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There is no consistency to today’s topics. Which means it’s a Morning Stew day!

Heard from my Seattle friend Cathy again. Washington is in lock down. Supermarket shelves running bare.

Cathy went to another supermarket yesterday. Shelves not full, however better than the previous one. Notably not in stock toilet paper. Not one package left.

I recall earlier in the year when coroanvirus hit Key West with some significance and some stores were without certain items. The #1 item missing from the shelves was toilet paper.

I don’t understand what the relationship between the virus and toilet paper is. I understand the need and value of the product. Not to be without! However there are other items that would seem to be equal to or more in need.

Trump has done an excellent job in combating the coronavirus. Consider the number dead, the increasing numbers each day, etc. Donald can take credit for bringing two of the Four Horsemen upon us. Death and plague.

Trump’s interest in the virus significant. In 5 months, he has not attended one Coronavirus Task Force meeting.

Cable news carried an interesting item last night. We know Trump tweets. Has to be in the thousands.

It was announced that Trump has his tweets printed. For his review and whatever further use.

No question the man is an egomaniac. Only such a person would have his tweets printed.

Could Trump’s printed tweets ultimately be used against Trump as the tapes were against Nixon?

Lindsay Graham is a strange duck.

He has been a Senator for 17 years. Too long! Too long for him and all other Congressional persons who make a career out of governing. Graham is a walking example of the need for terms limits.

He screwed up yesterday. The South Carolina Senator got his nose in Georgia politics.

One observation before proceeding further. Lindsay was once the close friend of John McCain. McCain died and Lindsay became the close friend of the President. Some kind of inconsistency there!

There was a telephone call involving Lindsay and Georgia election officials. A conference call. Several on the line.

Georgia undergoing a Presidential recount. Trump has no way of winning. He is 14,000 votes behind Biden.

Lindsay stepped over the line when he asked if there was some way of tossing some of the ballots. Ballots that favored Biden. Lindsay was looking for a way to legally dispose of a number of Biden’s ballots.

None of Lindsay’s business! The inquiry has the tinge of wrongdoing. Corruption.

There are others on the line who can corroborate Lindsay’s inquiry. One already has.

We learned at the end of last week that Trump had retained Giuliani to head his legal teal re the election.

Understandable. Trump’s win/loss record in election court cases 1-24. Trump a definite loser in the courtroom.

His cross country attorneys seem to be withdrawing in mass. Ergo, Trump brought his friend Giuliani into the fold as his new head election attorney.

Two observations.

Giuliani announced he was being paid $20,000 a day. Excellent money! I know of no attorney who has ever been paid that much. Even the top guys in Washington and New York.

Giuliani is not worth that kind of money. His days as a court room lawyer are behind him. He seems to be inept in recent years every time he gets involved with a legal issue.

Trump later disputed the amount. Giuliani apparently had a talk with Trump. Giuliani reported his fee would be determined at the end of the case.

Doubt Giuliani will be paid $20,000 a day or any money for that matter. Trump’s reputation for paying his lawyers is well known. He does not.

Another observation involves Giuliani’s appearance in a Philadelphia court room this week. The judge handed him his head.

Giuliani got up to address the court. His words were to the effect that the case was one involving national fraud.

The judge inquired of Giuliani regarding the factual proof and whether there was any fraud at all. Giuliani finally agreed with the judge there was none.

Go Giuliani!

On this day in 1626, St. Peter’s Basilica was consecrated. Then and now it is the world’s largest Christian Church.

Its size enormous. I have visited several times.

One way to appreciate St. Peter’s size is to recognize that St. Patrick’s in New York City would easily fit into St. Peter’s with tons of room left over.

Street flooding is common place in Key West. Heavy rains, ocean surfaced land, and an inadequate drainage system means flooding on occasion. Some times intersections deep enough to swim in.

It has always been so.

I came across a couple of observations re Key West flooding. Don’t recall which storm. Do recall it was at least 20 years ago.

Comments made by observers at the time.

“My German Shepard had to swim on his walk.”

“The water was above the urinals at the Monster. But we kept partying.”

“Sloppy Joe’s stayed open. People rowed boats to get there.”

Key West’s coronavirus numbers continue to go up. We have the largest numbers in the Keys. No other Keys community near us.

There are generally two sides to a story. So it is in Key West. Pitted against each other are bar, restaurant owners and their employees. Some other business operations. As well as the Chamber of Commerce and City Commission. The politicians seem to always capitulate to the bars, restaurants, and Chamber of Commerce.

On the other side, locals. People who reside in Key West all year long. The locals continue to take a beating. Key Westers continue getting the virus. Fortunately, no deaths yet. Key West’s positivity rate is 16.9 percent.

Simply stated, the problem is the virus is driven down to Key West from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and other parts north. They party and leave the coronavirus behind.

The Citizens’ Voice seems to carry more and more complaints by locals. Almost every day now.

Today’s comments as follows.

“Stop the tourists. Put the roadblock back up.”

“I walked Duval last night to see how the business owners who promised the Commission they would help with safety instead of a curfew were doing. Not a mask in sight. Bars packed to the gills. Mask-free restaurant staffs.”

“As a service industry worker, please bring back the city-wide mask mandate. It would ease some of the anxiety about these plague tourists who seem to have very little regard for our local health.”

“I’m appalled at some in our business community who would rather cater to tourists that don’t care about their fellow human beings and would pack their places with little to no distancing or masks than do the right thing. Locals will remember.”

“Does this make any sense? When disease threatened the Key deer population we set up an animal screening road block. Now disease threatens our human population and we say ‘come on down.'”

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15 comments on “MORNING STEW #46

  1. “I’m appalled at some in our business community who would rather cater to tourists that don’t care about their fellow human beings and would pack their places with little to no distancing or masks than do the right thing. Locals will remember.”

    What exactly will the locals remember? I’d love to hear this explanation.

  2. Duh – It seems to me that the locals can avoid COVID-19 just as you do, Lou. Only go out when you absolutely must! Avoid any crowds! Wear a mask to protect yourself as well as others.

    Duh – No one got COVID-19 by being too careful.

    Duh – Those who get COVID-19 weren’t careful enough.

    Let the “bar, restaurant owners and their employees” and “some other business operations” expose themselves to the tourons.

    And finally
    DOUBLE DUH! – For locals not wanting to be exposed; STAY HOME! No one is holding a gun to your head. STAY HOME!

    • Don’t be that naive or that blind, it is not that simple. Lou and everyone else that does stay in, with out going out, still needs to rely on the people who MUST go out, like first responders, law enforcement. People who deliver necessary items to those that stay in, including at least a minimum of grocery supply chain people. Then there are necessary repair and maintenance people, including electricians, garbage people, gas station people. How about certain educators. The list can go on and on, without EVER mentioning the people god go out strictly for their OWN convince and for “fun.”

      There are now places all over the world that HAVE reduced the virus enough that they are far more open that the United States, . Not us, we are what most experts are calling ‘out of control.’ Your “let the bars and restaurants do what they want” rant, has proved ‘duh’ the wrong way to beat this issue and people are dying at an unprecedented rate as proof. We need to do better or more people will die unnecessarily.

      You or Lou, maybe your mother or your child, may need a hospital bed next month. A bed at a hospital in your home town or somewhere else, that could, with the help of hospital care staff, save you from dying if not treated. That hospital bed may NOT e available because some carefree tourist from Miami, came here (or wherever YOU live “Duh”) came here to be entertained at an open bar he couldn’t get in his/her home town, got sick and is occupying the hospital bed, you, your mom or your child need for treatment, they got from their husband/wife/father, the policeman who HAD to go out.

      If there is ONE thing Covid should be teaching us, it would be: “this cannot be beaten with everyone for himself – we MUST work together”

      • Duh – You seem to have focused on things outside of Key West locals, which was not the essence of Lou’s blog, nor my comments. That said, I agree with you; we can’t control stupidity. They are going to be stupid, and no amount of legislation will make them smart. So yes, stupid people will find a place to be stupid and take the virus back to Grandma in Cleavland. They don’t need Key West to do that. They will find a place.

        Duh – Each and every one of my 5 Duhs (remember one double duh) is indeed valid for locals of Key West. In fact, Duh #2 & #3 are absolutely true, which you somehow completely ignored. (I should have numbered them – duh.)

        Duh – As for the supposedly essential workers, the reality is no one is holding a gun to their heads either. Duh #5 applies. Your example of educators is a perfect example. No one is holding a gun to their head, and the smart ones have declined to go back into the schools with students. Duh.

        Duh #2 & Duh #3 apply for the truly essential workers… perhaps only police (but parking citations), firefighters (not rescuing kittens), and health care workers (not performing facelifts, boob jobs, and bunion removal.)

        I almost forgot; the Amazon folks and delivery drivers are essential workers too. Duh #2 & Duh #3 for them too.

        Duh – Neither I, nor my mom, nor my children, nor my wife, nor my father, nor my dog, nor my dog, nor my cat, nor my pet pig are going to need a COVID-19 hospital bed because – wait for it-
        DOUBLE DUH! – For locals not wanting to be exposed; STAY HOME! No one is holding a gun to your head. STAY HOME!

        • You are kidding yourself and in denial. Worse, you are infecting others with your denial and self abuse.

          I was talking about Key West and their 2 available beds you (or one of your loved ones) just might need, even if not for Covid.

          Wise up wise guy.

          • Duh – I’m staying home. See Double Duh #4 above and,

            Duh – since you missed it, refer to the above Duh #2 and Duh #3, and

            Duh – If I’m infecting others with that, I’ve done a good job. Thank you for pointing that out.

            I should be labeling all of these, but if you haven’t figured it out by now, then you never will. DUH

  3. For two months the Country which unleashed this buy on the WORLD never told the world about the bug. The bug got a good head start. Now the same country which owns a chain of movie theaters, but none in KW, is keeping them open helping the bug to spired. The same country which hid the bug from for two months is keeping their beach, bars, dinning rooms open here in KW forcing their workers to work
    or go with out a paycheck. And when I named the country you called me a hateful person. You blame the LOCAL owners putting $$$ first. But never once did you blame the sloppy labs in this country for unleashing this bug on the world. Never once did you blame them for not warning the world about the bug for two months. I bet you still buy the food it makes here in America and products it make in the home land. The shelves are empty on the west coast; could it be ships are coming to port? The worthless American capital system has not one but two fighters entering the ring now. In less than the normal 6 years our worthless industrial complex has in 10 months made winners while we fired the CEO and can not find the votes which did it. We have made the perfect circular firing squad.

    • Sandy is a persistent and deceitful troll on this blog, is regularly posts misleading and factually incorrect rants. He has big problems with honesty on just about any subject and no problem repeatedly disrespecting Lou. He also seems to have a substance abuse problem.

  4. All seniors should be concerned with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a member of Biden’s recently-announced Coronavirus Advisory Committee. He proposes to end life at 75. What the hell? Look it up

    • Not a very accurate portrait of what Emanuel was saying. His was more an opinion of what he sees for himself. Hardly a threat of any kind to anyone. And not nearly as bad as recommending people think about injecting bleach, for Christ’s sake.

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