There is a Key West tradition known as the Duval Crawl. You start drinking at one end of Duval, continue to the other end, stopping at as many bars as you can on the way.

I have never done the Duval Crawl. One reason is I could never drink that much. The other is I do not drink beer. Can you imagine me stopping at 10 or more bars and having a gin at each one?

I was invited yesterday afternoon to join two lady friends for a Duval Crawl. It was 2 pm. They were at La Te Da. La Te Da is located at the Atlantic end of Duval. I declined.

I received a call from them this morning. They had a wonderful time! Ended up at the outdoor Cuban restaurant at Mallory Square dancing. Following which they attended the sunset. The sunset is at the Gulf end of Duval. Their Duval Crawl lasted all of 4.5 hours. Not bad. They both felt good. This morning, not even a little hangover between them.

I intended to be up early yesterday morning. Number one on my agenda was grocery shopping. The cupboard was beyond bare.

I did not make it. I got engrossed in the Sunday talk shows and stayed in bed till one in the afternoon.

My first stop early afternoon was the Plantation Coffee House. I enjoy reading newspapers. Sundays are the best time because there is so much of them. I sipped coffee and read for more than an hour.

At that point, it was Publix time.

The worst time to grocery shop is sunday afternoon at Publix. It is the high traffic time. The aisles are crowded with carts and stockers. Most of the cart drivers do not know what they are doing. They would never pass a cart driving test. They go in every direction and park their carts in the worst places. The stockers are a similar pain. Why Publix has them stocking the shelves on a busy sunday afternoon, I do not know.

It was cold yesterday and last night. As anticipated! 65 was the day high. Last night it dipped into the high 50s. Today it will be in the mid 60s at best. Cold for Key West! The natives wear winter jackets. So do the tourists, if they have one with them.

I have learned something in the eight years I have been living alone. When it is cold, you need a body next to you in bed. Not for sex! To keep warm!

Enjoy your day!




6 comments on “NO DUVAL CRAWL FOR ME

  1. Come on now!!!!!! You’re gonnaa give us Jaspers a bad rep. With two lovelies to escort you? When I was a undergrad, (until I met the future Mrs R), I”d have killed for such an opportunity! Shall we send in some old Jasper injineers as reinforcements?

    • I was one of the lovelies and I could not understand
      any red blooded American man…..who was a Syracuse Alumni no less would ever pass up the opportunity to have a beautiful lady on each arm to pass the time strolling
      down our fair street of Duval.

  2. What did we do to deserve today’s government?
    end quote..
    We [ well, not me, but the slim majority did ] voted for it, so, now we have to live with it.

    • Hmmm, I would also throw in all who voted for the Repubs which are the flip side of the “Non-Government.” The only real candidate was Ron Paul. But we as an electorate will either pull level “D” or “R” as we are trained to do.

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