I refer today for the first time to Trump as Mr. President. Not because he has achieved that recognition in my mind. Because for the first time he may be leaning that way.

My concern Syria.

The President has challenged Putin for the first time. Especially this morning. Recognizes Russia as a partner with the bad guys in Syria and bearing responsibility for the gasings.

The President said he was going to do something re the chemical attack. That was over the weekend. All recognized time was of the essence. If there was to be retaliation, it had to be immediate. Don’t give Putin and others time to move their war machinery around, get ready for a military hit, etc.

The President screwed up. It is now wednesday. The too long a time has passed. Putin however kept it alive with his tweet that he and his friends had the where with all to knock down any missiles the US might shoot.

An added concern is that the US has at least 2 Naval vessels in the area that are subject to retaliatory missiles.

I believe we have no choice but to go for it. Destroy something big time in Syria. Take the gamble with Putin. He has thrown down the gauntlet. The US cannot do what Obama did. Nothing.

Note that Russia is in bad shape. Their economy is way down. The ruble fell again last week. Putin cannot afford an all out war.

I further believe if Putin sees the US is serious, he will back off on the rhetoric and find a way to quiet the confrontation. He has done such in the past.

I criticize the time it has taken with no reaction yet by the US. Where is our planning? Where have the CIA and military been? Plans should have already been prepared and held in abeyance till needed.

An obvious failure in Washington in protecting the US. This fault may include the Obama administration.

Yesterday, my first book signing. Sold ten books in 3 hours. Not disappointed. Did not think prior to the signing I would sell one.

More experienced authors Reef Perkins and Robert Coburn participated also. I doubt they sold more than 10 books each.

The problem was no one came. We were alone for 3 hours in the hot boiling Key West summer sun.

Ross Pipkin was part of the program. Ross does voice overs for books. He did a reading. Interesting and humorous.

I thank good friends Kate Miano and Lynda Frechette for attending. A Jane who I never met before.

Towards the end of the 3 hours, Bob and Stevie from the Chicago area arrived. We had never met before. They came especially to buy my book. Bob and Stevie are loyal readers of this blog.

They leave today for home. Hopefully, we will meet next year when they return. We agreed on the Chart Room.

My favorite female bartender Nicolle showed up with her partner Dara. Nicolle works at Antonia’s. She did not buy a book. Did not have to. She had already purchased a copy through Amazon. She brought the book in for signing. My pleasure!

The book signing was at the Andrews Inn. Michael and Albena new owners. Eight months. Albena from Belgium. The Inn was run down when purchased. They have fixed the place up. Irma interrupted and added to the renovations.

The Inn is lovely. Tiny adding to its quaintness.

Michael noticed the crowd was sparse. Actually, non-existent at one point. He showed ingenuity. Went out on the street and dragged about 20 tourists in. Induced them with the free food and drink. A smart guy. The Inn cannot fail.

The book signing was a charity fund raiser. Titled the Bow-Wow Meow Book Signing. A fundraiser for the SPCA. Help the dogs and cats.

Not much help yesterday. I feel guilty. I plan on sending a check.

I enjoyed doing my podcast last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A mix of topics. Key West, Anchorage, and a little Trump. I try to include topics about what is going on involving persons other than Trump. He is available enough on the media.

The weather continues to be hot. Summer definitely here. Eighty six yesterday. And humid! Will be the same today.

Very likable and talented artist Jon “Tosh” McIntosh died last month. A memorial service will be held this saturday at 3:30 at St. Paul’s Church.

Sons and Daughters of Italy meeting tonight.

I was doing a Key West Lou Live video every day til about 2 months ago. Louis ranting and raving about some issue for a few minutes.

Renewed the show this morning. It is revived! Look for it daily on Facebook.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I don’t know why we have to retaliate for the gas attack. Assad has already killed 100’s of 1,000’s with conventional weapons and nobody said “boo” to the extent they all are now. Seems just a little hypocritical to me. Dead is dead.

  2. Interesting topic today. Trump is often criticized for making rapid decisions without benefit of counsel from his advisors. His firing of Comey, the imposition of trade tariffs, the willingness to talk to North Korea, sending the National Guard to the border; all decisions that left his staff in the dust while the media proclaimed that he is possibly deranged and not fit to be President.

    And suddenly he is roundly criticized for taking his time to consider an appropriate action for the US to take in Syria. No decision in an early morning tweet this time. Some sort of action is inevitable. Obama’s weak line in the sand has been crossed and recrossed.But Russian forces are in Syria, and that requires careful thought about a response. It requires support from our allies and careful analysis of perhaps hundreds of “what if’s” that may arise.

    I applaud his delay while carefully considering his optiions. That’s the proper role for the Commander in Chief. If the result is a “Shock and Awe” attack on major targets, then I’m all for it. And I won’t lose any sleep if some Russians go home to the Motherland in body bags. And while we are at it, how about a Tomahawk cruise missile right through Assad’s bedroom window.

  3. Back off, all Righties. Word on the street is that Obama backed off from his “red line” because at the time he was in secret negotions with Iran over their nuclear deal and Iran said that bombing Assad would end any chance of an agreement. So there.

  4. nonymous on April 12, 2018 at 6:37 am said:
    Back off, all Righties. Word on the street is that Obama backed off from his “red line” because at the time he was in secret negotions with Iran over their nuclear deal and Iran said that bombing Assad would end any chance of an agreement. So there.
    end quote

    And what a wonderfull deal that was. So, Obama screwed up both times.

    • Always with Obama? Grow your own pair! Trump got elected by criticizing him, now he’s copying him. Don’t you think he now deserves AT LEAST the same criticism we had for Obama on his own AND for copying Obama. You’re making self serving excuses, not reasonable criticisms.

  5. My guess is Trump found his senior military staff less willing to jump so soon. That is the difference between playing soldier and being one.

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