronavirus. It also can kill.

A quick background re dengue.

Dengue is caused by the bite of the Aedes mosquito. The fever’s numbers dramatic. Three hundred ninety million cases a year world wide. Five hundred thousand hospitalized. Forty thousand die.

Dengue was eliminated from the U.S. several decades ago.

Prior to 2009, there had been no reports of dengue fever since 1934. An outbreak occurred in Key West in 2009-2010. In 2009, 22 were afflicted. In 2010, 66.

I cannot ascertain whether there have been any dengue cases since 2010, except for those that occurring now in 2020.

The dengue attack a recent one. In the last 2-3 months. All in the northern Keys. Primarily around Key Largo.

In the past 4 days, 16 new cases reported. Which brings the recent total to 42.

An epidemic in the making, if not already one.

Dengue is considered a tropical and sub-tropical virus. Its symptoms include high fever, headaches, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash.

At higher levels, the virus can cause blood problems.

The problem a global one. Frequent in 120 countries. Primarily, southeast Asia, south Asia, and South America.

A significant rise in cases worldwide occurred in 2019.

Dengue is regarded as the “neglected tropical disease.” The reason being it generally occurs in poorer countries who do not have sufficient funds to combat the problem.

Cost of prevention and ordinary treatment cheap. However the world for all intents and purposes has turned its back on the poorer nations when it comes to dengue fever.

Coronavirus is out of control in the U.S. Mainly because Trump failed to recognize the danger involved and continues to fail in providing necessary guidance and assistance to deal with the virus.

The U.S. is consider, or was considered till recently, the world leader in every respect. No more, especially as far as coronavirus is concerned.

New Zealand is a country that took the bull by the horns immediately and did the right thing. The people of New Zealand followed the instruction of the government. There were no I refuse to give up my freedom cries.

Prior to this week, New Zealand had eliminated coronavirus from its concerns. Again, the people had followed the rules. Stay at home, work from home, wear masks, social distancing, bars closed, restaurants only providing delivery service, etc.

This past week, a family living in Auckland came down with the virus. Four members in the family.

The 4 cases are the first new ones New Zealand has experienced in 3 1/2 months.

New Zealand is not waiting to see if anything further occurs. Immediately, the old rules went into effect. New Zealand basically shut down. The country refuses to go back where it was when the virus first struck.

Kamala Harris the Democratic Vice-President presumptive nominee.

All the ladies considered were Vice-Presidential material.

I assume Biden made the correct choice.

The only negative re Harris by my way of thinking was when she attacked Biden in one of the debates. She was vicious.

The Biden and Harris families wee close. Biden’s son Beau now dead and Harris were very good friends.

It was a cheap shot. There is a line drawn in everything. Regardless of what politics is, Harris stepped over the line in the manner she attacked Biden. I consider such a character issue. Biden says he has forgotten.

Politics does make for strange bedfellows. I can recall John Kennedy selecting Lyndon Johnson as his running mate.

Trump had much to say re Biden’s selection. He hit Harris with everything. False statements galore.

The best was when he said Harris was “mean.” The meanest man in the world calling another person “mean!”

On this day in 1939, The Wizard of Oz premiered in Oconomowoc (spelled correctly), Wisconsin. Judy Garland starred.

Love the music! Especially, “We’re Off To See The Wizard.” The opening words…..We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!

Great songs.

Forget not “Over the Rainbow.” Today ranked the most popular song ever.

There was severe competition for the role of Dorothy. Judy Garland and Shirley Temple.

Judy Garland made a statement many years later that had nothing to do with the Wizard movie. However said much about her life.

Garland had been in several movies before the Wizard. She said, “I was born at the age of 12 on an MGM lot.”

I mentioned yesterday the story of the 8 year old special needs student who was arrested in 2018. Disgraceful!

Additional information came to light this morning.

The lawyer for the boy in the civil suit is Ben Comp. He also represents the George Floyd family.

It took almost a year for the felony battery charge to be resolved. It should have been dropped immediately.

The prosecution/police permitted the charges to be dropped based on the child’s mother agreeing to have the child evaluated psychologically and undergo mental health counseling with a clinical psychologist.

Such bullshit! It is the way courts are run when a police officer is out of line and the judicial/police system wants to cover the cop’s ass.

Some William Hackley.

As we daily read his diary, it is difficult to remember the time is 1855. Today’s entry mentions Hackley walking to where Fort Zachary Taylor was being built. He describes the progress up to that point.

The baby mentioned: “The babe not very well.”

I continue to worry about the baby. I wish Hackley would write whether it was a boy or girl and tell us the baby’s name..

Enjoy your day!








    • Serge/Sandy or what ever hes name is today, is trying to be clever in a lame attempt to troll about Biden being too old to be president. Serge/Sandy thinks that Lou and Lou’s readers are to dumb to know that Biden and Trump are the same age, but unlike trump seems to be in better health, is able to walk down ramps on his own, doesn’t slur his speeches and shows no signs of senility.

      • Not quite what I was thinking, but close. Trump is already the oldest person ever to hold the office, and would be 78 at the end of the term. Biden would be 84. I don’t know enough about their current health to comment like you can. But there’s a chance that neither Biden nor Trump will finish the four-year term. Therefore, the REAL candidates in November will be the VP match-up. That’s all I’m sayin’. I didn’t mean to get your thong in a bunch.

        • No Serge, you just wanted to take up a little more space with incorrect and misleading statement (actual lie) to make a political talking point.

          Joe Biden is just 2-1/2 years older than Trump NOT six years as you say. They’re nearly the same age, unless you are talking FOX News years.

          The difference is not nearly as wide as you exaggerated for effect.

          Furthermore you neglected to point out that Kamala would make a better president than either Trump or Pence should that be the case

          • Sorry. Typo. Biden would be 82, not 84. But you are missing my point, which is they are both elderly males and subject to all the ailments that seniors must deal with. Again, it is quite possible that neither of them will finish a four year term. Therefore, the VP candidates are especially important this year. That’s just my comment. Not an endorsement, not a slam against any candidate, and not a criticism of the elderly. Just a comment. Gawd, some people are just wound too tight, ya know?

            • Serge or Sandy or whoever you want to be this post – Who are you trying to kid, snowflake?

              “Just a comment,” or sorry a “typo,” my azz. You don’t make just comments on Lou’s blog, you troll with intentional statements meant to make a point and start fights.

              This bid about Biden’s incorrect age is a perfect example and comes on Lou’s blog when t seems it is just about the number one right wing wacko’s official talking point.

              • Incorrect use of a hyphen
                Two sentences run together
                Misplaced comma following a quote
                Misspelled words
                Missing comma to delineate thoughts
                Last sentence is completely ambiguous

                Overall grade D+
                Please try to do better in the future.

                  • That would be a Patrick kind of azzhole. He used to do that all the time, especially when he got caught lying about something. Sandy Feet did that too when he started posting under that name, stopped himself after a few shaming responses.

                    • Y’all really need to get a grip. Maybe a hobby? I’ve heard that stamp collecting can be very relaxing.

                    • Serge – you should stop posting nonsense and lies on other people’s blogs. Better yet you should stop posting all together. I also don’t think you should be giving other people advice, especially you!

        • Ronald Reagan was about the same age as Trump, although not nearly as childish. They are both too old and both show it, frankly Trump seems far more fragile, don’t you think? Can’t even walk down a ramp, etc., etc., without help.

    • Who in their right mind would try and draw attention to Trump’s age and feeble condition by slamming Kamala Harris?

  1. As the Republicans are spending a lot of effort with trying to remind us that Joe Biden who is basically the same age as Trump, yet in much better health, the Wall Street Journal is reminding us that since Trump changed how hospital data is reported, the public release of this data “has slowed to a crawl,”

    Why is it that the President of the United States has nothing better to do than to meddle with how hospital data gets to be reported in the first place? No wonder China is beating our a*s on just about everything.

    • I thought so too, it was a very clazzy way of saying bygones should be bygones and that it was time to move on and actually make America great again. Had that been Trump, he would have reminded her that she was nasty and stupid and that he hadn’t forgotten the time she called him out and that she really has small tits.

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