A triumvirate is a group working together to increase their power and control a government. The first historically was the trio of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus in 60 B.C.

There is a new triumvirate in Washington these days. Three men seeking to control the government of the U.S. Trump, Giuliani, and Bannon.

Trump is President. Wants to remain President. He exercises very little personal judgment. His mind seems to be screwed up re the election result. How could he lose!

Trump’s primary concern is the election. He wants to change the result if possible. If not, lay the groundwork for another run in 2024.

The battle to reverse the election result is in the hands of Giuliani. He leads legally. Trump listens.

America’s Mayor is no more. He has lost all respect over the years. Especially the most recent. He almost got Trump convicted of impeachment. Now he is guiding Trump with his radical false ways to somehow diminish the election result. His efforts have been and will be futile. They are as way out as the story behind the Ukraine fiasco.

Giuliani is happy with his present position. He is in the limelight. Only one problem Whatever legal abilities he had in days long bye, no longer exist. His time has passed. He is inept.

However, he influences Trump. Giuliani provides the radical legal theories that hopefully will upset the election.

Finally, there is Bannon.

Bannon is Giuliani’s co-pilot to a degree in the election schemes.

Bannon is involved even more in guiding Trump. Radical moves nationally and internationally are Bannon’s forte. He has not changed. His goal is to take down the establishment. It was so when he helped Trump get elected and continues to be now that he is in Trump’s good graces again.

Bannon is a far right populist. His life goal has been and continues to be to create a network of far right such groups in Europe. If along the way he can capture the U.S., so much the better.

This past summer, Bannon was arrested for fraud involving donors. The purported purpose to raise money from private donors for Trump’s wall.

He remains under indictment. Yet Trump has returned him to the White House as a major advisor to help undermine Biden. Most if not all the staff changes Trump has made in recent weeks were Bannon’s idea. He seeks to break the legs of the U.S. internationally.

Bannon’s most recent efforts have involved taking down the Vatican. He wants Pope Francis out. Together with Newt Gingrich, he has become a thorn in the side of the Pope. Many prelates have joined with Bannon in the effort.

Gingrich’s wife was appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican by Trump.

Tweet recently threw Bannon off its social media publication. The action followed Bannon calling for the beheading of Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

He recommended their heads be put on poles outside the White House as a “warning.” A throwback to Tudor England.

Trump influences neither Giuliani nor Bannmon. He listens to them because they say what he wants to hear. Something both men recognize.

Bannon is much smarter than Giuliani. Giuliani’s smarts are limited these days.

Bannon influences both Trump and Giuliani. He represents the most danger.

Everyone in the White House is secondary and below Giuliani and Bannon. Including, Jared Kushner.

I suspect Bannon will be breaking into the news shortly. His actions too important not to be reported.

Enjoy your day!


  1. A California activist, elected member of the DNC, and Washington Monthly contributor, David Atkins, is suggesting that the 75 million Trump voters should be “deprogrammed”. He says we should be thinking in terms of post WWII Germany & Japan, or post Civil War in the south. Does he mean re-education camps?

    …..and the healing continues.

    • Who you kidding, the healing hasn’t even begun and can’t until the WAR ceases.

      Only an azzhole will call for “healing” while on the attack!

      So you think everybody else, especially here on Lou’s blog don’t know what you are trying to do?

    • I agree with that! Round them all up and drive them across the US to some barren land in Oklahoma. 75 million would be a big herd!

        • You have replied to an imposter posting under my handle. How will you know an authentic post from me? Easy, it will be pro-America, anti AmeriKKKa, against ALL things Trump, pro choice, pro liberty, pro UNIFIED America…… I think you get the idea.

      • Once again some jackazz has hijacked my handle. Trump supporters need to get a life and a job. Will the Trumpian games ever end? Biden2020, for a better America.

  2. I live in another part of the world, we follow the elections in America, it is very interesting how the country will develop further, the main thing is that there is no split in society, which we are now observing due to the distribution of votes, almost 50% to 50%.

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