I practiced law for 46 years. All courts. Federal, state and local. Before all kinds of judges. By all kinds, I refer to their dispositions. Some were cantankerous, some pleasant, some should have worked in another profession. One thing was constant however. They were all honest.

I have been retired 17 years. Things have changed in that time. Especially with certain Republican judges. They now reflect something bad. A sickness. A touch of dishonesty that did not exist before. Clarence Thomas leads the pack. A Supreme Court Justice no less.

Now comes Matthew Kacsmaryk. The Texas federal judge who declared a certain pill, used among other purposes to initiate an abortion, was illegal. The man a Trump appointee.

Turns out Kacsmaryk is a “dark judge” (I refer not to the color of his skin) in black robes.

In 2017, he submitted an article to a Texas law review criticizing Obama-era protections for transgender people and those seeking abortions. A few months later, he asked an editor of the law journal to remove his name as author and submit the name of two colleagues at his legal group First Liberty Institute. The email making the request said it was made for “reasons I may discuss at a later date.”

It was done.

The “reason” was Kacsmaryk was under serious consideration for a federal judgeship and it was obvious his comments in the law review would kill his chances.

We now understand why he wanted his name removed. He would never have been approved for the judgeship because of his anti transgender and anti pill positions.

Kacsmaryk should be impeached. He obtained his judgeship under false pretenses. His actions fraudulent. No person so deceitful should be permitted to sit in judgment on others.

MAGA persons come out with the craziest positions. Not just bordering on the weird. Weird!

One of the most recent is a social media chip by alt-right Trump supporter Ethan Schmidt-Crockett. He said women, particularly single ones, should not own dogs: “It is a major red flag…..super weird…..Super cringe…..Should be outlawed in the U.S.”

I leave the rest to your imagination.

A sicko!

Air Force reservist Teixeira has been arrested and charged with espionage. The full force of the law should fall upon him. Listen not to the idle talk he is only 21, a good kid, etc. He is a traitor. Loud and clear! Do not be misled.

The Phantom of the Opera closes today after 35 years and 13,981 performances.

One of America’s great musicals. It will return in 10 years. Great performances never disappear forever.

I was fortunate to have seen the show on Broadway 4 times.

A terrific dinner last night. Food and company the best! I dined with my good friends from Greece Theos and Dina Markis at La Te Da. 

It was a long night. We sat and talked and talked and talked.

We are getting together again tomorrow night. They leave Wednesday.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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