Memorial Day this year was not as in past years. No cookout, no party. I was forgotten. Unloved. If there were any parties, no one invited me.

I decided last week that this body of mine needs work. It has to be tuned. Otherwise, I am going to be in trouble big time health wise. So yesterday I returned to the gym. The same one that caused my major rib problem back in December.

This time with a new trainer. His name is Albert. A young fellow. From the Dominican Republic. Married to a Conch. She is with child.

He had been admonished by my former trainer Dan to go easy with me. I also brought a note from my doctor. Dr. Lefferts said beware, Louis takes blood thinners and bruises easily. He also has brittle bones.

At 78, I felt like a little kid bringing a note to his teacher.

Albert worked me for an hour. Not as bad as my other first time when I popped the rib. I survived. My next appointment is tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the day working on tonight’s blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. If you miss the show at 9, it is archived immediately following the show. The next day it is available on You Tube, also.

Tonight’s interesting topics include CEO salaries at an all time high, Putin on the move, the Euro Union ordering member nations to cook their books, Greece wanting to sell 110 of its best beaches to pay Germany, Germany suggesting Greece sell Acropolis, the Parthenon, Mykonos, Santorini, and other islands in 2o10 to pay Germany, General Motors slow in recalling over 2 million cars, and more.

Interesting material. A fast moving half hour show. Guaranteed, you will enjoy!

My gym workout was at 11. By 3 in the afternoon while working on tonight’s show, I was exhausted. It was the workout. It had caught up with me. I was also a bit sore here and there. Nothing bad. I went to bed. Stayed there except for a sandwich a little later. Slept well thereafter.

Enjoy your day!

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