The President deserves credit. He was Presidential this morning at Normandy. His speech proper for the event. No personal interjections by him regarding any problems or dislikes he has. He blasphemed no one.

Trump showed empathy. The first time as President.

He was President Trump. I was proud of him.

I spent yesterday afternoon researching D-Day. Tons of notes. I came across little personal stories. I intended to write not only about D-Day itself, but also subsequent visits by Presidents. Trump’s presentation this morning made me change my mind.

One oldie comment. Reagan speech at another D-Day anniversary zeroed in on Pointe du Hoc. Located on France’s northern shore. A series of cliffs running along the beach. The cliffs 100 feet high. On top significant German gun placements.

The job of our boys was to climb the cliff and take out the guns. They had trained to make the climb.

Ropes were thrown up, attached to the ground at the top of the cliff, the men trained to climb up hand over hand.

The Germans on top soon discovered them. The Germans were shooting own on the climbing soldiers, throwing grenades at them, and cutting the ropes.

Some finally made it to the top and took out the German guns.

Some were killed, others wounded.

Their exploit reminded me of The Charge of the Light Brigade. An impossible task. As they raced up the hill, guns on both sides and to the front of them. Nevertheless, onward they rode.

Our soldiers had a similar difficult task. Climb up the ropes, no free hand to shoot back, etc. Nevertheless, they climbed onward also.

Dinner with Mary at Roostica last night. Enjoyed half a broiled chicken. The best tasting chicken ever. The menu said the chickens were either organically raised or fed only organic food. Whatever, so good!

Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bozos in Key West last week on vacation. Stayed at the Marquesa Hotel.

Writer and poet Aldo Haskell a Key West native. His most recent success The Jews of Key West. Extremely popular in Key West and elsewhere.

Haskell a poet in addition. He recently was designated Key West’s official Poet Laureate.

Congratulations in order.

Pride Week. This week. Key West obviously celebrating it big. Five days of play readings, talent shows, pool parties, street fairs, and best of all a fantastic parade!

Key West is conscious of the turtles that frequent our waters. Especially during hatching season. I learned something new. Turtles return to the same beach from whence they were hatched to mate and lay eggs. Even years later. Some system in their heads creates magnetic waves that direct them.

If the Mexican tariff problem is not settled today, Trump says he will impose a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming from Mexico to the U.S. What bugs me is the border problem is of Trump’s making. He screws up and then makes someone else pay for his wrongdoing.

Trump a typical Republican! He knows how to spend money. Many times wastefully.

He flew to Ireland between the England and France trips. Appears merely for the hell of it. Probably wanted to see his golf course which reportedly is not doing well.

Trump and his group required 4 limousines. They were rented from a local undertaker. Four Mercedes E Class limos. Cost for 4 days just under $1 million. Actually $233,748 per car.

Rip off time!

Still feeling good. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Enjoy your day!




  1. While a million here and a million there add up, “We, The Sheeple” need to keep our eyes on the “warfare / welfare” R’s and “welfare / warfare” D’s spending trillions. DJT45 flitting about is of minor concern. Note that the D’s AND the R’s BOTH rejected Rand Paul’s modest bill to cut the budget by 2% over a couple of decades to get it back in balance. Kicking the fiscal can down the road is going to make us the “spendthrift” generation. With some very ugly chickens coming home to roost on our posterity. Argh!

    • Are you kidding? DJT45 of minor concern? Are you blind, a Russian BOT or just trolling. This guy (DJT45) has got $20 BILLION in welfare going to farmers alone. Call it what you like, but it’s “Welfare” under any other definition. And that’s just one example. Your attempt to blame everybody (both sides?) with fiscal irresponsibility is totally laughable. This idiot (DJT45) has made no effort to be fiscally responsible in ANY way since taking office, even when he had the entire government under his complete control. Your concern for this issue would be laudable, had you made some effort to lay blame where it is rightfully due, but to try and smear “both sides” reduces your comments to nothing more than that of a partisan blowhard and be dismissed altogether as a cheap shot.

  2. Say what you want, but Trump apparently got the Mexicans to move a bunch of their troops to their southern border to do whatever[?] with the immigrants flooding across down there. “We’ll see what happens.”

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