Success takes time. It does not come overnight. It must be earned via hard work.

Mel Fisher was diligent. Lived in Key West while searching for the Atocha. A treasure laden Spanish galleon that went down in a hurricane in 1622.

Fisher’s attitude positive. He was confident he would find the Atocha. Each day as he left the dock in Key West, he would say to his men: “Today’s the day.”

It finally arrived on July 20, 1985. Sixteen years after Fisher’s search began.The mother lode. Valued at $450 million. Making up a portion of that amount was 40 tons of gold and silver.

His life changed. His family’s life changed. Obviously for the better.

Today marks the anniversary of Fisher’s death. He died this day in 1998.

Fisher as popular and well known today as when he struck riches in 1985.

The Syracuse/Buffalo game conflicted with my podcast last night. The game started at 8. My show, 9. Stopped watching the game for a half hour. Then hurried back to the TV set.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou went well. Love doing the show. My numbers increase weekly for which I am grateful. I beat the hell out of Russia and Trump. Deservedly so.

I was not happy with the outcome of the Syracuse/Buffalo game. Syracuse lost 71-59. Buffalo continues undefeated. The school has come a long way following its decision to be a big time college basketball team some 15 years ago. Buffalo’s improvement has been especially outstanding the past 3 years.

Syracuse was up by 4 at half. Lost because Buffalo outscored my beloved Syracuse by 16 points in the second half.

The game was tied with 7 minutes to go. Then it was Buffalo all the way out!

Buffalo now 12-0. A top 10 team. Syracuse, 7-4. Unranked. 

Buffalo definitely superior to Syracuse last night.

Syracuse for the second game in a row failed to make foul shots.

Terri White in a major performance the last 4 days of the year. December 27-31 she will be doing a Fringe Theater solo performance. At the Little Room Jazz Club. On Broadway! As only Terri can do it based on her many years on Broadway.

Show time 7 pm.

Opening night December 27 already sold out.

I watched on TV during the day every moment of the Michael Flynn court appearance. Drama at its finest.

I have considered Michael Flynn a fink. Slime might be a better description.

Smart, however. He cooperated with the Mueller team from day one.

He had lied to the FBI about 2 significant matters. His talks with the Russian ambassador during the transition. Then his having been retained by Turkey to take care of some matters in the U.S.

The Turkey situation occurred while Flynn was the National Security Adviser with an office in the White House. Steps from Trump’s office.

Flynn had been paid $600,000 for whatever he was to do for Turkey.

Because Flynn agreed to cooperate early and apparently had much to tell Mueller, he was to receive a break sentence wise. One to six months. Actually, both prosecution and defense recommended no jail time.

One problem. Flynn ran into a tough federal judge who was not to be bullshitted. Judge Sullivan. He was all over Flynn from the moment the proceeding began yesterday. He told Flynn “You sold out your country.” Pointing to the American flag behind him when he spoke those words. He also questioned whether treason might have been involved.

The Judge suggested Flynn not plead yesterday as he was not sure if Flynn should do time. Indirectly suggesting that if Flynn were sentenced yesterday, he would be off to jail. Ergo, the matte was adjourned 90 days for whatever to occur. Whatever meaning Flynn has to do more cooperation wise to deserve a sentence shorter than 6 months.

Sullivan did not pussy foot around. A tough guy. His name is Irish, his ethnicity Mexican.

I wonder how the Mexican aspect will fly with Trump.

People enjoy telling lawyer jokes. None flattering. Lawyers enjoy telling judge jokes. Not flattering either.

The following is not intended to apply to Judge Sullivan.

The Judge: “Counsel if what you say is true, I will have to throw out all my legal books.”

The lawyer: “Judge, why don’t you try reading them first.”

People falling off cruise ships in voigue. Four fell and lost on Caribbean cruises in recent months.

One near the Keys. Thirty five miles south of Islamorada. Carnival’s Victory.

Friday, 26 year old passenger Thomas McElhory fell over board. Coast Guard searched diligently through yesterday when the search was called off.  McElhoury not found. 

I close with impeachment. It’s in the air. Talk of Trump’s possible impeachment.

The last Presidential impeachment was of Bill Clinton. The Monica Lewinsky affair.

On this day in 1998, Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives. Two charges. Lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice.

Clinton was acquitted by the Senate. The vote was not even close.

An interesting point all should be aware of. The Lewinsky matter did not come up until Kenneth Starr was into the 18th month of his investigation.

Negates Giuliani’s argument that Trump can only be investigated for that which occurred up to the day of election and only involving Russia. Nothing thereafter. And nothing having to do with anything else that occurred before or after election day which did not involve Russia.

I sometimes wonder what law school Giuliani attended.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Love your “man about town” wanderings, especially the more quirky out of the way oddities most of us would never the otherwise know about.

  2. “I sometimes wonder what law school Giuliani attended”

    Clearly the rules governing conduct and ethics for those in the legal profession need the slack removed. That too is true for public officials and the office of the President since the honor system has been eroded by Trump and his administration.

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