In today’s modern world, gender equality has a tendency to go a step too far. Sometimes, a mile too far!

An example of political correctness gone mad is what is occurring at a school in Lewes, England.

Last week, 100 female students protested at the gate to their school. The gate was locked barring their entry. Police were in attendance.

The school sought gender equality. Voted the school uniform would require boys and girls to wear pants. No skirts for the girls.

The girls said no way. They would would not attend school unless they could wear skirts. The line was drawn in the sand. As of today, no solution as yet.

Parents support their daughters.

The school insists it is doing what is right. “Gender neutral” addresses “inequality” and “inclusiveness.”

I see the problem a simple one. The girls are being punished in effect because – shock, horror – they want to continue wearing skirts. Let them continue wearing them. Females were wearing skirts before the birth of Christ. Men wearing skirts back then also.

Suppose in support of “gender neutrality,” the boys wanted the right to wear skirts. All hell would break loose at the administration’s end!

One parent suggested that a gender neutral uniform program would allow boys and girls to wear skirts, and both to wear trousers.

Too much for me to handle.

I have more than normal diverse topics today. Difficult to place them in any sort of order. Ergo, from this point forward I am presenting as if this were a Morning Stew blog. Laying them out as they appear in my notes!

A noon brunch at Harpoon Harry’s yesterday. Amazing the business the place does. Seems to have been in its location forever. Fifties style layout. Food good. Prices reasonable.

Even though Key West is still out of season, the place was packed. People required to wait for seating.

Relished my eggs benedict and hash browns.

A Comment to yesterday’s blog read: “The not-so-sharpie, with the sharpie.” An obvious reference to Trump.

A relatively new term gaining in popularity: Media disinformation. Means we ain’t getting the truth!

An example is Venezuela. The U.S. and the U.N.’s involvement in a devious representation.

The information came to my attention in an article published by Voltaire Network on 9/6/19. The thrust of the article was to evidence how Venezuelans had been misled when told they had no future in their home land. Additionally, it was reported Maduro was inept and illegitimate as President.

Note Voltaire claims such based on the U.S. and U.N. working in cahoots.

The article also explored the theory of “migrants as weapons of war.”

The facts.

In August 2018, the international press reported a mass exodus of Venezuelans who were fleeing the famine and chauvinist dictatorship of Nicholas Maduro. The claim was that 18,000 persons a day were fleeing Venezuela.

The U.N. predicted 5.3 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees would leave Venezuela and would be required to live in Latin America. A major crisis.

Actually, no crisis. Voltaire claims the figures were pure propaganda. Nowhere near the predicted number left. Many who did, returned.

The campaign of “media disinformation” seeking to destabilize Venezuela was in error.

This one is a bit over my head. I do not know if Voltaire is correct. I share the article however because if it was, it is cause for significant worry. Migrants being used as weapons of war. Orally and in print, without military weapons.

Trump is playing the game.

Trump keeps expanding the tariff war with China. Trump hits China with an increase, China hits back. The way of the world.

My concern continues to be an all out military conflict. One with the nation considered the second strongest in the world. I wonder whether it is #1.

China’s military has grown in the past 7 years. and continues to grow. China announced last week that it had entered into the mass production of stealth fighters. Chengdu J-20. At the moment, China has 13 in service.

Came across a new word. Hard to spell, hard to pronounce. Schadenfreude. Belongs in a spelling bee contest. Means to derive pleasure from the misfortune of another person.


What I am about to share I can only describe as Washington behaving like assholes. Sorry for language. However, it fits.

The Bahamas were hit big by Dorian. A category 5. Things so bad, it will take years for the Bahamas to be totally rebuilt.

Many Bahamians are leaving the Bahamas for the U.S. A mere 50 mile trip.

We should be welcoming them with open arms.

Those leaving were told all they needed was a Bahamian passport and a clean police record.

After getting on the boat and before it departed, it was announced over the public address system that a visa was required also. Those without should get off the boat.

Many did not have visas. Were required to leave the boat.

The U.S. law involved reads: “All persons must possess valid identity and travel documents.”

Another tidbit involved. Turns out a different set of rules apply whether a person flies into the U.S. or arrives by boat. Rules by boat more stringent.

Some of those left behind will probably die. Merely because some bureaucratic idiot in Washington failed to get the visa rule waived. There are no rules requiring adherence in an emergency situation such as confronts the people of the Bahamas.

It has been 6 weeks since my  pancreatitis attack. I spend more evenings at home than out. Drinking the reason. I am off alcohol. The major cause of pancreatitis.

Key West a drinking town. Everyone in the bars at night.

I go much less now. Actually, rarely. As most know, if everyone else is drinking and you are not, it’s tough! No fun.

I have been spending much more time at home. Not bad. Could be better. My evenings are spent writing. Perhaps I will get another book out. Maybe the Italian one.

Here I share that I remain home most evenings, and now I will tell you how I will be out tonight.

Donna is in Detroit. Terri alone. My date tonight. We are attending Aqua’s Dueling Bartenders and then having dinner at Antonia’s.

I look forward to it. Terri good company. Will see others I have not in a while. The not drinking will bother me. I kid you not. Even watching what some will eat at Antonia’s. I am off fats. Someone nearby will be enjoying a steak or lamb chops.

I am paying for my sins!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Harpoon Harry’s is a delight isn’t it, the food AND the atmosphere is sooooo good. And you don’t have to worry about the quality and freshness of the food, like you do up islands. Worth ANY parking issues isn’t it!

    • Are you saying those up island restaurants were parking is free such as I Hop, McDee’s , Goldman’s, Babes coffee, Mangrove Mama’s and more is were I have to worries about the quality and freshness of their food. Or high parking fees will come to these places because they serve good food? Or high parking fees are the result of hard working business folks? Or is the government on for a free ride.

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