Better late than never. Blog late. Sorry. Something arose that had to be dealt with. Pushing 2 in the afternoon as I begin.

Tomorrow will tell if Kavanaugh has made it to the Supreme  Court. The final vote.

Today, the Senate voted to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination Under Senate rules, the actual vote cannot take place for 30 hours.

It appears the matter will be settled by one vote. Two votes against required to defeat Kavanaugh’s nomination. Murkowski has advised she will be voting against. That leaves two additional no votes. Collins and Manchin.

Does either have the courage?

Chart Room last night. John, Steve and Cindy. Good conversation. Some dwelled on David Wolkowsky. Steve and Cindy lived in Key West in the 1970’s and observed Wolkowsky’s activities first hand. They also knew him. Cindy for many years was secretary to Jimmy Buffett. Wolkowsky and Buffet were partners in various business ventures.

My bedroom TV down again. This time for good. I cannot blame Comcast. The set is shot. Need to buy a new one.

The weather seems to be adjusting itself. Temperature down from 90 to 80. Last night cool. Weatherman predicts tonight will be clear and breezy. His heart tells us…..Stars on the water.

My dear friends Tom and Fran Dixon in Santorini. Envy them! One of the most beautiful places in the world. They sent me a photo of themselves. The look of happy honeymooners.

Tomorrow at 12:20 Syracuse/Pitt. Syracuse a 3 point favorite. I believe Syracuse will win by more than 20 points.

The International Monetary Fund is concerned the world economy might be at risk of another financial crisis. It reports debt is above the 2008 level. That and the fact that the banking system has failed to reform itself makes the Fund uncomfortable.

There are suspicions J. P. Morgan might be the Lehman Brothers of 2008. Several reasons. China’s debt is growing too rapidly. It is becoming volatile. Regulators are complacent. Finally, breaking of international agreements, especially by the Trump administration.

The talk is of a Great Depression.

Getting back to Kavanaugh and the Senate vote, it comes down to a battle between good and bad. From my perspective, Kavanaugh brings disrespect to the Court and could be the seed for a slow but deadly erosion beginning first with respect followed by decisions contrary to the public good.

The authoress Becca Fitzpatrick wrote: “Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can.”

I hope she is correct.

Authoress Mackenzie Herbert wrote: “Bad things happen to good people. Rain always falls on the people who deserve nothing less than the sun.”

Happening to the women of the U.S. at the moment.

Enjoy your day!





8 comments on “ONE VOTE

    • Probably true, but would that be true of ALL the other Republicans who are also voting yes? May all of them pay the price of this terrible sham!

    • Well, considering the sham is appointing the wrong person by deceptive and strong arm tactics, no, partisan politics falls on the Republicans. Nearly all judicial watch dog organizations and a former SC justice say this is wrong, yet Republicans are doing it anyhow and with such haste you’d think they are hiding something else.

  1. If not Kavanaugh it would be Amy Barrett. Personally she would be a better judge, she is more conservative. If Kavanaugh is not voted in it would end up fine, [he will be]. Democrats were only trying to hold off the vote until after election.

  2. Amy Barrett MIGHT be a better choice (and Judge), asuming she is PROPERLY vetted and found OK. And no, Kavanaugh will NOT end up being “fine.” His actions during this process (especially the witness tampering) will haunt him forever and rightfully so. Democrats we NOT just trying to hold off the vote until after the election, they were trying to block an unfit person from gaining a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

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