I cannot say yesterday was busy. It just moved along at a slow steady pace.

It was Sunday. Sundays are meant to move slowly.

I was up early. For no particular reason. Did a little research.

Sloan came by. We spent three hard hours working. From getting my new print machine to talk to the computer to further organizing the trip pictures.

My afternoon was spent in front of the TV watching the Olympics. Upsets were in the air.

Lisa showed up with Robert and Ally to swim.

Dinner last night at the Yacht Club with Lisa, Robert and Ally. It was Spanish night. Lamb! Excellent! As was the chicken.

After dinner, I stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted with Rob, Erika and Herschel. Herschel into day 2 of no smoking. He was hypnotized two days earlier. Herschel looked a bit worse for wear. He said he felt alright. It appeared to me the nicotine deprivation was taking its toll.

Toni was at the bar. She thanked me for the day by day rendition of the trip. Said she read every one. With a map at hand.

Published another article on Amazon Kindle. Under Key West Lou Law. The title: No respect For Women. The two culprits Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

Hannity recently had a black man on his show that said the root of America’s problems today result from women having the right to vote. Would you believe!

Limbaugh does not like NOW. He has started sort of an opposition organization. Rich Babes For America. Note he refers to the membership as “babes.”

If you are a memebr of Amazon Kindle, read the article. It is interesting and stimulating. If not a memeber, join. Only $.99 a month. I receive $.33 of that amount. I should publish a book about how to get rich by writing!

They are here! Donna and Terri arrived last night. Never saw them. They arrived while I was sleeping. They are still sleeping this morning.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “MY SUNDAY

  1. I often tease gals about that right to vote thing.

    The women got the right to vote and were deluded by politicians into thinking that a Constitutional Amendment would solve the old man going to the bar snd drinking his paycheck. That gave rise to organized crime.

    Our “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” is an outgrowth of that same thinking. That we can legislate away human behavior. “Drugs in prison” are the classic retort to the Prohibitionists.

    Instead of trying to issue diktats that only impact the law abiding, let’s focus on the core problems of society —

    (1) dishonest politicians who promise the moon and deliver misery.

    (2) fiat currency that can be inflated by politicians and bureaucrats at the stroke of a pen that hurt the poor, those on fixed incomes the most.

    (3) the entitlement mentality where the taker are riding on the backs of the producers.


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