Dueling Bartenders crowded last night. Locals and snowbirds packed Aqua. The reason…..Vicki Roush.

Vicki a popular entertainer and person when she lived in Key West. Moved away several years ago. Now resides in Orlando. In Key West visiting.

Vicki was described in her Key West days as Key West’s favorite Diva. Understandable. A glowing voice emanating from a warm personality.

Many friends. Lynda and Bob Frechette, Jean Thornton, Laurie Thibaud, Jean Thornton, Sheila, Randy Roberts, Joseph, Linda, and Mary among others.

Steve and Stacy stopped by to say hello. We had met last year at the Chart Room. Interesting people. Live in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Their 12th trip to Key West.

Love Key West!

Two children. A 22 year old daughter now a school teacher. A 19 year old son in college.

Steve has worked 28 years for General Electric. An information specialist. Stacy’s life good. Yesterday in nature. A home maker.

Kept herself busy outside the home with civic involvements.

Importantly, they read this blog every day. Thank you!

I look forward to seeing them again next year.

Then to La Trattoria for dinner with Mary. 

Dink seated at the end of the bar by the window. His spot.

Josefina enjoying dinner on the other side of the bar. Liz’s good friend. We chatted a while.

Tonight, Syracuse/Buffalo at 8.

Buffalo undefeated. Ranked 8th or 14th. Syracuse no longer ranked. Did not get one point in this week’s balloting. Understandable. Old Dominion beat the hell out of Syracuse. 

For whatever reason, Syracuse is a slight favorite. We shall see.

I will be able to watch the first half. Then to my podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou at 9. Great show tonight! Much has occurred this past week for me to bellow at.

Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy the half hour.

I read this morning that in some parts of the country gasoline is less than $2 a gallon. Not in Key West! We are down to $2.89 a gallon.

The drop dramatic. Came swiftly. Expected to spread across the country.

Hope so. The good guys deserve a break!

Yesterday, I wrote re the imprinting on the arms of migrant parents and children at the border. Numbers. Like in Hitler’s concentration camps.

I also condemned Stephen Miller. Compared him to Joseph Goebbels.

Comments to the blog amazing! I read in excess of 150 this morning. Not all to my site alone. Out of the number, all agreed with me except 3. 

America is waking up!

The older one gets, the more he sees. The more he experiences. He begins to think he knows everything. Only because he has lived through much.

I have been predicting for over a year that a recession would occur at the end of this year or early in the new year.

It appears I may be correct.

The stock market dropped 508 points yesterday. World wide markets affected. A global depression is on the way. My time table I am sorry to say may be right.

Yesterday’s news makes one sit back and think. It was reported that without question Russia had interfered in the 2016 election. By use of the social media. Skillfully done. Impressive. Unquestionably, a new form of warfare.

The purpose initially was to elect Trump President. That accomplished, Russia now is working to destroy Robert Mueller.

The President continues to say he believes Putin’s denials. Republican legislators say nothing.

Retaliation is in order. Demanded! Russia alone does not have all the computer genius’s in the world. 

Robots continue to take jobs from the human work force. Quicker and cheaper. Understandable. However every time a robot goes to work, several humans lose their jobs.

Working conditions differ for robots and humans. What is going on at Amazon a perfect example.

Amazon has a large warehouse on Staten Island. A fulfillment center.

No air conditioning. The humans claim working conditions inhuman. They can’t handle the lack of air conditioning.

Amazon refuses to add air conditioning to the warehouse. Claim robots cannot function optimally in the cold.

So Amazon’s human employees will continue to suffer. Though not for long. Eventually most if not all will lose their jobs to robots. 

Such is the plan. Such is the way it will be in most industries/businesses.

Instead of worrying about a wall no one deems feasible, our government should spend time working on plans as to how to retrain the working force that will be displaced by robots.

Enjoy your day!


  1. To be fair Lou, I really think there was actually only one person who did not agree with you post yesterday about those immigrant problems, the same old guy who has always been a contrary pest for the past several years. He may post under different names but everybody know it’s just him. Cheer up America IS waking up!

  2. So, it’s now pretty clear that the Trump campaign worked with the Russians (a foreign entity) for the purpose to influence our presidential election, and there’s practically zero chance the candidate, now president, didn’t know about it and was highly involved. Flynn’s conviction leaves little doubt to that and that his efforts were to “aid and comfort the enemy” by agreeing to reduce sanctions, which is the very definition of treason in the Constitution. So if Donald Trump is a treasonous TRATOR, what does that say about those who support and apologize for him, or just look the other way and do nothing? Are they not not traitors too? Can or should we not do something about them? These ordinary people are now betraying the constitution, these ordinary people can now only be called traitors and unAmerican.

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