Took a ride last night to Geiger Key for dinner. A pleasant place to sit and contemplate one’s navel.

A ride after on some of the side roads off the main road to Geiger Key. Short 1 or 2 block roads on the Atlantic side. Been around 30 years. First time I took a look.

Surprising! Some very nice houses on the water. Intermingled between some permanently affixed trailers. The water view fantastic.

I mentioned earlier this week that Burger King was coming out with a meatless burger. Will look and taste like beef. In actuality, a plant grown protein.

It is reported today that Subway is coming out with a similar type sandwich. A meatball sub. Not meat. The composition of the meatballs from a plant grown protein.

There are several companies that grow the artificial meats. Impossible and Beyond Meat supposedly the largest and best. Burger King said it went with Impossible over Beyond Meat because Impossible tasted better.

I am anxious for tomorrow to come. Burger King’s Impossible goes on sale nationwide. Subway’s meatball sub not till September.

This is confrontation day. Trump and the citizens of Dayton and El Paso.

I suspect demonstrations. Hundreds of people in each community. Pissed! They have had it! The chant “Do Something!” heard yesterday in Dayton as the Governor was speaking will be heard today as the President speaks.

Assuming he does speak.

I will be surprised if Trump appears before a crowd, all of whom will be upset with him. Especially in El Paso. It takes courage to stand alone and confront a mob. Trump lacks such courage.

Trump will avoid the masses. He will probably meet inside rooms in buildings. Some with first responders. Hospital visits with those who survived. Promise everything. Speak as if he is not a racist, hater and/or white supremacist. Deliver nothing when he returns to Washington.

El Paso is a unique community. Not just another city on the Mexican border. Trump has blasphemed and insulted El Paso since he decided there was an “immigration” problem.

El Paso is actually the star, the shining light, of border communities.

Known as the “Ellis Island” of the border. Many Mexican Americans can trace there roots to El Paso. Before World War II, El Paso was the Port of Entry from Mexico to the U.S.

Trump has dumped on El Paso from day one. He cites El Paso’s crime rate as proof why a border wall is needed. Despite FBI statistics that show El Paso to have a violent crime rate below the national average and crime statistics that show El Paso to be safer than other municipalities the same size in population.

In spite of this knowledge, Trump continues to knock El Paso. He views it as the “Hispanic invasion of Texas.” Remember his words which he repeats when ever the occasion arises: They bring disease, crime and drugs with them…..They rape women.

El Paso has the distinction of being considered the bedrock of American southwest culture. A booming center for Mexican literacy and art.

Our culture is sick. Guns a problem. Assault weapons and magazines everywhere. Not just El Paso and Dayton. Not only Parkland. There are other cities that suffer beneath the problem of too many assault weapons in the hands of those who are wont to use them.

I refer now specifically to communities such as Chicago. This past weekend, 55 persons were shot in Chicago. We do not heard of the Chicago’s. They suffer because of the gun problem also.

I may offend some. However, I believe that our Chicago’s are intentionally stepped over by the national media. Also by national Democrats on their way to 2020.


Could be because there is no political advantage in thinking about Chicago’s. Perhaps it is solely about colored boys with guns shooting other colored persons. A subtle discrimination involved here.

Trump is not one to let a “good tragedy go to waste.” He will talk gun control. Not push it. His support does not want gun control. It will appear for the next week or two that Trump supports gun control. He will reach a point where he will believe he has fooled the American public. The issue will then be forgotten as far as he is concerned.

Trump continues to tell the American people how good his relationship is with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un. Claims Kim Jung Un’s letters to him are “love letters.”

How easily Trump is bullshitted! Especially by criminal world leaders.

Trump says he will work our differences with North Korea out. The two leaders are good friends. It will take time, however.

He prides himself in boasting that in the more than a year that he and Kim Jung Un have been friends, North Korea has not tested any weapons. Until the past 2 weeks.

North Korea tested 4 intermediate ballistic missiles in the past 2 weeks.

Trump has changed his tune slightly. He says he is not concerned about the missiles. Merely intermediate ones. He lies. To cover his misjudgment. He either does not know or thinks the American people do not know. The first problem is the missiles are capable of carrying nuclear war heads. Additionally, there ability distance wise is sufficient to strike South Korea and Japan. Two places where the U.S. has thousands of troops stationed.

Military experts believe Kim Jung Un has restarted the testing because of U.S. and South Korea’s military exercise. His position simple. If I do not test, you should not play war games.

My day will be spent home watching Trump’s visits to Dayton and El Paso. He presently is in the air to Dayton.

Tonight, I don’t know what.

Enjoy your day!





  1. “Colored boys with guns” ? Really? Your age is showing, Lou. The descriptive words “colored boys” have been considered insensitive and unacceptable for at least two decades. Lock your doors, Lou. A mob of triggered millennials with torches and pitchforks will likely be on your doorstep soon shouting that your words are hate speech and you are a racist. LOL

  2. Oh Oh.
    NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre spoke with Trump on Tuesday after the president expressed support for a background check bill and told him it would not be popular among Trump’s supporters, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to freely discuss internal talks. LaPierre also argued against the bill’s merits, the officials said.

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