Some exceptionally interesting topics this morning. Any of which could be the lead topic. Not able to choose, I have opted to do a Morning Stew.


Yesterday was Veterans Day in the U.S. Day of Remembrance in England.

The Brits took an exceptional beating in World War I. Lost a whole generation of young men. One if its greatest battles occurred in Belgium. Memorialized by the Canadian surgeon and soldier John McCrae: “In Flanders field the poppys blow / Between the crosses row on row.”

In 1921, England decided the day required some thing by which it would forever be known. McCrae’s In Flanders field makes mention of poppies. Properly so. The battlefield was covered with red poppies. So the artificial small red poppy flower came to represent England’s Day of Remembrance. Eventually, world wide.

Poppies are a flowing plant. Grow in different colors. One species is the red one. It is famous not only for its war recollections, it is also a reminder of the opium plant. The red poppy is a powerful alkaloid. Some morphine producing. It has been used since ancient times as an analgesic, medical narcotic, and recreational drug.

Better you wear the man made one on Veterans/Remembrance Day than ingest in some fashion the narcotic based one.

Nikki Haley. She has bothered me since coming into prominence. Gave me the feeling she was not a straight arrow. More of an opportunist. More of one who would do most anything to get ahead politically.

She is Donald Trump in a skirt.

Her new book takes major shots at John Kelly and Rex Tillerson. You are aware of the background. She refers their seeking help from her as “a very dangerous thing…..goes against the Constitution…..goes against what the American people want…..offensive.”

Such is her view. Probably the same as those in the far right who blindly support the President.

I view Kelly and Tillerson coming to her as recruiting help to keep Trump from doing anything that would endanger the country.

Think about it.

Haley’s position as reflected in the book terrifying. Rabble rousing. Poison spreading.

What follows is difficult to believe. We have an internal immigration problem in the U.S. A serious one.

Boise, Idaho and California. Californians are moving to Boise and other parts of Idaho. In large numbers. Most have money. Boise a regular American city. Not everyone affluent.

A good share of the Boise citizens live on minimum wage or close to it. The Californians wealthy in comparison.

Real estate prices have zoomed. Since February 2018, 19.3 percent. Rents have gone sky high. Purchase and rental beyond Boise means.

The Californians bring an “attitude” with them. Sort of we are better than you. Not appreciated by the people of Boise.

Seventy percent believe Boise is growing too fast because of the California invasion.

Boise’s recent mayoral election reflects such attitude. One mayoral candidate ran on “Go Back to California!” Another accused the California immigrants as “trashing Boise.” One candidate was asked what he would do if he were King for a Day. He responded, “Build a $26 million wall.”

U.S. burger chains have recently come out with  vegetarian burger. All claim the burgers taste like meat. I tried 3 different ones. They did!

A London eatery has gone one step further. It is serving “worm burgers.” Referred to not as “Big Macs.” Rather, “Bug Macs.”

Made from live worms. Purported to be tastier than beef burgers. Also, it is claimed the “worm Burgers” will help save the planet. Requires only 10 percent of the land space that beef herds do and produce far less carbon dioxide.

A chef involved says, “Let them crawl into your menu once, and you’ll be hooked! Once you get passed the ‘yuck effect’, you’ll find they actually taste really good.”

Crickets are being considered for a side dish.

I am the child of an immigrant. My mother was born in Italy. My grandparents on both sides were born in Italy. My whole family is Italo-American.

Those that immigrated, came through Ellis Island.

On this day in 1954, Ellis Island was closed. The famous “Gateway to America” was no more. Twelve million people processed before the need ended.

A degree of discrimination was involved in the immigration process. Based on money.

Only third class passengers were required to go through Ellis Island. The poor. Those who acquired passage by buying the cheapest ticket.

Many were sickly and perhaps criminal. Ellis Island was opened to search for those who might be a risk to accept on U.S. shores. The government did not want such persons to become a U.S. burden.

My grandfather Louis came through Ellis Island. Twelve years old. He had bugs in his hair and either diphtheria or scarlet fever. Ellis Island was equipped with hospitals. My grandfather was kept in one for 3 months, cared for, cured, and released.

The first person to go through Ellis Island was 15 year old Anne Moore from Ireland.

First and second class passengers were treated better. Money apparently meant they were without illness or a criminal record.

In any event, they were submitted to a brief on board inspection following which they disembarked in New York City or New Jersey at which points they passed through Customs with no difficulty.

No Ellis Island for them.

Now for a little Key West.

Yesterday was Veterans Day. Key West always has a spectacular parade. I thought it was at 5. Went down to Duval to watch. Missed the whole thing. The parade was at 4.

Stopped into Dueling Bartenders. All locals. Spent a pleasant hour chatting.

Mary was there. We went to La Trattoria afterwards for dinner.

La Trattoria was packed as if it were season. Carrie took care of us. We were seated at the bar immediately without a wait.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turned and it was Elena Spottswood. I have not seen her in 15 years. One of the loveliest and kindest women in Key West.

Husband Robert with her. Robert I see each other about once a year. Ironically, always at the same place. The bar at La Trattoria.

The Spottswoods are one of Key West’s leading families. They are into everything. Robert’s father was at different times Sheriff and State Senator. He was friend to the Trumans and Kennedys. The Trumans stayed at his home when visiting Key West after Truman was out of office.

Robert and Elena are modest people. You would never know their position in the community and that of the family in general.

I hope it will not take another 15 years for me to run into Elena. I might not be here.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Late night shopping easy. Very few shopping.

Tomorrow an important day. The public hearings begin in the Impeachment Inquiry. I will be glued to the TV set all day.

Tomorrow night, Syracuse basketball. I will still be at the TV set.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. So much going on in the world. I love ranting and raving and giving the news my twist as I view events.

Enjoy your day!


12 comments on “MORNING STEW #25

  1. I agree with you Lou about Nikki Haley, there’s something a little wrong about her and it’s not just her ambition thing. Can’t quite put my finger on it although I suspect it has to do with her basic intellect. I don’t think she’s bright enough to be in some of the jobs she’s had. I am from South Carolina and around here people have always questioned how she’s gotten some of the jobs she’s held.

    • Duh! it’s simple. The people of South Carolina voted for her. She was elected and held offices between 2004 and 2017 including two terms as governor.

      • Duh, if you are the Republican candidate for ANY office in South Carolina, you get elected automatically. Anyone can get elected in South Carolina, just by being a Republican. Don’t forget, Mark Sanford got elected to Congress, representing South Carolina, AFTER having thoroughly embarras*ing himself and South Carolina in general for an involvement with an Argentinian mistress and lying about going missing (without any notice) in that Appalachian Trail stunt. Duh, Duh!

  2. Californians moving to Boise and Nevada (I lived in Nevada for some time and saw it first hand). Californians are frustrated with all the problems in their state that they have created with their liberal votes( Homelessness, high taxes, bad public schools to name a few.). Californians decide they have had enough and move to Idaho, Nevada or Arizona to escape the policies they voted for and now don’t want to live with (my liberal sister is one of those wanting to move out of CA) . Californians bring their idealistic but misguides votes with them to the new states and will eventually mess those states too! Thank goodness a few of the low tax states have gotten smart and now require 2/3rd majorities to implement tax increases!

    • That’s just a total bunch of BS. What you really have going on is the arrogant regressive right wingers being drained from what they once thought they owned, like Orange County, where they are no longer welcome. The Dana Rohrabacher disciples, those that propped up Darrell Issa and those ex Reagan and Dick Nixon fools who just can’t stand the good life or deal with how good things really are out here and want to go where they can complain about trivial things and are now so disgruntled they no power to suppress others anymore. Basically there they are unhappy they aren’t getting invited to any of the good parties any more.

  3. Cali is simply having problems dealing with it’s part of an overcrowded and overheated planet. This situation will only get worse.

  4. When Nikki called Trump truthful she tossed her credibility down the Lindsey Graham Causeway. Some truths are just too obvious to ignore and Trump does not know the meaning of the word.

  5. Boy, I completely agree with that. Even suggesting that Trump is truthful (as in, I’ve never even met her), can only be considered an outright attempt to lie for the purpose of political manipulation and it is unbecoming of anyone who wishes to be taken seriously.

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