A few years ago, it became politically incorrect to compare a person’s actions to those of Hitler. I am not certain whether this occurred before or after Trump’s election.

The time has come to call things what they are. To refer to and compare them to past happenings. Especially as they may relate to Hitler.

Yesterday, migrant parents and children in Mexico waiting admission to the U.S. began having numbers imprinted on their arms. By agreement of the U.S. and Mexico. 

As Hitler did with the Jews in the concentration camps.

What next? How far will history repeat itself? In what fashion?

Then there is Stephen Miller. A White House adviser to the President. Actually, Trump’s chief writer. Better described as a propagandist. 

Miller reminds me of Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels. Even looks like him. Thin faced with hair combed straight back.

Miller has been a behind the scenes guy in the Trump administration. Unseen, rarely heard. Exercising however great influence on the President.

A hard line opponent of immigration.

Yesterday was an unusual one for Miller. He exposed himself to the world. Appeared on most of the Sunday talk shows. He was vehement that the wall had to be built! His sense was one of Armageddon if not.

America is waking up. The damage Trump has done in two years becoming obvious. Can the U.S. stand another 2 years? 

I worry. I am concerned.

The story of the 7 year old girl who died of sepsis. Her death would never have been. If U.S. asylum laws were followed.

Asylum seekers are permitted to reach a border office on U.S. soil. Application is made for asylum. They are then given a court date and released. Into the U.S.

Trump is playing by a different set of rules. The migrants are not permitted on U.S. soil. They are left on Mexican soil. Asylum requests made on Mexican soil. And there the migrants sit till a judgement can be made. 

The time factor could be forever.

Thousands of people pushed into gross unsanitary areas waiting and waiting and waiting.

No wonder this 7 year old was infected by E.coli which lead to sepsis and his death. E.coli is caused by ingestion in some fashion of human or animal defecation.

The end result was this 7 year old ended up with shit in her blood which lead to a swift and painful death. Immediate treatment required to avoid death.

I know. I had the problem. A prostrate test resulted in shit going through my colon wall via punctures made to get at my prostrate. The punctures permitted the shit entry. Antibiotics taken for 2 days prior to the test were insufficient in my case to avert the problem

Symptoms are many. Mine were a freezing cold from my waste to my toes and an inability to urinate. Came on me like that. I was smart enough to call my doctor.

The recovery required 7 days of hospitalization. The first 4 horrible. I actually thought I was going to die.

Think of what this 7 year old must have gone through.

Last night began with the Back Door. Wanted to visit with Laurie Thibaud.

Laurie started a radio show this past week. I am going to do a guest appearance thursday from 4-5. Should be fun.

Station 105.7. Laurie calls the show Drive at 5. Join us.

Sunday is generally Hot Dog Church at Back Door. A lesbian gathering. The ladies bring food.

Men are permitted on an invitation basis only. I am allowed because of my lesbian wives Terri and Donna.

A lucky man am I!

Hot Dog Church will be reopening this coming sunday at 4 at the Back Door.

Laurie Thibaud is in charge of the event.

This morning’s edition of KONK Life E-Blast ran a picture of the Gato Cigar Factory following a devastating fire on December 17, 1915. Burned to the ground! Five adjoining houses also.

The building loss $150,000. Construction cheaper back then. Five hundred men thrown out of work.

Another significant step back in history. December 17, 1903. Man flew for the first time.

Orville and Wilbur Wright. The plane a self-propelled heavier than air aircraft. Flew 12 seconds. Covered 120 feet.

Man has come a long way since that day. Think about it. Man already has flown to and walked on the moon. Soon, Mars.

I recall thinking after World War II the same thing. I was amazed at that time how far man had come with flying in less than 50 years.

Man’s genius will always amaze.

Dueling Bartenders at Aqua tonight.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Politically incorrect or not there is NO denying Trump, Bannon and Miller have employed very Hitler like tactics to their agenda. It is disgusting to watch but ultimately, they will fail …America IS better than that. I think Miller is crazier that the other two…but not by much.

  2. The danger and the shame about Trump’s Hitler like behavior is not so much about him, but about those who support him and without who he would have no real power. Thump is a freak and a criminal with bad intent, but if the people you meet from around the country at the Chart room, or any other watering whole, not just in Key West, didn’t enable him, he would not be a threat to to this country, to the world or to mankind. That’s were the true danger and worry should be focused. Shame on them and may they be damned!

  3. Wow. All I can say to those who compare Trump to Hitler, is that you all need to be locked in a room and forced to watch videos and read books about the actual Hitler.

    Comparing Trump to Hitler, minimizes what a monster Hitler was. In what universe do you think Trump would even come close to doing the things Hitler did? We have a free press, almost entirely negative against Trump and focused on him night and day. We have a voting process, every four years, that either will or won’t re-elect Trump. We have ongoing legal actions against Trump, hitting him from all sides, distracting his agenda.

    You all sound like children. Grow up.

    • I agree, we shouldn’t be worried about those who kneel at the national anthem, we should be worried about those who complain about it, yet support the freak in the Whitehouse. They are the ones we should scorn.

    • YOU are one the people we should scorn for your obvious unwillingness to see what’s going on around you. We only still have a free press in spite of Trump. It would not and may not be free if he is allowed to suppress it as he has repeatedly said he wishes. We have a voting process in deep trouble with verifiable corruption and significant suppression almost all traceable to our current Republican administrations. Trump is indeed being attacked on all sides and for good reasons – wrong doing based on facts and evidence. The call for undeserved sympathy is the true distraction and the reason for Lou and many others sounding the alarm.

      We are not children, we are the adults in the room who do not want to go through the Nuremberg trials again. It is your ignorance and nonsense that got is in this trouble to begin with. Repent or spend the rest of your life trying to convince the rest of us that you weren’t part of the trouble and needn’t be ignored like the village idiot you seem to be.

    • So just yesterday we have the freakin’ president of the United States tweeting (yes tweeting) that NBC should be investigated and prosecuted because one of it’s programs (SNL) ran an illegal skit unfavorable to him.

      And you are suggesting others are distracting his agenda? Dude, wake up – he has no agenda!

  4. Lou, I have been unable to find anywhere that these numbers are the direct result of any US or Mexican government actions.

    CNN reports according to the Red Cross, these numbers may have been put on voluntary by the immigrants themself to prove their place in line.

    Please FACT CHECK . You are smarter and more responsible than fanning the flames of hate with Incorrect Hitler refererences.

    From CNN: The video garnered more than a million views and outraged comments, many directed at the Trump administration. But officials on both sides of the border said the US and Mexican governments are not responsible for the numbers.

    It’s hard to track down the origin of the system, but it appears to have been created as an unofficial waitlist. Gabriel Reyes with the Mexican Red Cross in Juarez told CNN that the system was created a few weeks ago to get migrants off the bridge and into shelters, and that migrants themselves wrote the numbers on their arms as a way to prove their place in line for processing.

    • Well, fact checkers are reporting that people ARE showing up with numbers on their arms. And the Red Cross reported it as such! That alone is ominous enough and definitely important enough to report. Don’t be blaming the victims, again!

  5. I remember when reporting that children were being separated from their parents was said to be fake news too. Lou isn’t fanning any hate news, he’s repeating what has been legitimate reporting.

  6. Children were being separated under the Obama administration also, but I guess the left didn’t care about that then,

    And yes it does matter why how and who is responsible the arm numbers!
    Who was blaming the victims? I certainly was not.

    Blame Trump when it’s his fault, but get the FACTS correct. Lou started the numbers were and I quote

    “By agreement of the US and Mexico”

    That is FAKE news

    • Your claims that the Obama administration was also separating children from their parents is not only false, but a cheap attempt to change the subject and make what the Trump administration is doing somehow “not so bad.”

      Virtually every fact checking and responsible organization has called those claims as misleading or just plain wrong. Get your hate straight before you open your mouth.

  7. Yes, that is Fake News. Lou recounted exactly what was reported by responsible people which has NOT been refuted. More importantly it is You who WAS/IS blaming the victims, even if you are not smart enough to realize what you are doing. During the build up to WW II the Jews in Germany were regularly accused of contributing to their own predicament.

  8. None of this doom and Hitler-like stuff is going to happen. In two years (or six years), Trump will be gone and you all will just move on to hating the next Republican and describing him as Stalin or some other monster that you all are seriously history-deprived about.

    Calm down.

      • Totally agree, we can’t calm down or the worst will come to bear. Patrick has always been wrong before but we can’t count on that and must put a stop to this. Calming down serves no purpose other than falling into the Russian trap he wants us to. Calming down is giving in. You and Trump want us to be afraid of immigrants or black people kneeling at football games, but not be afraid when he calls for treasonous cooperation with our known enemies and calming down when he lies to our faces about important issues, or calming down when he insults our neighbors or friends or calming down when he calls for locking up his political enemies. F you Patrick you Trump apologizing suckwit!

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