1. Diverticulitis is a pain in more ways than one as anyone with it knows. Oatmeal on a regular basis has cured it for me.

      • I was told for years there was no cure and told to stay away from certain foods, such as anything with seeds.
        I don’t know if you know what the disease consists of, but, its basically infected pockets within the intestine.
        I started eating oatmeal to reduce my cholesterol rather than take a statin. After a couple months I realized I had not had any diverticulitis problems. The high fiber, such as in oatmeal, scrubs those pockets clean and allows them to heal.
        Much of what is said or written for decades about this problem has been proven false recently. America seems to have the highest rate of this disease because of our normal diet lacking coarse fiber.
        I can now eat anything I want without issue as long I keep up with the oatmeal on a regular basis.[ from every day to now about twice a week]. Have I mentioned that I absolutely hate oatmeal. There just ain’t nothing that can make that stuff edible as far as I’m concerned.
        Sorry to be so long winded, but, I know how painful this is.

  2. Ouch, I feel your pain. I had some problems due to diverticulitis acouple years ago and it sucked! Some say you shouldn’t eat nuts but my doctor recommended almonds due to the high amount of fiber in it. There were a bunch of other changes to my diet i had to make as well. I put together a list of foods and remedies that helped me during that time. Feel free to check it out here Hope your feeling better soon!

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