One of the best family events in Key West is the annual Xmas Parade. Many floats. several Santa Claus’, tons of kids vying for candy, etc.

I love the Xmas Parade! I love watching it with Robert and Ally!

Not this year. I missed the parade. It was last night. I thought it was next week.

Nevertheless, I did have a good time. I had dinner with Buffalo friends Tom and Fran Dixon at Hot Tin Roof. Fortunately, we were the only one’s dining in the bar area. We were loud and boisterous. Laughed the whole way through dinner.

Power outages are similar to hurricanes. They come in bunches. We have not had one in a while. We had a half hour one yesterday. The power was out starting around noon. A boat hit a transmission line off the Seven Mile Bridge.

Oh Syracuse, my Syracuse! The basketball season is not off to a good start. I fear this is not going to be the best of seasons.

Syracuse lost to St. John’s 69-57. I am bleeding orange.

The team is not jelling. Especially on offense. I am unimpressed with Joseph, the point guard. Plus, we are not making three pointers.

Today is December 7. Sunday, December 7. On a similar Sunday in 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. A day that will live in infamy, as President Roosevelt said at the time.

I recall the day vividly, in spite of being 6 at the time. There was no television. No home telephones either. The news of the bombing came from people yelling in the street and knocking on doors. Following which radios were turned on.

Not everyone had a radio. We did. Family and neighbors collected. Our radio was in the living room. The remainder of the day was spent with everyone sitting around, including on the floor, listening to the news.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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