My Cocktails at 7 friend Cathy sent me an upsetting e-mail. She went grocery shopping over the weekend. The shelves were basically empty.

She wrote, “It’s happening again!”

Consistent with what is occurring in the rest of the country, Covid-19 numbers are shooting up. Washington’s Governor Inslee is not waiting till it gets worse. He has ordered the entire State locked down. The people of Washington were hoarding.

Yesterday’s blog was on the heavy side. Sad truth always is.

I pointed out that the recent surge yet ongoing indicates the virus is out of hand nationally. Hospitals are being pushed to their maximum. There may not be enough intensive care beds available in 2-4 weeks.

Such means not everyone will be admitted. Some will be rejected on hospital steps. Who will be refused help and how would it be decided? One group stood out like a sore thumb. The elderly!

Reminded me of Sophie’s Choice.

Tough sad responses. Primarily from older persons. All upset in one fashion or another. Who wants to die prematurely?

One middle aged man suggested the old should be happy to go. To make it possible for the young to live out their lives. A selfish consideration on his part. I would be happy to change places with him.

One senior citizen said I should have prepared my readers for such a depressing article. She did not think she could ever read my blog again. She mentally could not handle the warning I was sending.

On a happier note, Harry Truman arrived in Key West this day in 1946. It was his first visit to Key West. He stayed a week.

Truman obviously liked our island. He made 10 more trips to Key West for a total of 11. He spent a total of 175 days in Key West.

Coronavirus an up front issue. And will continue to be. I want to share some Covid-19 impressions, observations, comments, etc.

The Citizens’ Voice once again this morning carried a slew of comments. All negative.

One  was that Key West’s positivity rate is 16.9 percent. Wild! Out of the box! One of the highest in the country. The writer advised Key West should stop pandering to tourists.

Another concerned Key West’s annual Christmas Parade. The best I have ever seen! The entire town is either on a float or on a curb watching.

Shoulder to shoulder, of course. Mask wearing? I don’t know what it would be.

The person commenting could not understated how the City Commission could even consider holding a parade. The writer said any government official who condones a parade should be charged with reckless behavior.

Another indicated there were 58 new Covid-19 cases over the weekend. Suggesting therefore the City Commission and Health Department were useless.

I had a doctor visit yesterday. Drove down Duval afterwards. I can assure you, Key West was dead. Very few people. Not one wearing a mask.

Ouite a difference from the weekend apparently. One comment referred to Duval at that time as a “super-spreader” scene.

New York City has a set number for when the schools must be closed again. When the positivity rate for one week is 3 percent.

The number getting close. This past week it was 2.87 percent.

You have to give New York’s Governor Cuomo credit. Recall when New York was the worst of the worst. I did not believe anyone could bring the numbers down.

Cuomo did. He was hard and deliberate. He deserves credit.

As with the rest of the country, New York’s numbers are creeping up. Not badly when compared to other States. Cuomo refuses to let them get out of hand.

He announced that the fine for failing to wear a mask in New York City was being increased from $500 to $1,000.

Coronavirus numbers are surging throughout the U.S. Record highs being reached. In one day last week, 160,000 new cases were identified. The most ever in one day.

I learned something new. The numbers as reported identifying new cases only represents those in hospitals. If a person is home and has coronavirus, that person is not counted. Which means the numbers we are getting are not accurate. They are higher.

I am not condemning the process. Merely sharing it with you.

I recall the early comments re children. We were not to worry. They did not come down with the virus. However if they did, it was simple to treat and lent itself to an easy recovery.

Some of Trump’s observations which he shared with us.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association announced over 1 million U.S. children have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Dr. Scott Atlas appears to be enjoying his 15 seconds in the lime light.

Atlas is one of Trump’s recent finds. A man whose thought process re coronavirus Trump likes.

Atlas’ background is in radiology. Not infectious diseases. He was Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford from 1998-2012. He recently was appointed by Trump to be an adviser to the Coronavirus Task Force.

The man is crazy. He knows not that of which he speaks. I am waiting for him to endorse a shot of Clorox in the arm as the solution necessary to kill the virus.

Atlas is the Giuliani of Trump’s Task Force.

Atlas is a scary person. This past week he said the people of Michigan should “rise up” against their government. The Covid-19 restrictions being imposed on Michigan were not needed.

Oh, so much happening. No time to cover it all in the blog. I have the same problem with Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. So much to discuss and so little time.

Tonight’s the evening for Tuesday Talk. My blog talk radio show. One half hour of me ranting and raving about the good and bad of things. Join me at 9 my time.

Enjoy your day!

9 comments on “FOODLESS IN SEATTLE

  1. Call it what YOU want, hoarding is hoarding by any other name. It is also selfish and symptomatic of a psychological midget who often finds themselves lonely and alone and unfulfilled even in a crowd.

  2. Another concerned Key West’s annual Christmas Parade. The best I have ever seen! The entire town is either on a float or on a curb watching.

    Glad I caught it last year- the lighted boat parade too, big fun!!
    This year, I will pazz.

    • Trump’s actual predictions were: 1) We’ll have a vaccine sometime in late Spring 2) The Vaccine will be here this summer 3) The vaccine will be here before the end of the summer. 4) We will have a Vaccine ready before the election. 5) We’ll definitely have a vaccine before the end of the year.

      The ‘expert’s said it will take at least a year, maybe longer.

      It seems to me Trump’s “warp speed” vaccine plan had NOTHING to do with reality and that the experts were correct all along.

  3. Looking at the foodie and other area blogs, no less than three different bloggers are either in or heading to the Rainy City (my nickname, not theirs). Charm City Cupcake is in Seattle right now. Look at the delicious coffee she got!

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