Paraphrasing Matthew 21:16…..From the mouths of babes comes truth.

This video a perfect example of a child speaking truth. Her Words: “You’re a disgrace to the world.”

Short. Ten seconds.

There may be another video involving black men attached. I was unable to separate the two. Disregard if it appears.

Some comments by those who viewed the Trump/little girl video: “She is the real deal. / The light of the world. / She’s our future. / I will follow her into hell.”

One for Trump! This is fake news.

It was part of a comedy show. An actor played Trump.

The video appeared initially early in May 2017. It was a clip from the show “The President Show.” Within a very short period, 250,000 had viewed it.

It was debunked immediately by the show’s producer, the actor playing Trump, Buzz Feed, and Huffington Post.

The video is back on the internet.

Though the substance of the video may be correct, the video itself is a phony. The President is entitled to have the world know it was not him.

A new lie was given birth yesterday. One concerning Kamala Harris. Similar to the one Trump used on Obama years ago. The lie: Harris is not a natural born citizen. Ergo, she does not meet Constitutional requirements to serve as Vice-President or President.

The birther lie all over again.

Harris’ parents were immigrants. However, she was born in the U.S.

There is no issue, except for Trump trying to use the argument as he did against Obama. It was a lie then, it is a lie now.

Trump is one bad guy. He is destroying the USPS in hopes of saving himself.

Trump has to recognize he is behind at the moment. Fear has to be setting in.

Therein lies the reason he is attacking mail in ballots and is in effect demobilizing the Post Office.

Pure manipulation.

The stimulus package has $25 billion allocated to prepare the Post Office for the unusual number of mail in ballots expected. Trump wants to kill the mail ins. It is assumed they will be primarily from Democratic voters. He wants to screw the system up so many of the ballots will not qualify.

The funny part of all this is that it is not the Democrats who initially recommended the $25 billion. The request first came from the Post Office’s Board of Governors. All Republican appointees.

Trump’s screwing around with the election system is obviously dangerous. A significant threat to democracy.

Today a major anniversary in U.S. history. On this day in 1945, Japan unconditionally surrendered.

I clearly remember the day. As I did V-E day earlier. I was 10 years old. My father took me with him everywhere both days. Celebrations galore. People dancing in the streets. A lot of hugging and kissing. A lot of crying. Everyone exuding happiness.

Today bears another significance. August 14, 1936. Date of the last public hanging in America.

The event took place in Owensboro, Kentucky.

A day of partying. Referred to as a “Carnival of Sadism.”

Rainey Bethea was a 22 year old black man. He murdered, raped and robbed 70 year old Lischia Edwards. A white woman. He strangled her.

Bethea confessed.

A problem arose. The community was aroused. They wanted to actually see justice done. They insisted on a public hanging.

Kentucky law at the time mandated that execution for murder and robbery had to be held at a state penitentiary.

The public would be denied its pound of flesh were the execution so conducted.

The Sheriff was a white woman. Her husband was Sheriff. He had died 3 months earlier and his wife was appointed to complete his term.

Bethea’s trial a public spectacle also. Reporters came from every part of the country.

The prosecution opted to try Bethea only for the rape. Such permitted a public execution.

The trial was not needed. Bethea had already confessed to all 3 of the crimes charged. Never the less, he was tried before a jury. No testimony was taken. The jury had only one issue to decide. Whether Bethea receive a 10-20 year sentence or execution.

It took the all white jury 5 minutes to return the verdict. Execution.

The Sheriff was a mother of 4. It was her responsibility as Sheriff to “spring the trap.” The thought repelled her. She refused to do so.

Arthur Ash was a retired police officer. He was hired to pull the lever

The crowd assembled for the event was 10,000-20,000.

Phil Hanna was hired to oversee the event. He was the one who put the noose around Bethea’s neck.  It was Ash’s responsibility to “pull the lever.”

When Hanna signaled Ash to pull the lever, nothing happened. Ash was drunk and failed to notice. Hannah had to yell “Do It Now!” to get Ash’s attention. The lever was then pulled.

The crowd cheered. They enjoyed seeing Bethea die.

Two years later, Kentucky abolished all public executions.

Cocktails at 7 tonight.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Donald Trump’s opposition to mail-in ballots is not going to have much effect on the USPS, at least not this year. During FY2019 the post office delivered 142.5 billion pieces of mail with an operating budget of $71.1B. They lost money, as they have every year since 2006, but a few million mailed ballots is not going to bring them to their knees.

    The $25B Loan authorization that Lou refers to is included in the $3.1B House approved Relief bill. But there is no provision for the USPS in the proposed Senate relief bill. The post office will definitely run out of money eventually if not propped up by Congress.

    • Geese JG, have you even been reading/listening to the news at all?

      Just about everything you have covered has been covered in depth elsewhere and is in total conflict with what you say.

      Even the President disputes your very strange post.

      • The USPS delivers 150.6 million pieces of first clazz mail every day. Most of it accurately and within a reasonable time frame. Trump would have you believe that the post office can’t handle a “surge” of a million or so per day leading up to November 4th because he opposes mail-in voting. Of course they can handle it.

        The USPS is warning about a surge for a different reason. They really need that $25B currently hanging in jeopardy in Congress.

        So give them the money, or don’t. Encourage mail-in voting, or don’t. With 80 days left before the election, does anyone actually believe that anything will change by then?

        • Geese John, you are such the complete gaslighter, we don’t need to deal with Russian disinformation bots.

          Got an excuse for trump already having hired teams of lawyers in all the key states to contest the vote?

          who need Krauthammer anymore anyhow, eh JG?

  2. Saw on TV that, as a cost savings measure, the PO will be reducing the number of automatic mail sorting machines in use. I guess they won’t be able to handle all of those pesky mail-in ballots after all. Trump will probably spring for a bunch of shredders.

  3. Trump is obviously sidling into a kingship, a scenario many would welcome such as the nazis, the kkk, the NRA membership, and various far right militias.

  4. Trump is pushing for herd humidity which is why he wants to force people to vote on site, in person, so that more will be infected and hasten it’s establishment.

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