Another mass shooting. A sweet 16 party in Dadeville, Alabama. Four teenagers killed, 28 wounded.

Occurred 10:34 last night.

Further details unavailable at this time.

Robert Reich was Secretary of Labor under President Clinton. He recently penned an article titled “The Modern Republican Party Is Hurtling Towards Fascism.”

He wrote, the GOP is fast becoming the “American fascist party.” He attributes such to having been inspired by Donald Trump. He added, the GOP is “careening at high velocity toward authoritarianism. OK, fascism.”

He further wrote, the Republican party has become ” a win at any cost…..scorched earth tactics” one where the GOP has “legitimatized and encouraged the ends-justify-the means viciousness now pushing the GOP toward becoming America’s fascist party.”

Truth, well written.

A good portion of the dinner conversation saturday night with Theos concerned the spread of fascism in Europe and the Middle East. He says other nations are experiencing the same problems authoritarianism wise as the U.S. His country Greece one for example. India another, I suspect we will be touching base re the subject again tonight when we dine at A & B Lobster House.

A Letter to the Editor in the Sun Sentinel 4/16 re Governor DeSantis: “He was elected governor, not king…..He wields his administrative power like a spoiled toddler with a chainsaw…..He could care less how his ill-conceived retaliatory actions affect the citizens of Florida.”

Syracuse center Jesse Edwards will play basketball at West Virginia next season.

I do not approve of the transfer portal. It’s a money talks situation. It should not be a part of college basketball.

Came across a quote in Wisdom of the Ages: “A man chases a woman till she catches him.”

So true!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou, I think it is being kind to echo Robert Reich’s “The Modern Republican Party Is Hurtling Towards Fascism.” A better and more accurate statement might be: “America Is Hurtling Towards Fascism” with the already fascist Republican Party at the helm.”

    God Save America from those who ONLY CLAIM to be patriots.

    A ruse is a ruse and by any other name would still be a ruse!

    • Fascist or not, repulican or democrat, the shootings have to stop. I remember 24 years ago to date (April 20, 1999) when I heard the news about Columbine. I was so shaken I couldn’t think straight for days. I can’t believe that now, 25 yrs later, it has become the norm. I hear multiple shooting news every day from across the nation and move on about my day. I hate to see that we have become so cold toward daily tragedies of this magnitude.
      I love the quote “A man chases a woman until she catches him”! I learn something new here every time I visit. Never fails! Thank you so much.

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