Bocce party last night! The league one. An outstanding event! Good people, good drink, and good food!

The party was at Charlie Mac’s. Next door to the Green Parrot. Our team, Don’s Place, went as a group. We met first at Don’s Place and then cabbed over.

I had never been to Charlie Mac’s. About 10-15 years ago it was the Meteorite, a rib place. I infrequently went, though the ribs were outstanding. There have been three owners since, with Charlie Mac’s being the third. The place has been totally renovated. A big bar with an attractive adjoining dining room. Just the right flavor. In keeping with Key West.

The food to die for! Three whole roast pigs! Big ones. Probably should be called hogs. Barbecued ribs! Oh, so good. I am not a particular fan of cornbread. Last night, outstanding!

After dinner, I was outside chatting with some friends. I was introduced to Mitch. Turns out Mitch is one of the cooks at Charlie Mac’s. He does all the smoking. He had cooked the pigs and ribs last night.

Rob sat me down to eat with two friends of his. Turns out the two were on the winning team. They were the #1 team in the Monday night league. They were #1 in the playoffs, also. I was impressed. I was sitting with the best of the best. Later, I learned Rob was also on the winning team. Up to two years ago, he played with us. He made the big time!

I was walking away from the buffet with my plate full when I heard someone call out…..I read you! A lovely woman at a nearby table. She introduced herself and then me to her friends.

Her name was Nancy. She reads the blog and KONK Life column. As excited as she was to meet me, I was pleased to meet her. Vanity, I guess.

When I was outside after dinner, Nancy stopped by to say good night. She told me she does not agree with everything I write. However, she enjoys reading the material. I do not care whether people agree with me. I am pleased and humbled they read my written thoughts. One of my aims is that hopefully people will think about things they might not.

I liked Nancy. She obviously is a bocce player. Not a Thursday night one, or I would have known her. Hope we run into each other again. I would enjoy knowing her better.

Overall, it was an exceptional evening!

This morning’s Key West Citizen ran an article on the Burmese pythons which have overtaken the Everglades, with a danger of moving into surrounding areas. The article was referencing a recent study by some individual. I disagreed with one of his conclusions. That the pythons are a “tiny risk” to human safety.

I did a TV show on the python issue some three years ago. The pythons are not native to south Florida. However, they have overtaken the Everglades. There are many estimates as to how many now exist. Reliable numbers are somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000. The reason that there are so many is that the pythons have no natural predators in south Florida.

I believe the Burmese pythons are reason for concern. If they ever break out of the Everglades, the danger will be obvious. Not many humans live in the Everglades. Many do in the surrounding areas.

Thus far, pythons have been seen as far south as Key Largo. Three years ago, one was found beside one of the runways at the Key West Airport. No one was certain if it found its way on its own or someone dropped it off nearby.

I was home early last night. Made myself a cup of tea and went out on the dock to sit. There was a quarter moon, a slight breeze, and absolute calm. A reason for living in Key West.

Today is Ally’s birthday. Nine years old! Happy birthday, granddaughter! We celebrate tonight with dinner and a cake. Ally is big on the blowing out of the candles part. It is her night. If she is true to form, she will direct when the lights are to be turned off, where the cake is to be located on the table, and for her brother Robert to stay out of the way. Robert likes to blow out the candles with her.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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