Fred Klein Blown Away! Literally. 

The lovely lady in the photo is Lori Moger. Owner of the hair studio Blown Away on White Street across from Fausto’s.

I was unaware till I received the pic from Fred that he has been having his hair cut for 3 years by Lori. I’ve got him beat. She has been doing my hair for 25 years.

Obviously, Fred and I both have good taste. Not only does Lori perform her professional task well, she is one of the most charming persons on the island. Look at the smile on her face! Makes my day. I look forward to my bimonthly visits with her.

The FOX News/Dominion Voting Systems case settled yesterday for $787.5 million. Big bucks!

I learned during my legal career that a “good settlement” in many instances was one where neither side was happy with the result. Such seems to be the case here.

FOX is unhappy it had to pay so much money. The $787.5 million is the largest disclosed defamation settlement in U.S. history. Insurance paid some portion for FOX. However FOX had to dig into its own pocket for significant dollars.

On the other side, I am confident Dominion itself is happy with the result. It covered their losses and more. Dominion took a beating from FOX’s actions. It has taken time for the Company to get recompense as well as justice.

So who is the unhappy “client” on the Dominion side? The American public. The moaning by the media and people disgraceful. The American people did not lose business and money because of FOX’s lies. They did not have to finance attorney and expert fees during the course of the lawsuit. They have merely been observers sitting on the side with no financial involvement.

The public’s disappointment in not seeing FOX admit its lies and other wrongdoings as part of the settlement is misplaced. The public had no fork in the fire money wise.

This is how lawsuits end. With dollar settlements or verdicts. Very rarely an apology. I cannot recall one in my experience. Money benefits one side to the detriment of the other. The real disaster would have been if Dominion tried the case to a conclusion and for some incomprehensible reason the jury let FOX off. That would have been wrong and painful to Dominion.

The word coming out of Georgia is that Trump’s supporters slowly but surely are deserting him in the Georgia election investigation. They are ratting on each other.

First radical not understandable decisions rocked the boat. Now money shenanigans by Clarence Thomas.

The heretofore non touchable pure Supreme Court is tainted. Dirty the appropriate term.

Does the smear apply to other Justices? Probably so. I know not who or what. However, if one has gotten away with improper activities for 20 some odd years, it would seem that one or two others have also.  One rotten apple in a barrel infects others.

What to do?

Investigate them all.

Who would do the investigating? That is the question, the problem.

Supreme Court oversight is minable. Some of Thomas’ activities have been referred to a committee of federal judges for review. The issue his failure to disclose. He will disclose even before the committee reaches a conclusion and that probably would be the end of it.

It does not provide “justice” as regards Thomas nor does it include the other 8 Justices.

My solution a simple one. Guaranteed to work. The media should investigate the other Justices as a matter of course. The Washington Post, New York Times, and other major publications have the staff and know how. They should begin such an investigation immediately. Following which let the chips fall where they may. If there is wrongdoing by others, let it be known. Let the pressure be applied. Force their resignations or indictments depending on the severity of that which is discovered.

I have planted the seed. Go for it!

Dinner last monday night with my visiting friends Theos and Dina Markis from Greece. The A & B Lobster House. We stayed long and had a wonderful time!

This day in 1775 a significant one in American history. The American Revolution began. The first shoots were fired at the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The result admirable. Big trees from little acorns grow.

Enjoy your day!


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