Flooding is occurring in many places world wide. Some natural and common place. Others new and/or aggravated by global warming.

One such flooding is known as Acqua Alta, the other King Tides.

Acqua Alta is Italian for high water. Occurs in the Venice, Italy area between autumn and spring. They are exceptionally high tides.

King Tides are common in many places in the world. My concern is for those that are annual occurrences in the south Florida area which would include Key West. King Tides are “high tides” or “highest tides.”

King Tides can cause sunny day tidal flooding.

Key West experienced King Tidal flooding in the past month. My recollection is it happens twice a year. I am not certain when next it will occur.

The Venice and Key West floodings are higher in recent years because of global warming. The floodings in both communities will probably result in terrible happenings in both places.

Experts believe Venice will wash away. Venice is presently sinking at the rate of one fifth an inch each year. Another contributing factor to Venice’s problem is that its underwater barriers are incomplete.

As to Key West, it is believed ocean front homes will be gone. The waters will come inland and make other areas inhabitable. Solares Hill may be the only land point remaining.

Venice is experiencing its highest tides in 50 years. Each year Key West flooding is a bit more.

I write about the two differently named tides and increasing water levels because of what is occurring in Venice at the moment. Flooding 5-6 feet. Damage significant. Hotel lobbies swimming pools. Century old relics being destroyed.

Nature has a way of expressing itself, regardless of the cause.

“Baby, it’s cold outside!” No question about it. Most of the U.S. experiencing record lows and snow storms.

Key West fortunately not affected. Its sufficiently south location and warm Gulf waters and breezes preclude what northern U.S. is experiencing.

Maine is the northern extreme of the U.S. The southern extreme is Florida. Specifically, Key West. Maine today undergoing record lows. Today’s Key West high 83.

An arctic blowout!

When I practiced law in upstate New York, major automobile accidents were commonplace on days being discussed. Generally on a state highway.

Ohio yesterday experienced 2 major accidents in separate parts of the state. One involving 75 cars, the other 50. The cause typical. Reduced visibility and heavy snow.

Frequently heard is nothing is certain except for death and taxes. Whence its source? Ben Franklin. On this day in 1789, Franklin in a letter to a friend wrote, “In the world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

One blog reader is Sue from Cape Cod. She came upon the blog a couple of months ago and wrote me. Sue worked for me in my law firm in the early 1980’s.

It is nice to hear from old friends.

Sue is now retired. Lives on Cape Cod. She has been following my infrequent comments re great white sharks. In one written a few days ago, I said great whites are like humans. They summer in Cape Cod and winter off the Florida Keys.

Several have been observed off Key West since September. Off Smathers Beach and the Gulf side of the island.

As we have a Key West Citizen, the Cape has the Cape Cod Times.

In the Times 11/11/19 edition there appeared a front page article re great whites. Sue sent me a copy.

Great whites get tagged. Specific data is kept re their travels. Researchers have spent the past 5 years tagging the sharks. The tags provide the information.

This past summer a record tagging season. Fifty great whites tagged.

We know now how such precise information in recent years has been provided re great whites.

Jimmy Buffett was scheduled to do a major concert at Orlando Amway Center on 12/7. His performance has been cancelled. He will be having shoulder surgery. His concert rescheduled for next year on 12/5/20.

Harry Truman part of Key West history on this date in 1948. A few days after he won the 1948 Presidential election.

Bess and Margaret followed him to Key West a few days after the election. Truman came down for a much needed vacation the day after the election.

On this day in November 1948, the President, wife Bess and daughter Margaret took a trip on the yacht USS Williamsburg to Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas.

Today is one of America’s most important days. The public portion of the Presidential Inquiry began at 10 this morning.

I am writing this blog in one room while listening to the TV in another on the other side of the house.

Trump must go! Either by impeachment or at the polls next year. Think of the damage he has done in less than 3 years in office. We can’t afford him another 1 1/2 years. Hopefully impeachment will succeed.

The U.S. car maker Tesla is opening in second plant outside U.S. borders. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced yesterday that a trial factory in China began operation. He further announced a new factory was being opened in Berlin.

The Berlin plant will definitely make Germany the winner in the “great electric car race.”

I don’t understand. Trump told us in the 2016 election that he was going to bring industry/jobs back to the U.S. Doesn’t seem to be working as he told us. In addition to Tesla planning to manufacture in China and Germany, many U.S. auto plants have moved to Mexico since Trump’s election.

The President is a man of his word. He also delivers on what he promised. Does anyone believe him other than himself?

Syracuse/Colgate tonight.

Early season many big time teams play smaller schools. A stipend is paid the smaller college to take the beating. The bigger school gets its team some experience.

Generally, the smaller school gets killed. Sometimes however the smaller school beats the bigger one.

Kentucky early season is ranked #1. Evansville beat Kentucky last night 67-64.

I recall several years ago, Syracuse played Le Moyne early season. Le Moyne did a number on Syracuse.

So it goes.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Fox News interrupted its live coverage of the public hearings in House impeachment investigation this morning with a commercial break the moment when House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) began to speak to the witnesses.

    … and they want to be taken seriously?

    • No matter what side of the aisle a person is on, you gotta admit that this Schiff is just CREEPY. My god, and the Dems seem to want to line up behind him. This is going to backfire for them.

      • Aisle, backfire, line up. I remember when at least an effort was made to just do the right thing for the right reason. Perhaps that was a little less in politics but this? Perhaps we need to examine how many Democrats supported Clintons impeachment compared to zero Republicans with Trump. It isn’t like Trump is of good quality, integrity or conduct so that is troubling. Let us not forget just how many called him a threat when he was a candidate. Yes something is wrong and that is creepy.

      • You think Adam Schiff looks creepy? Maybe you have been watching FOX news too long now to know what honest and normal congressmen actually look like anymore.

    • He seems to be getting a lot of help with that, doesn’t he. Let’s hope the hole he and his blind friends are digging is big enough for both him AND his ego.

  2. These herrings are shedding light on where my money is going. Why do our Congressman vote for my tax dollars to go to what is described as “The most corrupt Country in the world”? Investigate those who voted for that. Why in the dead of night do we send billions of our tax dollars in unmarked plans to countries who citizens yell in the streets “Death to America”–we should be impeaching that president. How can a small corrupt country pay millions to members of their energy producers companies and not citizens
    of their country big bucks? Were does that country get the dollars from–US aid or their poor citizens? Can my congress person answer that question? Why do I have to pay $4.00 per hour to pay to park my car on a street which my sales tax has al ready paid for? There are a lot of questions I need answers for . But then I would get impeached by the crooks.

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