On the mend. I think.

Home basically lying down all day yesterday. Awake off and on through the night. Did not want to miss a pill!

I am about 30 percent better. Still have pain, but nowhere what it was. When asked in hospital pain on 1-10. I said, 10 plus!

The pain pill is terrific! Love it! Within 10 minutes, I am in la la land. Reminded me of my daughter Lori when she gave birth to her son. She was suffering in labor as women do. Got an epidural. Oh, this is wonderful repeatedly came out of her mouth afterwards.

I am on antibiotics for 10 days. Pain killer as needed. I skipped a pain pill during the night. Intentionally. A mistake. Will stay on the every four hour routine today.

I consume a lot of fruit on a daily basis. Strawberries and blueberries every day. I suspect the seeds may have contributed to my condition.

It is stay at home time for a few days. Think I am able to do a bit of research. What, I do not know as yet.

Sorry that my life will be boring for a few days. Nothing to report, except how I am handling and what I am doing with home confinement.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “ON THE MEND

  1. Louis

    Fran and I wish you well.. I have been there and now have very little of my intestines left…

    See you in August.


  2. Prayers and positive vibes sent your way from Texas! Looking forward to seeing you this summer upon our return to Cayo Hueso. Dinner at our place this time for sure; should have a working kitchen where we’re staying!

    Wishing good health upon you and yours…

    Billy and Cindy

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