Never met a ghost. Not sure there are ghosts, and, if so,  good ghosts and bad ghosts. I do have a “good” Key West ghost story to share, however.

Her name Maria Valdez de Gutsens.

Maria a warm giving professional nurse. Worked with hose who had no money. Ran a hospital, knocked on doors for money and food, gave comfort to all who needed her.

The Mercedes Hospital. Formerly the home of one of Key West’s earliest cigar makers. A man of wealth. Eduardo Gato.

He built the home for his family. Moved at some point. The house physically moved or he built a new one. The new home at 1209 Virginia Street.

Eduardo’s wife Mercedes died. Eduardo donated the house to charity to be used as a hospital. He conditioned the gift on the naming of the hospital after his wife Mercedes.

Mercedes Hospital was born.

Maria almost immediately took over management. She made herself responsible for every detail involved in the hospital’s operation.

Maria was a short squat woman. Hair in a bun. Daily wore a gray dress with long sleeves and a high collar laced on top.

She worked hard till 1941 when she died.

The hospital closed down. Mercedes Hospital was no more. The 2 story building fell into disrepair. Windows broken. Its yard used for cock fights.

Sometime in the late 1950’s, the building was renovated. Turned into an apartment house.

Maria returned. Or, perhaps she had never left.

Tenants over the years swear they have seen her, been touched by her. They have identified her from old photos. Even a Dr. Fogarty who is in some of the photos.

Maria is buried in Key West Cemetery. Periodically she is seen walking the rooms and halls of the Gato House. All persons who have seen and identified her are reported to have been of sound mind.

Maybe she is a for real ghost.

It is a story I sort of believe.

Last night a fun time. Shared it with Buffalo’s Fran and Tom Dixon. Aqua first for Dueling Bartenders. Then La Trattoria for dinner at the bar. Carrie bartending. Dink seated on his usual corner stool.

Mary was at Dueling Bartenders. We chatted briefly.

Today was to be Venezuela’s big day. The bogus President announced military support and that he would officially be ousting Maduro and taking over.

Knew it would never work.

He who controls the military controls Venezuela. The military a group of whores and thieves. Maduro keeps them well fed, their coffers full, etc.

Already on TV this morning 100,000 demonstrators were marching. The claimed new President leading them.

The only problem is the people of Venezuela lack the balls to fight for what they want, for what they believe is theirs. They forget that God only helps those who help themselves.

In the meantime, Trump is tweeting and Pence has been on TV saying we support you, stand with you, etc. The U.S. military some 3,500 strong has been sitting on the Venezuela/Columbia border for days waiting to go in.

It will not happen. Trump will not go in unless the military dump Maduro. Which will not happen.

Another reason is that Russia supports Maduro. Putin has had planes and men in Venezuela itself for days.

Another example of Trump’s bullshit and bravado not working.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced yesterday he will resign effective May 11.

Rosenstein goes out “dirty.”

Three big reasons. First, he wrote the letter providing the excuse and recommendation that Comey be fired. Second, he has become a Barr supporter. Finally and most important, it appears he was a mole in the Mueller investigation reporting to Trump.

It has been announced Pope Francis has arranged for a $500,000 contribution to help the Central American migrants stranded along the border as they try to reach America.

The contribution has been described as a “shot across the bow of President Trump.”

Francis fears no man. Many believe the contribution is retaliation by the Pope against Trump because Trump recently cut off all U.S. aid to Guatemala and Honduras last month.

Trump tweeted in return that the Pope should have spent the money helping U.S. poor and homeless.

One more Trump story.

The Washington Post Check Finder announced today that Trump has passed the 10,000 marker re lies. The telling of false and misleading claims.

Trump likes to be #1. No question he has to be the President with the most lies ever.

He should be ashamed.

Nine tonight. My podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A fast moving fun half hour. Listen to me rant and rave about this and that. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Enjoy your day!


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